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The Cross Roads

January 28, 2010
By Shelbert BRONZE, Fonda, New York
Shelbert BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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I was sitting on my favorite old chair at my house in the pitch black, or as I thought. My Seeing Eye Dog Rufus had sensed danger and pulled me out of the house. I should have told him to stop, but I trust my dog’s instincts and desire to keep me safe I should have known this would be dangerous. I could hear people talking and laughing, but that is about it. All the loud noises soon came to a halt, and then people started screaming to move and get out of the way! The next thing I know not a drop of silence is going through my ears. I hear something…an ambulance, and then the pain starts going up through my legs and arms. It felt like a million bees coming at you at once. Then someone keeps asking me questions about my arms and legs. When I get to the hospital the doctors had told me what happened I got hit by a big truck that was speeding that did not make the turn and ran right into my house. My nurse told me I had hit my head on the pavement so hard that I lost my memory. I did not know what to say, there was nothing to say. My nurse and doctor tried to help me gain my memory back, but nothing would work. The only thing that I could remember was that my dog, Rufus pulled me out of the house, but I do not know why. I wish I had remembered why. When I got out of the hospital I had gained my memory back, just not all of it because I still did not know why my dog pulled me out of my small, but cozy house. When I get back to my house I just wanted to lie down, but unfortunately my dear old friend Katherine had told me my house was on fire as a result of the crash. She had said I lost everything including my favorite old chair. I had nowhere to go or stay for the night. My friend had told me that I could stay with her for a couple weeks until she found me a house.
A couple weeks later my friend said she found a house for me, it is a one room house. She had said it was small, but I would find my way around. The house was very cheap and she would help me pay for it, because I had lost all my money in the fire. The only thing that was salvaged from the fire was a few pieces of family photos, Katherine had said that you can not even tell what the photos looked like, and that was very disappointing.
My Seeing Eye Dog, Rufus and I have a very strong relationship after the fact he saved my life. My Seeing Eye Dog now warns me when somebody knocks at the door. Rufus and I go on walks every day, but we never go on the road where this whole story happened.
I get used to my new cozy house with my Seeing Eye Dog, Rufus. Katherine was right about the size of the house, although it is very small and cozy; I still cannot get past the fact that my old house got burnt. I guess I am I very lucky guy…All thanks to my favorite dog in the whole wide world, Rufus.

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