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No Child Left Behind

March 28, 2010
By SaijLorelei SILVER, El Paso, Texas
SaijLorelei SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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The eerie feeling of a school hallway after hours is the base of all teenagers fears. The halls are dark and the only light is the sun through the windows at the end. If you start in the center of the school, it is bright with office lights, but as soon as you start walking down a hallway the light slowly fades away. As if you’re turning from good and safety to evil dangers. Even I was fearful of an empty school, but I had reason to be.

I went down a hall, keeping close to the wall and checking behind me in case something was creeping up behind me. Close to the end I heard something, a bump or something from nearby room. I foolishly went to investigate and saw a teacher through a classroom door’s window. He stood in front of his desk and was speaking. It was still dark in the room but a little light filtered through the cracks of the blinds, enough to witness a terror.

A girl sat in a desk a few seats away from him, I didn’t notice her though until a little later. She was asleep further into the dark. The teacher was still talking, but quietly, like he was soothing the girl. I was looking back and forth between the two, but all of a sudden he caught my attention. His skin was... unfolding and opening great holes on his body. The hairs on his head slowly fell out and his scalp started peeling away from him in huge sheets. Underneath appeared a sickly array of greens, shining like they were wet, and bulging yellow tinted eyes, like an alcoholics eyes. His nose was missing and so was his chin. A huge hole stretched from the top lip to the top of his chest. As the human skin fell away completely, he stretched out his boney arms and flexed his claws. Great blades of white gleaming metal slid out of the outside of his arms. The rainbow of greens were melted into each other in swirls of rounded plates of centipede armor. His dog-like legs were of the same colour but the paws were three times the size of a regular dog. The nails at the tips were the same metallic material and look as the blades and claws.

The creature took a couple steps toward the sleeping girl and as he did, the weight and strength of him broke the tiles under his feet and caved them in. The sharp cracking sounds woke the teenager up but she was still groggy. Angry at the alertness of her, he gave a shriek through the gaping orifice over his neck. It had a watery gargle, pig squeal and then quickly dropped low to a growl. This woke up the girl completely and when she saw the creature se hurried to get out of her desk and run. But the monster rushed to her and reached behind her in a hugging fashion and thrust his claws into her back. The girl screamed from the pain as the monster lifted her above him and hovered her lower abdomen over his “mouth”. She kicked wildly and could only look at the ceiling she had no strength to lift her head. The jaws of a giant Piranha appeared out of the blackness of the hole and he ripped into her body with them. The girl screamed for minutes as the monster ate her reproductive organs and it came to me - he needed human eggs. Soon the teenage girl’s body went limp and she screamed no more.

The beast threw her body to the floor and it breathed heavily as it looked down upon her. Ever so slowly the creature’s head turned and he looked at me. The jaws disappeared into the blackness and it squealed again, taking one step in my direction. I couldn’t end up like that girl. I would not die here in my school at the hands of an alien. I ran faster than I ever ran before and my adrenaline pumped more when I heard the pounding of the dog feet right behind me. I saw the door at the end, the door outside where the light would keep me safe. I lunged at the door and was outside and felt the warm sun on my face, and felt the cold claws of death around my ankle. I could make no noise as I was pulled back into the depths of the hallways.

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