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Proven Wrong

October 14, 2009
By Wicca_Wolf91 BRONZE, Dunkirk, Indiana
Wicca_Wolf91 BRONZE, Dunkirk, Indiana
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“I’m very surprised that you, Rhea, of all people figured out my secret!” William Rivers growled as he tied up the semi-unconscious student, “I was very careful, no one has ever caught me!”
William Rivers, a simple name for a simple person. He had accepted the job of teaching History at the local high school after the students had driven the old teacher insane. He was an amazing teacher that always let the students speak their minds.
“What to do with you now?’ Mr. Rivers questioned as he took a seat in front of Rhea Woods, his student. “How on Earth did you figure it out?”
Rhea Woods had proof now, just wait; she would show the world the truth! Lexi and Cassidy would have to believe her, they just had to. Rhea had explained to them her idea, but they had said she was making it up.

“He can’t be,” Lexi had said one morning after they had arrived at the high school, “with all of the background checks and DNA samples taken these days, he’d definitely be found out!”
“I agree with Lexi,” Cassidy had said, “have you been to Narnia lately?”
Rhea had growled and stormed off towards her first class. They didn’t actually believe she was smart and it ticked her off; she was just as smart as them, if not smarter. Rhea knew she had to get proof for them to believe her. Rhea then started taking notes, noticing more and more items that proved her theory about her History teacher; that the teacher was a vampire!
One point she noticed is he liked the darkness more than any other person she knew. He usually had all the lights off, except for the overhead. Every single History class Sondra had was usually devoted to note taking. Mr. Rivers would stand up in front of the class and preach about history. He would enthuse about it and get the class into a roaring discussion that usually had the principal coming to yell at them for being too loud.
The second point was history itself. Mr. Rivers spoke as if he was from the time period they were learning about. When they were learning about WWII, he brought in a jacket with bullet holes. He wore the jacket constantly and it fit him perfectly as if it were made for him. He also spoke of Hitler’s favorite foods and how he took his tea. Sondra doubted anyone had actually written down what Hitler loved to eat. He was so enthusiastic about History that while he taught many students decided to switch their majors for college to History.
A third point was his lunch. Mr. Rivers had asked Rhea to run to his office to get a few items that he had left behind one day; the graded homework. When she got to his office, she saw the papers with his lunch sitting on top of them. In his lunch was a water bottle filled with a reddish brown liquid with out a cap; it was just sitting in the lunch box. When Rhea went to move it, the liquid splashed out onto her hand as well as on a few of the papers. Rhea quickly tried to clean up the mess before she rushed back to the classroom. He glanced up and wrinkled his nose before he took the papers. As Rhea sat down she noticed her hand smelled like rust and had a rusty taste to it when she licked her hand. It had been blood!
Another major point Rhea began noticing was all the missing students. In a class of twenty-eight, there were only sixteen left near the end of the school year. The school had explained the phenomenon as students dropping out, but Rhea knew that Mr. Rivers had drunk their blood and disposed of the bodies. She had proof of that; the other students in class had heard the proof as well. Mr. Rivers had brought a water bottle filled with the reddish brown liquid, blood, to class one day.
“Such a good Jones!" Mr. Rivers had laughed quietly to himself after taking a drink.
“Like the soda pop?” one of Rhea’s classmates had asked. Rhea gasped quietly as her brain went into overdrive. Stevey Jones had started out in the same class period as her. He hadn’t been seen since last Friday; it was now Thursday.
“Sure, we’ll go with that,” Mr. Rivers had grinned as he took another sip of his drink.
All of it added up; Mr. Rivers had to be a vampire. To Rhea it was proof, but none of her friends believed her. They thought she had been spending too much time in Narnia. So one day, Rhea decided to confront Mr. Rivers. Rhea had been waiting anxiously for the end of History class; she was going to confront him then because he had prep after her History class. History took forever as Rhea waited for the bell to ring.
Finally it did and Rhea jumped up before slowly approaching Mr. Rivers’ desk, where he sat grading papers.
“Umm…Mr. Rivers, can we talk?” Rhea questioned hesitantly shifting from foot to foot when she caught his attention.
“Sure,” Mr. Rivers spoke setting the papers aside and giving her his full attention.

“I know what you are,” Rhea stated bravely after looking around to make sure no one could over hear their conversation. “All of the facts add up!”
“Really,” Mr. Rivers says watching her closely, “What are the facts, if I may ask?”

“First, you like the dark; you rarely ever anything but notes for us to do. The second thing is that you lecture as if you were really there. The third thing is all the missing students!” Rhea stated, counting all the facts on one hand.
“I see,” Mr. Rivers said, standing up and walking around the desk to stand next to Sondra. “You have come to this conclusion all by yourself?”
“Yes, Sir,” Rhea spoke softly looking towards the ground, “None of my friends believe me and none know that I am here!”
“Wonderful!” Mr. Rivers gushed happily.
Mr. Rivers then grabbed the stapler and whacked an unknowing Rhea in the head with it. Rhea’s eyes rolled back into her head and her body crumpled to the floor. He watched her breathe for a few minutes before he picked her up and stashed her in an unused closet close to his classroom.
Two hours later, they were both in a cabin hidden in the woods. Rhea was staring up at him, while he sat in front of her.
"I really don’t know how you figured it out,” Mr. Rivers stated to himself, “You’re not the brightest crayon in the box.”
“I’m not stupid!” Rhea yelled struggling, trying to loosen the ropes holding her, “You stupid vampire!”
“Vampire?” Mr. Rivers questioned confusedly, “What are you talking about?”
“You’re a vampire who has been taking missing students and draining them before drinking their blood!” Rhea said accusingly, glaring at Mr. Rivers, “Don’t try to deny it!”
“My dear, I’m not a vampire,” Mr. Rivers grinned, “I’m much worse, but I do like drinking blood.”
“Ahh hah! I knew it...Wait…what?” Rhea asked not comprehending what was going on. Okay maybe she was wrong about him being a vampire, but then why was she tied up. Oh goodness! She hadn’t even told anyone she was going to confront him! “Then what are you? Don’t try to lie to me! I wouldn’t be tied up for knowing your secret if I was wrong!”
“Rhea, Rhea, Rhea,” Mr. Rivers spoke arrogantly, as if talking to a child, “I’m not a vampire, but you were close.”
“Sure,” Rhea spoke sarcastically, “and I’m the Queen of England!”
“Well your highness, I hope you like this!” Mr. Rivers grinned evilly. He then grabbed her, pulling her to her feet and dragged her to the back bedroom. “Look at this!”
He pushed open the door to allow Rhea to see a red soaked floor with little pieces of something pink all over it. There was a detached hand on the edge of the bed. Rhea grasped for breath, closing her eyes. She couldn’t look, didn’t want to, but he made her. Rhea began crying as she looked into the dead eyes of Stevey Jones. His body lay near the headboard of the bed; he was all cut up, allowing Rhea to see parts of the human body that nobody but a doctor should see.
“What are you…you Monster?” Rhea whispered numbly, falling to her knees.
“A mass murderer!” Mr. Rivers laughed cheerfully as he pulled her back onto her feet and towards the kitchen, “It’s even more fun then teaching!”
“What are you going to do with me? Rhea gulped as she stumbled along next to him.
“Oh you’ll die, just not sure when,” Mr. Rivers spoke as he threw her into a chair in the middle of the kitchen.
Two days later Lexi Frost and Cassidy Elms went to the authorities with info concerning their friend Rhea, whom had been missing for a couple of days, and they had gotten worried. They told the cops of Rhea’s ideas about Mr. Rivers being a vampire and about her confronting him. Mr. Rivers was questioned thoroughly, but Rhea was not found. The school had grown silent in mourning; more parents had come forward about their missing children.
Three weeks later, Rhea’s body was found in the high school pond floating face down in a white ball gown prom dress. The cops had pulled her out to find out that her nose had been cut off. Soon other missing kids’ bodies were found through out the high school. One was found hanging from the rafters in the gym, missing a leg and both arms. Another was found in room 252, a math room, standing against the black board, posed to do a problem, with its head missing. The head was found in the teachers chair in two rooms down.
Mr. Rivers had been questioned, but there had been no evidence found to prove he was the killer. Mr. Rivers was watched however, and eventually another student realized what he was. Soon everything happened all over again, but nothing was ever proven against him. Lexi and Cassidy along with the rest of their friends finished high school and continued on into criminal justice careers. They never wanted what happened to Rhea to happen to another person. Mr. Rivers left his teaching position seventeen years after they graduated and moved onto another school system. He was never caught and no evidence was ever found that he was more than he seemed.

The author's comments:
This piece was written with ideas given to me by some friends. One friend wanted to be smart for once, yet still ignorant.

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Aleece GOLD said...
on Nov. 13 2009 at 2:43 pm
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oooooooh, that was creepy! I'm going 2 be afraid of my History teacher 4ever now

on Nov. 11 2009 at 1:39 pm
cheeseNrice BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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I thought that this article was very interesting and it kept my attention from the very beginning, it was also very well written

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This article was very good! It was written fairly well too.