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Alice In Slumber Land XD

November 20, 2009
By Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
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I saw my parents death again. Their horrified shrieks fill my dreams swurveing them into devestating night mares. My ears ache do to the screams unheard by those who dreams created "joy." I would sit in agonizeing pain for the rest of the night, tossing and turing unable to seise the night mares, unable to dram nice kind things. All my brain would present me with was the image of blood and tears, mostly that of my mothers.

Me and my mother werent ever close. Even IF she lived we would never to be, but on the day she died her eyes sent shivers dont my spine as if saying something more, telling me every thing was going to be alright. Her Tears spoke LIES though i shall never be alright again.

As these memory's Engulfed my brains attention a horrid thumping arranged itself in my chest. My heart thundered, mocking the pouring rain out side the Orph-anage. I tore off the Heavy Wool covers and raced to the "Nurses quarters" a small medicine cabinet in the back of the room. There i was greeted by an array of bottles. Each one labeled for a different pain. My eyes slide across each one swallowing their words till i found it! There was a hidden bottle noted as "Head Aches" But why would there be a hidden bottle of aspirin? It was indeed a reliever, not of the medical requirement. My hands trembled as i swung the lid off, allowing the cap to slowly roll across the floor to the foot of a sleeping childes bed. I gulped the sweet alcohol with a thought of Pride . How could the "great almighty Rulers" of this facility not expect an addiction like mine to find their hidden pleasures. Its only natural for someone to have a personal Vise, the nurse's was indeed liquor, Mine is discovering. Finding the worst in people, Ruining them by their flaws. Oh the thought of knowing all, all of what people don't want you to know, just fills my nerves with glee, the first since of happiness since a arrived in this dump. I took another swing of this delightful beverage. It nourished my taste buds, making my sleepy head feel like a bolder was duck taped to my shoulders. I slowly scrambled back to my bed and clasped asleep.

"Helloooo" I screamed, wondering down the stairs. I was back in my old home, my fantasy house, my only go to place. I knew It wasn't real!
My dreams were being smug shrews again, making me believe there lies. To my surprise though it was empty. In most of my dreams the house was filled with laughter. A hard cold mocking Laughter, the same one i had to hear as this Beautiful dream land was turned into a slaughter house! Nope not this time, i only heard the echo of my own Dessprit shreks.

"Please, Just show me THE ABSOLUTELY WORST part of my life again, i'm already screwed up enough, i mean this torture cant go on for ever, GET IT OVER WITH" I yelled into The empty air surrounding me. "Ohh dream king, master of all sleeping wonders, uhh Sand man? Come out here NOW. i need to talk to you!."

"Yes?" I heard swallow my heart. It couldn't be real, maybe its just a reoccurring memory. I must have heard that voice before and now my mind just replayed it now. Yes now of all times
"Alice..." it sang again
What is that? a high pitched child's voice? maybe its something from my child hood yeah i can believe that.
"ALICE!" It now screamed. I nearly jumped outta my skin. I KNOW i have never heard that voice before.

"Alice darling, you called for me? whats wrong you dont like my Dreeeaaamm Land?" It sounded again booming from all around
"I thought you of all people would love to be here, to discover every little thing lurking in the corner, to Discover WHO KILLED THEM!" It now mocked my with a intense burst of giggles.

"You are just a DREAM. My minds just saying these things" I screamed, anger building up within me.

"Ohh silly alice. life is just a dream, You'll find you like it better here."

"Here? I will never like the place that mocks even my darkest, eerie obsessions"

"Ohh i see, you like knowing other peoples thoughts, but when it come to your own..."

"LOOK HERE KID I'M FED UP WITH YOUR B.S. And id really like to be on my way." My fist where now rolled up into tiny balls of fury. How could this squeaky voiced Child mock me, and beyond that how the hell did she get in my mind of all places.

"Tisk Tisk, Alice, i may have to punish you for even saying that."

"Havent you already punished me enough!"

"Ohh Deary no, Not Yet any way."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You'll see sooner or later."

"I'd Like sooner if you don't mind."

"Hmmmm... Well Alice i need to go, a kid in Alaska is deathly Afraid of bamboo, and i think i can have a little fun with this" She Giggled


"Alice i bid you a due"

"NOO WAIT COME BACK HERE" but she was already gone and i was left here, in my own mind, The worst place for some one like me.

I need to wake up! I need to escape my Dreams, the devourer my soul. How though? Maybe if i sleep here i wake up there, yeah i'll try that.
I curled up on the floor, closeing my eyes. I waited like this forwhat seemed like hours. Maybe you cant sleep when your "Actually" sleeping. I need to try something else. Uhh.. whats that old saying.. hmm.. "Pinch me i must be dreaming" I grabbed my arm squeezing my skin between my finger nails. a Pain drifted up my arm. Nope didnt work ether. I kept trying though. many things only made me painfully aware of my own senses. While others just frusterated me.

"Im never getting out am I?" I whispered to my self. "Im going to be stuck here for ever. Darn i wish i had Dorthy's red slippers.. cause there legally is 'No Place Like Home'But OF CORSE im ALICE Stuck in wonder Land. My own wonder land. theres no way im going to survive this..."

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Its Only The Beginning!

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