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Ace Floyd : twin one

February 10, 2010
By silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
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Favorite Quote:
reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

I woke up and I could feel around me that I was on my back in a meadow. As I grew more conscious my body realized that and the comfortable numbness faded away slowly. Then I could feel it. Oh. There was a weird foreign static slowly fizzing in my veins, very deep inside me. There was a new sound to my ears also. Without opening my eyes still, I slowly and carefully put my index and middle finger to my wrist and held my breath. What I felt almost made me choke and I let out a ragged breath and put my arms down. It was my pulse, something I haven’t heard in 98 years. # What’s happening to me? # I thought.
# Is this what true death feels like? # I was very much alive and my vampire senses confirmed that but, why was my heart beating? Then the foreign static inside me started bubbling more noticeable now and the pain it brought was horrifying. It felt like I was being tortured from the inside. I screeched, I couldn’t hold it back any more. And that was when my joints locked. I was in agony. An invisible grip held me down and I couldn’t move. I opened my eyes and no one was there and I immediately closed them. There was pain even doing that. My breathing was ragged and then the static turned into a raging fire. I gritted my teeth. The flame burned on and climbed up the back of my throat and it was a slivery metallic taste. I writhed and screeched in torture of that silver flame for fifteen minutes. Instead of shutting my heart off completely it left my heart slow, approximately thirty beats per minute. It left my body numb and then the flame went into my hands, feet and my throat. This pain was way more powerful than all of it before and I screeched in terror. Then the flame suddenly left and left my hands and feet numb. I must have passed out and then finally I opened my eyes. They felt weird and brand new again. I was lying on my side and stared at the moon. The moon looked pure pearl and majestic and totally different with theses new eyes. Then my head felt really crowded and I jumped to my feet in the swift movement of a vampire. I was in a very weird position for standing and for some reason I felt like I was in a brand new body.
Oh wow. Someone whispered in my head.
Hey are you okay? A female voice softly asked and a wolf, a cream wolf walked softly out of the shadows and came towards me, her tail sweeping the ground. I shook my head, now that defiantly felt very odd.
# I’m sorry I have no clue what’s happening to me #
Hey it’s alright we’re going to….
The wolf tapped my mind as she came closer and was shocked. I backed up and something caught my eye and I turned my head. My back, no wait my whole body was covered in silver fur and I knew what that meant. I had somehow become a werewolf and I was a vampire! The thought sent chills of horror down my back. I fell on my back legs and stayed there stunned. My mind was already rewinding the week to where I had become this, when I got to where I hunted the wolves around me whined in disgust. The rest of the week was all blurry and I couldn’t make sense of it, but whatever I felt made me cringe and dig my claws in the earth. The female wolf yelped in pain and I quickly moved my feet elsewhere.
# Sorry #
No it’s fine
I opened my eyes again and now there were five wolves around me. The cream wolf bowed her head. I’m Kayla, this is the pack.
A deep chocolate brown dipped its head. I’m Sara.
A dark grey wolf bowed his head I’m Kyle.
A pitch black wolf shook his head, and he was practically invisible to the night, except the moon outlined his body in silver. Hey kid I’m Brec.
Brec, a new voice said sternly, he is not a kid, he is older than most of us.
A light grey wolf with palomino highlights walked into view with the proudness of a leader, and the gracefulness of a vampire. There was only one friend of mine who was that way, Skye.
# Skye # I said amazed.
Yes it’s me. He walked over to us and his pack bowed their heads to him.
Don’t. He said to them. He walked over to me and looked me over with his eyes.
How the heck did this happen?
# My guess is as good as yours # I answered.
Hmm may I? He asked.
# Of course # and I closed my eyes. He opened the last two weeks in my head and watched for specific things, he found nothing and was as baffled as I was.
Tick off any werewolves lately?
I smiled at his joke. # Not that I know of #
Come, walk with me Ace, I want to talk to you.
# Alright #
The rest of you- he turned toward his pack.
-Go do something else ‘till I call you.
Sure got it Skye, let’s go guys. Then Kayla rounded her friends up and chased them away.
# Is she like your second in command or something? #
Yeah, she’s my Saba and my girlfriend.
# Ah #
We were walking down this path, trees on either side of us and the full moon in the sky, always in front of us, my claws clicking on the stone path. Skye walked ahead of me and turned to face me head on.
I don’t know how you’re controlling it, but you should be out of control right now, not even doing this just being pure wild.
I couldn’t say just, because Skye was a vampire as well.
# We’re vampires, we always have to control things #
True. He said, but that is way different, or should be.
He sighed and I dug my claws into the earth.
# Something is upsetting nature and supernatural for this to happen #
I sighed and looked down at my paws.
Defiantly, something very odd has been going on for the last few years
# I wonder if it’s because of us#
Who knows after all our ‘majik’ is screwed up big time.

The author's comments:
All of my pieces were written from a dream and i just kept writting snd writting and i love every single piece i wrote and am still writting

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silver SILVER said...
on Aug. 24 2010 at 1:50 pm
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
7 articles 1 photo 29 comments

Favorite Quote:
reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

my new stories just came out, check them out, but my poem is not out yet so im still waiting, cant wait!!!

on Aug. 16 2010 at 8:23 am
Teeni129 SILVER, Hawthorne, New York
7 articles 0 photos 5 comments

that sounds greatt!

i'd love to read more

teenink is a great way to post stories 

silver SILVER said...
on Aug. 10 2010 at 2:21 pm
silver SILVER, Fonda, New York
7 articles 1 photo 29 comments

Favorite Quote:
reading takes you places you would never dream of so keep dreaming...

thanks i've been working on my dream book since '05 and i hope you stay updated for all of my other works, i've got 2 more coming, a poem and a little taste of the Silver Twin's Friends

on Feb. 22 2010 at 8:42 pm
Teeni129 SILVER, Hawthorne, New York
7 articles 0 photos 5 comments
I love it! It is clear that this author has put their hard work and dedication into making it. Congrats and hope to see more!! Sincerely, a well wisher from Hawthorne