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Muse; Sorrow (Chapter 1)

April 28, 2011
By OMGitsCHARLAY GOLD, Canton, New York
OMGitsCHARLAY GOLD, Canton, New York
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Lightning flashed across the blackened seas that surrounded the small port town of Wey. Thunder rolled, making it sound as if some sort of Titan were howling in anger. During a storm like this, most sane people would be inside, huddled under warm blankets, or snuggled into their mother’s arms, but not one girl. This girl stood on Outlook, the cliff that overlooked the entire ocean. Her dark green tank top and khaki shorts were soaked, as well as her chestnut hair, which was plastered to her face. She did not seem bothered by it, though, not in the least, she never had been. She felt drawn to them, if anything, as if something was trying to call to her. She had no idea which aspect of the storm called to her, but she had a tendency to describe the oddest sensations to a person during a storm.

“Cer?! Cer! Where the hell have you gone this time?!” The girl did not move when her name was called, she barely even gave a twitch of recognition, though she knew her mother was probably beyond furious. “Cer Melpomene Lympus! What on earth are you doing out here?! And in this weather no less! What have I told you about that? You’ll catch your death if you stay out like this!” Cer stood stiff for a moment, not wanting to move at all. She was at peace, for once, but she did not want to face her mother’s wrath yet another time. So she turned to her mother, the woman instantly throwing a blanket around her. “Cer…You can’t keep doing this, darling. It’s horrible for your health, and we all know how great that it.” The tone was that of a concerned mother, which made Cer’s guilt rise to its peak. Her mother was right, she was not well, and this was probably not good for her. She just, could not help it in any way, shape, or form. Whenever there was a storm, she was called to it, like someone was trying to speak… The girl kept silent, though, as she was ushered back to the resident area of the village, not far from Outlook. Everyone else was inside their homes, safe from the storm, and Cer could see a few small children peeking from windows before their mother’s or sister’s pulled them back.
Cer lifted her head upwards, reveling in the feel of the fresh rain, which was not pouring even harder. Her mother moved quicker, wanting to get her daughter to safety before it was too late. “Come on now, in you go.” The woman spoke as she opened the door to the house, practically tossing Cer inside afterwards.

“Oh, thank Zeus! You found her!” A tall man moved away from the fireplace with a fresh, warm blanket. He pulled the wet one from Cer’s shoulders, and replaced it quickly. “Why do you do this every time? You could get hurt if you’re out in a storm like this!” Cer hung her head low for a bit before she looked up to her mother.
“May I go up to my room?” Cer’s head was still slightly down, and she refused to make eye contact. She felt like screaming. She turned her eyes up just in time to see the woman nod. Without a look back she made a mad dash for the stairs. She climbed the stairs as quick as she possibly could, taking two at a time as she did so. At the top of the stairs, she turned left and stormed through the black door. When she was finally inside the safety of her room, she slammed the door shut, the tears of frustration flowing down her cheeks. While they poured, Cer moved to her desk, flinging open her journal and grabbing her pen.

/Again. They did it again! Can’t they see I’m not a little girl anymore? I’m almost 19! I should be allowed at least a little freedom. UGH! It’s so frustrating! Sometimes I think they’re hiding something from me, just by the way they shelter me. They always get freaked out by a storm, they try to lock me in the house, as if they’re afraid I’ll run away or something. I just really need to figure this out…I hate that my life’s a mystery./

With a sigh, Cer put the pen down, closing the book gently. She lifted a hand, wiping away a few rogue tears. She knew she needed to calm down. Tomorrow was a brand new day, and hopefully it would be better than this one. Tomorrow she would shed some light on her situation, but for now, she just crawled into bed, not even bothering to change out of her wet clothes, or even turn off her table lamp. She pulled her blankets tight to her chin, almost instantly falling into a deep sleep.

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