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The Escape

October 8, 2009
By Maddie Hearn SILVER, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Maddie Hearn SILVER, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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I lay in the tall grass letting each drop of warm sunshine soak into my skin, painting it a golden brown color. My long, kinky curls are strewn out upon my shoulders and the ground behind me. I listen to the birds play a song in my ear, singing sweetly about the vibrant day. My lips are stained with the juice of the strawberries I picked before. I grin from ear to ear, finally, finally in peace. I shoot up, and bind across the flowery meadow. Clutching the bunch of flowers I picked before loosely in my hands. My white dress flutters as the wind lifts my golden hair off of my shoulders. I feel as though I weigh nothing, as If in any step I might just fly. This is true happiness, this is me. I near the river, the danger zone, it is near the trails, but this thought is too far in my mind for me to even care. I drop the flowers and effortlessly dive into the spring, the cold water feeling refreshing on this sultry day. I come up for a breath and I can feel the glow of the sun against my wet face. If only papa could see me now. See how happy I am, I dive back under and swim gleefully across the river. I slip out of the spring and sit atop the bank watching my feet bounce up and down. When my dress is dry I twirl in the air and fall back down upon my back. I run my fingers through my hair in a failed attempt to keep it out of my face. I hug my arms across my chest and then fling them out to the side closing my eyes and becoming victim to the wind. I hear a voice, no two.

“She’s always loved this trail,” My papa explained, “Once she escaped, and the hiker reported seeing someone here, I almost knew it was her.”
I heard no more. Papa and one of the officials were now searching for me, my blissfulness was over. Back to home meant, well, I didn’t even want to think about that. Those dark nights, scary faces… I shuddered.

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