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my final words

February 6, 2011
By Annabella BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
Annabella BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
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Tears rolled down my face as I wrote what I thought would be my final words. At that moment I knew that I would fall to the same fate as the rest of my family. I continued to write even though I couldn't’t see a thing. It was the dead of night in the forest and our fire had burn out. Well it didn’t technically burn out but, I’m just not sure who or what did it. I couldn't’t help but cry as I thought about mom, dad, Andrew, Angie and Lea. I was the last one me, Beaky.

I had so many questions ‘Where was I exactly? Where is my family? Are they even alive? What in the world took them? Why us? Will I live to see another day?’ In all the horror films the music starts to change as the death scene approaches. I’m sitting here waiting for the music to start. Waiting for the beasts to realize they forgot one. I hear a treacherous sound “NACHNA!” Chills go up my spine and I have to bite my tongue so I won’t scream.

Some time goes by. I’m not sure how long though since my watch broke in the crash. I hear a voice that sounds like Andrews. It’s a whisper that’s comes from behind me. “Beaky.” I turn overjoyed someone else made it. “Andrew is that you? I’m frightened and don’t know what to do please help me.” No response. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though since I haven’t ate anything since yesterday and when your this terrified your mind starts to play tricks on you. That’s when I realize that if those monsters do not claim my life soon starvation and dehydration will. Now even more than before my fate seems clear.

With the growl of my stomach growing louder I desperately start searching through my purse for food. I feel faint I know I cannot wait much longer. So I decide to dump out the contents of my bag. I find chap-stick, a bottle of water, an iPod and a granola by you. I chugged the water bottle down and rapidly eat the granola bar. A smile appeared on my face. I am so relieved that I will not die of dehydration or starvation today.

I started crying harder than ever once I realized what I really did. I really ate my one and only food and water supply. My last recourses were gone now I was really facing the facts. All of the supplies I had left for my remainder of my time here was gone. By my time here I mean my time left on this planet. I hear clomping of the monster feet. I know I won’t have to worry about food or water for much longer. Shreds of light seep through the small hole in the claustrophobic tent. I hear clomping again this time it’s closer than ever before. My stomachs in knots, I have sweat dripping down my forehead and back. My hairs a mess, my clothes are torn and I feel disorientated. More light seeps thought the tiny hole. Then there’s no light. I hear breathing “HuhHuuh”. Now there’s no tent. No more me.

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how does hw turn into a good story?

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