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Bullet After Bullet

June 7, 2011
By SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
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Time after time, bullet after bullet, Cayman Sol shot the already lifeless body. He had to be sure the man was dead. Cayman emptied the clip and dropped the gun. That man had killed his daughter, Kaila. Cayman loved Kaila as much as life itself. Almost as much as God.

But, could he really love God that much after shooting this man an unnecessary amount of times? Sure, he could still love God, but did God still love him?

Cayman fled the seemingly empty building and pulled a hood over his head. He had to be invisible, like a ninja. The cops wouldn’t find the body until later, much later. Cayman left no evidence leading back to him. But, would God want him to get caught?

Cayman got into his car and headed east, away from the city. He had to leave, he had no choice, he was a killer. But, it was for an important reason, so was it right? Nothing justifies murder. It is punishable by death. Electric chair or lethal injection.

Cayman was on his way to his Father’s house to tell him the news of Kaila’s death. Cayman shivered at the thought of what Kaila must have gone through. He wept for her. Cayman hoped nobody had seen him kill the man that killed his daughter.

As Cayman sped down the highway, he noticed he was going twenty miles over the speed limit. He slowed down, but not fast enough, because a cop was already behind him.
“Pull over Cayman Sol! We know who you are!”

How could they know? There must have been a witness. Crap.

Cayman pulled over and pulled his gun out. He was caught. When the cop approached his car, Cayman aimed the gun at the cop and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet through the cops head. Next, Cayman took his own life. Things had gotten way more complicated than he had hoped. However, he had killed his daughter’s killer. Time after time, bullet after bullet.

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