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October 8, 2009
By Marti SILVER, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Marti SILVER, Hershey, Pennsylvania
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Eerie shadows creep from the tangled body that resembles a snake. Hissing, it shows its long venomous fangs with poison seeping through them, but puts them away like it doesn’t have to use them. Creepily, and so suddenly, the flame eyes that cast an evil grin to me appeared from under the shadow of the desk. Colors of malicious vermillion and onyx stare out from the depths of the scaly patterns on the rigid body. Glowing scales shone brightly against the light of the full milky moon.
Standing frightened, I hadn’t realized that the creature was wrapping its long, thick body around mine, sauntering up slowly. Even though its scales were smoother than a baby’s skin, it felt as cold rushing ice water going through you. Almost as if you were standing under a gushing waterfall on December 27th. Then, ever so slowly it looks into my eyes, and all I see fear and despair in my frightened eyes.

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