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The White Van

July 20, 2010
By PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
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The night seemed dead, as if nothing in the world was moving. Taylor was walking with her best friend Rene and Nicole in a new sub-division that was being built next to their neighborhood. The houses were eerie looking. There were still piles of dirt and construction materials laying around from earlier that day. There was no paint on the houses, no lights flickering on and off, and no people in sight. This was what the three friends wanted. Walking down a dark street alone, being scared; they thought it was entertaining, with nothing else to do.

They were laughing when it turned around the street corner. It was a big, plain white van, creeping to a crawl as it drove down the street. The friend’s laughs echoed into the silence. All they could hear was the low hum of the van as it made its way closer to them. Taylor turned and realized Rene and Nicole had bolted into the empty house behind them and without hesitation, she followed. In the dark house, they hid on the floor of the living room, just under a window. Taylor locked the door shut and put a chair in front of it just in case. They sat there in silence, looking at the long, winding staircase and the dark, empty kitchen. They could hear the van crawling its way closer as their heartbeats increased with each second. Suddenly, a blinding light was shined through the window above them.

“Don’t move,” Taylor whispered, but Rene was already getting up. She peeked out through the bottom of the window, which was exactly what the driver wanted. The driver door opened, and slammed shut. What got out was a beast of a man who stood about seven feet tall. He had on white; white pants, shirt, shoes, and a white hat. Even in the dark, they could see his muscles bulging off his arms. His face, though, looked paler than his shirt and his van, almost as if he was transparent. He started running towards the house. His steps were in fluid movements as if he was gliding, not running. The girls sprinted to the back of the dark house, hoping there was another door out. They ran through the kitchen and other rooms, stumbling over each other in the rush. Panicking when they found no door out the back, they quickly opened a window and jumped out.

“Run!” Taylor screamed. They stayed in the shadows and ran behind the houses, hoping the man couldn’t see them. Reaching the end of the street they turned around. Everything was dark again and the van was gone, nowhere to be seen.

“You guys saw that right?” Nicole asked, assuming it was a dream. But Taylor and Nicole nodded their heads still staring at the place where the van was just sitting. It was no dream.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here,” Nicole said, still shaken from what happened.

“Good idea,” Rene replied, and they turned around to head home. As Taylor was walking, though, she swore she could still hear the low hum of the white van.

The author's comments:
This was based on a dream that I had. I soon found out that my brother had a similar dream, so I wrote a story about it.

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