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Kyle's new power, of the Dark Moon Pack

July 29, 2010
By silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
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On his way home from the Eve, after he parted with Ace and Chance, he got a severe headache on the way home and by the time he got home and put his equipment away, he has a nasty migraine and went into the house, threw himself on his bed, put a pillow over his head and passed out cold. When he finally woke up, there was a searing pain in his throat, the pain like fire and flames burned the back of his throat. He started coughing and got up and went in the kitchen, the pain and coughs getting worse. What the hell is this? He asked himself and grabbed a glass, filled it with water from the kitchen sink and gulped it down. It burned badly and so, he filled the glass again, downed that, refilled it and sat down in one of the kitchen table chairs. It flamed again and he groaned and put his head in his hands, he yearned for his father and a few minutes later, he could smell his father not far away and gave a low moan. The door opened and his father rushed over.

“Kyle what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know Dad, but my throat hurts like it’s on fire and it feels like there are flames attacking it.”

“How is that possible Kyle?”

“I don’t Dad.” His voice was hoarse and it hurt even to talk. “I don’t remember what happened when I got back, I only remember that migraine.”

“You passed out cold when I had come in to check on you.”

“Call my guardian Dad.”


“Please do it Dad.” And he groaned and put his head back down. There was deep concern on Eron’s face for his son and so he picked up the phone and called. The guardian came in a half hour and when he walked in, Kyle had an ice cold frozen washcloth pressed to his forehead on the table, and he took it off and looked up at the guardian and tried to be normal.
“Kyle how are you feeling?”


“Would you like to tell me what happened?”


The guardian sat down at the table across from him and he sighed. “Why don’t we start in the morning when you woke up?”

“I woke up and there was this burning pain in my throat, like the feeling of flames and fire, from the time I woke up, to now.”

The guardian looked disturbed and worried and he got up fast.

“Chris?” Dad stopped him in his tracks, blocking him from the door.

“This I can’t deal with, you need to talk with Craiha.” He whispered harshly.

“Craiha, The Silvers’ guardian? Why, what the hell is wrong with my son Chris?” He almost growled.

Chris sighed. “It sounds like the thirsts of a cold blood, and that’s way out of my league. I already told you Eron go talk to Craiha, my presence is no longer needed here, now excuse me.”


“I said excuse me Eron, I don’t think you want me to report you to the council and disgrace your family name for holding me here now do you?”

He sighed, “No.”
“Well then.” He nodded to him and Eron, and hurried out the door.

Dad wouldn’t look at him, and so he walked out onto the front porch and called Craiha.
When he came back in, Kyle looked up and Eron sighed. “Craiha is going to come and talk to you, I don’t understand this either so I guess we’ll both have to figure it out.”
Another half hour passed and there was a knock on the door and Eron got it. “Craiha come in um. . . “
This was uneasy for the both of them, because for one they were in the same pack and two, they were both in on the agreement about the other cold bloods and how The Silver were on the town protection. He stepped aside and Craiha walked in.
“Kyle how do you feel, now I know you’ve been asked that before, so just give me a quick definition alright?”
“The pain feels like fire.”
“Thank you Kyle.” And he was also disturbed, and took a breath to confirm what he thought. “Kyle you understand what that means don’t you?”
“The Fire?”
Craiha nodded.
He thought about it for a moment and gasped, oh no he did know. But how could this have happened? He was a shape shifter for crying out loud!!!
“No way, this can’t be! I’m a shape shifter for crying out loud!”
“Let’s go talk on the porch Eron.”
He followed him out and Kyle allowed himself to listen with his abilities.
“What the hell is going on with my son Craiha, even Chris kept me in the dark? I want answers now!”
“Alright calm down Eron. Now listen to me your son has venom, it might be from The Eve, maybe he got bit, but towards the end when the Twins ended it, he and Skye also turned back.”
Eron started to protest and Craiha shushed him. “Now hold on Eron wait a minute, now I know this is neither one of our favorite subjects, but this true, and shouldn’t be, only two are suppose to begin and end it.”
“So you’re saying that my son was picked by him? but won’t that ruin everything in his blood?”
“Not really, but your father was a werewolf correct?”
“Yeah why?”
“Well werewolf and vampric venom is the formula for the Silver Blood.”
They looked back at the house. “Eron your son has a chance to be the best creature anyone could ever be, why Raskum chose him, I will have to find out. But you understand that he has to feed now, and judging by his venom strength every month for a half liter of blood.”
He sighed. “Make it two months Craiha by doubling the dosage, if he has to go through it, make it easier on him. He’s not the kind that would love to be one of them, he respects his heritage, and it would kill him to lose it.”
“I will do my best Eron, I can’t promise anything, but when the time comes for him to change, he has to go to the Twins without a doubt.” Then his phone rang and he excused himself and answered it.
“Craiha we have a problem, some mortal filmed The Eve and it’s on YouTube.”
Craiha’s eyes filled with horror and he looked at Eron. “Alright Jerome thanks, I’ll be there soon.”
“I have to leave, but it’s best if he feeds soon, we’ll discuss an appointment on when he can meet me in my office and we’ll let him feed there. Eron I’m saying tomorrow, no matter what you or I are doing call me at twelve and bring him down understood?”
Eron ran his hands through his hair, a mix of emotions. “I guess we’ll have to, good bye Craiha.” And he went back inside. Kyle was standing by the kitchen sink, looking out the window.
“Kyle everything is going to be fine.”
“No it’s not Dad and you know it, I heard everything!” he looked at his father and the tears were streaming down his face. “I never hated what I was until now; I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want the blood or the pain.”
“Nothing can be done Kyle, and you start feeding tomorrow, I don’t know what you’re going through, but I do know you don’t want this and I wish so badly I could take it away, but I can’t, no one can. The mix is already in you and it’s been three days since you passed out.”
Kyle growled with his human throat, ticked off and slammed his fist down on the table. “Yes they can if they would try, I know they have, because I saw it in my friends’ minds, they can do it if they want to, or they need something to trade with badly enough! I’m going away from myself!” and with that stalked off to his room, slammed the door, turned into his wolf, curled up on the bed and cried. He didn’t have to feel the pain when was a wolf, and he knew his friend’s didn’t either. A little later his father walked into his room, sat on the edge of his bed and stroked his fur.
“Kyle, now you know you can’t go moping around all day.”
I don’t have to feel anything when I’m like this dad, my friends don’t, and I don’t want to either.
“I know Kyle, but I’m here for you, so remember that okay?”
Kyle sighed and turned his body half way around and laid his head in his father’s lap. I want to be numb dad; I want to be like I’ve always been since the day I turned. I don’t feel I can trust my heritage anymore, I feel . . . well I feel like It has betrayed me in a way.
Eron sighed. “Thirty years ago today is the day that you turned, and also the day of your mother’s death Kyle.”
So that jerk picked today of all days because he knew, that soulless son of a gun, he knew.
“Yes he did, Kyle do you know how your mother died?”
Yeah, a heart attack and for the longest time I thought it was because of me.
“No, no it wasn’t, she died of fear for you Kyle.” He sucked in a breath and fresh unshed tears made his eyes shine. “The day we decided to have you, your mother was so happy and I didn’t want to break her heart. For the longest time I had kept the knowledge of what I was away from her and when she wanted a family I knew I had to tell her the consequences of what I was and what it would mean for the baby. I thought she was going to run or slap me like my brothers said had happened to them, but she was cool with it and wanted to go ahead with it.” Then he smiled, “The day your born and she held you in her arms after being by her side for sixteen hours straight, she shined like the sun, full of happiness and love,. But she had a vision as she held you of the day you were to be activated and that she wouldn’t be needed here anymore.” He went silent and wiped the tears away with the back of his hand. “When that day happened I watched her go down and as you turned there so much fear in her eyes, it was choking her. The last thing she said was. ‘Don’t let him be a renegade Eron; watch Kyle’s back as long as you live, and tell him I love him and always will. I do not want my son to be ruled by something he doesn’t understand, help him make the right choices Eron.’ And she died in my arms.” He looked down at Kyle and softly rubbed his ears. “Your mom was a medium, a vision brought us together and a vision tore us apart. You’re a half human medium and half werewolf shape shifter Kyle.”
Whoa okay so that’s why I can still see Grandma Eileen.
Eron looked at him funny. “You can?”
Yeah, she told me that when she started dating in her divorce time, her boyfriend always called you Charles for some reason.
“Uh that man wasn’t nice Kyle, his head was screwed on wrong, he was into drugs and other nasty things. She went back to Grampa Joel, my father; because she figured out that that guy was a complete lunatic to put it nicely.”

Kyle laughed. My grandmother dated a lunatic? How did she manage to not go mad? I mean she always so prim and proper, but really gentle and everything.
“To be honest I don’t know, that you’d have to ask her.”
“It’s because that stupid son of a gun had money and a big head!”
Eron went pale and Kyle laughed. You heard that huh?
“Uh yeah.”
Kyle smiled and laughed harder. Told you she’s been around the block.

The author's comments:
It was after I wote a story on The Eve that is mentioned in here and I just wanted to fill out a possible branch I had created in my story to add Kyle, one of my Wolf characters into the wicked cool mix I have.

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reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

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