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Page 4 Alice in Slumber Land

November 21, 2009
By Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
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It was absolutely marvelous! like the tree was Magic! While inside the tree you could see passage ways, doors leading into them, large rooms, all sitting in a row. Maybe the tree was part of an allusion, and we were in a mansion! it did seem like it. With its white, almost silver furnishings. The tall chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Two rows of stairs headed of to the top proportion of the building. It was Breath taking.

"Sorry for the mess" said the tall man. His hair was dark, almost as dark as mine. His legs longer than the other half of his body. He was wearing an old tattered hat and to the look of his house he could afford a more fashionable one. There must be a story behind that hat. I was going to figure it out.

"No need to apologize it is your un-birth day is it not?" Said the rabbit

"Indeed it is, but its yours too and you dont dissevere to see my house askew on your un-birth day."

"Ohh pish posh i have plenty of un-birthdays to come." he said in a happy voice, while raising his paw

"Ohh Mr. Hare we are being rude, chatting up a storm while poor Alice dear hasn't meet the rest of the group"

" I do say you are correct. Im sorry alice, extremely sorry" He said focusing on me.

"There is no need to be?" i asked...

"Well i am and thats final!" said Mr. Hare stomping his left foot.

"Now now, no need to be rash.. come come we must go to the tea room." said the tall man leading us through a pair of double doors.

The sound of giggling and conversioning filled the air as we walked into the tea gallery. It was a large almost bare room. decorated with only the finest red satin. This satin hung from the walls and clung to the table tops, were plenty of beast and humans sat together enjoying them selfs.

"Oh Alice sit here, that way you can see all your new friends" said the man, pulling out a chair at head of the table.

"Introduction time!!" Screamed Mr. hare. The room became hushed.

"Ohh indeed."Said the man riseing to his feet. "Every one stand!" and every one did.

"You already know the MAD HATTER" screeched the hare clapping his paws together in excitment

"Um, not well i do add" I said

"You will my child, any way when i say your name sit sit... okay ready...
Elsie, Lacie and Tillie
Mary Ann
Mock Turtle
And finally Guys this is Alice."
Said the hatter

"NICE TO MEET U." boomed the crowd

"Ditto?" Said I.

"OK now i do believe it is time for tea" Said the hare holding up a huge pitcher

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