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Rejects: Part Two

May 31, 2011
By angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
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My head pounded as I rose from the misconception of reality, in other words a dream. It seemed normal again as I woke up alike the way I did in my dream, when reality concurred I slumped over my pillow and rested my head my hair lightly covering my eyes. My feet were flat on the wooden floor as I began to walk into the hallway, replaying moments of my dream. My toes twitched leaving odd shaped heat imprints on the floor, the light at the end of the hall disappeared and Paul slowly made his way toward me. He mumbled something under his breath, but I couldn’t focus “Are you even listening to me Silver?” Confused I stared at him, his deceiving eyes that could betray you at any given time; they followed me like a lost puppy. “Hmm?” I murmured, watching him cautiously, retracting my body by instinct moving further away from Paul. “What’s going on Silver?” he questioned, while I confided myself with the same question. Facing him I raised my hand to gently brush the side of his neck, a velvet substance attached to my fingers, left me weary with question. “The drea-“ I answered. With every step I took appeared it to already of happened before, only it was in my dream, already knowing what would happen next I ran into the bedroom. Attempting to shut the door using all my strength, but it wasn’t enough Paul was stronger than I would ever be. As the door flung open my hand gently traced the wall leaving a smudged handprint. Paul jumped towards me throwing me rough fully against the painted dry wall. His hands gripped my inner arms and scratched at my throat, “I won’t say anything I swear!” I screamed. The house was empty and no one could hear me but it was an attempt to be saved. “It doesn’t matter Silver, they don’t care about you like I do.” He replied. “They can’t have you!” he added, as my eyes began to swell tears followed my cheekbones down to my neck. Paul almost instantly let go of me, shuttering in pain I groped my neck only to feel handprints imprinted on bare skin. I watched as Paul exited the room, “I thought you were going to stop...” I whispered only to be unheard.

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