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Rain Rain (prologue only)

February 12, 2011
By Mizu-chan GOLD, Sedro Woolley, Washington
Mizu-chan GOLD, Sedro Woolley, Washington
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[i]Rain, rain, go away...[/i]

Everything was fine on 31st Street of Arlington, Washington. It was a regular neighborhood. Some people liked each other, some people didn't. Generally, everyone minded their own business, which was a good thing most of the time. Families had their problems, but were typically calm and quiet, only a few spats here and there. The houses themselves were also decently kept. Yes, everything was entirely normal.
Except in house 3201. It was a nice two-story house, red in color. It had a single car garage, which had a door to lead into the house. The kitchen was of average size, and the living room, with its big windows, could look out upon the street, watching the cars and people go by. There was also a bathroom connected to the living room, the former being decorated with periwinkle blue wallpaper. Upstairs were the bedrooms, as expected. The first door to the right was the bathroom, this time encased in a gentle, light beige color. A little further to the left, the parents' room, neighbored by the daughter's room. Across from her room was the towel closet.
The problem with 3201 was not the house, but the family. The daughter was 6 year old Emily Foster, and her mother, Adrian, a sweet young woman of 23 years. She had a slightly unstable job as a night shift waitress at what many believed was the town's biggest eye sore, The Rough House Saloon. Emily had no known father, the man who assisted in her creation having disappeared after Adrian learned she was pregnant. Since then, Adrian and her daughter were living on their own.
But every other month, Adrian would bring a new man home, trying to find herself a lover, and Emily a father. And at the end of every month, the man brought to stay would quickly leave. Sometimes it was because he was secretly already married. Sometimes he was fearful of commitment. Or the man was merely using Adrian for sex, leaving her when he was finished.
Emily was used to this way of life. She thought little of it, actually. She was a simple child, and was easily entertained by singing songs, reading books, coloring, and watching TV. She was a mostly quiet child, but tried to be friendly and playful, though it was hard to when there were no children her age living nearby and all the adults ignored her.
One day, Adrian brought home a handsome man with short light brown hair and extremely dark green eyes. He stood at 6'4” and had a strong, slender build and called himself Eric. Even as he and Adrian entered the door, they were having a very rough make-out session, Eric's hands pushing, rubbing, stroking, and groping every part of Adrian that he could get his hands on, making her moan loudly as he pressed her against the entryway wall. Emily was sitting in the kitchen with a sandwich and could see the situation over the half wall splitting the entry from the kitchen. She frowned and slid off her stool, taking the plate, and went upstairs to her room, though the activities followed to Adrian's bedroom.
Emily put her plate in the kitchen sink when she finished eating, looking at the stairs, then the ceiling. Above her, she could hear the bed rocking back and forth, and the two adults moaning and grunting loudly. The noise bothered her, as it usually did. She turned her head and looked out the window, which looked like a waterfall from all the rain. She walked up to it and gently placed her hand against the cold glass, looking at her slightly distorted reflection.
“You're unhappy too...” she said quietly. Her reflection seemed to be crying.
Emily nodded in response to herself, pretending it was a friend, and went to the front door. She exited, going to the large tree in the front yard and sat on the wooden swing tied around the thickest branch. Ignoring the rain, she swung back and forth, hoping the noise would stop soon. An hour and a half later, Adrian came outside, dressed in a light blue robe.
“Emily! Emily, where are you!?” She sighed in relief when she spotted Emily on the swing. “Emily, come inside before you catch a cold!”
Emily hopped off the swing, going inside. She went straight to her room, grabbing a towel and closing her door gently. As she undressed and dried herself, she continued to watched the still falling rain.
“Rain... rain... go away...” the words flowed softly from her lips, her singing very pretty and light. “Come again some other day..” She repeated the song a few times until the rain stopped, which brought a tiny smile to her face. Hearing footsteps, the child rushed to put her nightgown on, pulling her long brown hair out of it just as Eric walked in.
His lips smiled at her, but his eyes secretly bore hatred and disgust at the sight of the little girl. He got down on a single knee to look her in the eyes.
“Hello Emily.” he said.
By now, Emily's smile had faded. She simply nodded a silent greeting. It seemed to discourage him, but not by much.
“My name's Eric. Your mother said you need a daddy. Is that true..?”
Emily said nothing, having heard those same words a hundred times before. She just stood, staring back at him.
He sighed, looking down. “Emily.. I'd like to get something straight between us.. If I'm going to be your daddy.. I need to be able to speak with you.. SO YOU BETTER F***ING ANSWER ME WHEN I ASK YOU A QUESTION! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?”
He slammed his fist against the wall as he screamed at her, both of which made the timid girl flinch quite noticeably. She gulped, taking a step back. Hastily, Emily nodded, her eyes wide with fear. This was the first man to have such an outburst, especially on the first day.
Eric smiled again, standing and patting her head.
“Good girl.” he said cynically, leaving the room.

Days went by, then weeks, and then an entire month passed, and more, and Eric was still around. By now, his outbursts had escalated to violence, sometimes beating the girls, and raping Adrian when she wasn't complying with his manly urges. Actually, he had attempted to go after Emily, but Adrian was always quick to distract him with her own body.
The two females, who once lived in search of a family, now lived in search of safety. But Adrian never ran away, or hid. She was too frightened of Eric's wrath to try. Emily, of course, was stuck in the middle, though she was eventually forgotten again.
Then one day, six months after Eric had first arrived, the man came through the door, soaking wet from the rain. In his hand was a brown beer bottle, almost entirely empty. Emily was sitting in the living room, watching the rain fall down the glass as usual.
For whatever reason, Eric was extremely angry with Adrian, and began yelling at her. Trying to block it out, Emily began singing over and over.
“Rain rain, go away. Come again some other day... Rain rain, go away.. Come again some other day..”
Adrian screamed as the beer bottle was smashed against her face, then was stabbed many times with a knife. Once Eric knew she was dead, he turned and walked hastily over to Emily. She looked at him and attempted to run, but he caught her quickly, stabbing the child until she too was dead. As he dragged Emily and Adrian to a hollowed out wall section he had prepared, Emily's song slipped from her dying lips.
“Rain...rain... go away... Mister... Eric's... gonna... pay..”
He snarled, throwing her into the hiding spot and filling it with plaster and such as he patched it back up. After cleaning up the mess and all trace of the murders, he left.

The author's comments:
This is the prologue to my new horror story. It's focused on the girl, Emily. If you think the prologue is good, let me know so I can get to serious work on the rest of it, which takes place years later.

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