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The Vampire Chronicles: Part 1-Allison (2)

September 26, 2009
By TeamJacobArchuleta ELITE, Chicago, Illinois
TeamJacobArchuleta ELITE, Chicago, Illinois
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He's the one I call in the middle of the night. He's the one who makes everything alright. He loves me with no regret...I just haven't found him yet.

"Ouch!" I said, as I fell to the floor. I had slept on the couch in the living room that night, because they were searching my room for clues. And I had just woken my self up by rolling off the side of the couch.
My head was throbbing and my back ached. So I walked into the kitchen to get some Advil. I pulled out the small container from the cabinet where we put all of our medicine and popped it open. Then I took two small orange pills and put the container back.
As I gulped down the pills with some water I heard voices coming from the other room. It was officer Deblin and that other officer. He said his name was officer Camden.
"Well when do you think I should tell her?" asked officer Deblin.
"I don't know. Probably soon." answered officer Camden.
"Ok. I guess I'll just tell her when she wakes up." He sighed heavily. "This won't be easy."
"I know. I'd hate to be in her position."
Who could they have been talking about? Were they talking about me?
"Allison! You’re awake!" officer Deblin interrupted my thoughts when they both walked into the kitchen.
"Yeah. I'm awake." I replied.
"Well there's something I think you should know. First of all you won't be going to school today, I already called your school for you. And secondly, you just recieved another note. We found it on your front doorstep around 6:00 a.m." He handed me a different note in a zip-lock bag. I read it carefully.

Hello Allison. Do you remember in our last note, when I said you better do everything I say? Well here's your first task. Come to the park down the street from your house at midnight. There will be something waiting for you there.

My heart thumped heavily in my chest and I felt like I couldn't breath. After choking on two sharp breaths, I put the note down on the counter.
"Should I go or not?" I asked them.
"Well I don't think you should. This could be dangerous." said officer Camden.
"I agree." added officer Deblin.
"Well I know it might be dangerous, but my mom's life is at stake here. You guys still havn't found her! So until you do, I'm going to do whatever I can to find her myself." I announced, with a confident look on my face.
"Not if what you’re doing put's your life at stake too. I will not allow you to go that park tonight." officer Deblin ordered.
"You're not my mother, so I don't have to listen to you. There is nothing you can do or say to stop me. I'm going to that park tonight. And that's final." I declared. Then I marched over to the couch and plopped down. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv.
I turned on a random show and started watching it. I tried to pay attention to what the host was saying, but I just couldn't. My thoughts were somewhere else.
I just couldn't stop thinking about that note. Who was this guy? And what did he want with me? What did he do with my mom? Is he going to be at the park tonight when I go there?
"Oh my gosh!" I shouted. I had just remembered that tonight was Friday. And Friday was the day Alexander was supposed to come over for dinner.
"What's wrong?" asked officer Deblin, as he rushed in with officer Camden right at his side.
"It's just that my mom's boyfriend is supposed to be coming over for dinner tonight." I informed them.
"Do you know his number?"
"Ok. Then when he gets here, we'll tell him what happened and send him home." They both walked out and I turned back to the tv to watch the show.
I wonder if Alexander would want to try to help look for my mom. Probably not. He probably wouldn't even care she was missing. Whatever.

The author's comments:
This is actually only half of chapter 2, but since they keep telling me it's too long, I've decided to just cut each of my chapters in half. Enjoy and comment!

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boklenhle GOLD said...
on Apr. 16 2011 at 4:15 pm
boklenhle GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
Our scars tell us where we have been, but do not have to dictate where we are going.

I really like this one! But, I also think it needs to be longer... Not as long as the first one was, though.


rgilgen12 said...
on Feb. 25 2011 at 8:56 am
rgilgen12, Marshalltown, Iowa
0 articles 0 photos 2 comments
I can see the characters! i like it

on Apr. 17 2010 at 10:51 pm
Phoenix611 GOLD, Avon, Colorado
10 articles 0 photos 40 comments

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"Zip it, or I'll come over there and zip it for you." -Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side

somethink makes me thinkalexander is behind it.

on Mar. 2 2010 at 5:42 am
live.laugh.spaz GOLD, Singapore, Singapore, Other
11 articles 11 photos 32 comments

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laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects

wow....i've been reading some of your stuff and you're pretty good ;) i love your ideas ;)

this one is amazing at slowly increasing suspense and i can really see this in a movie ;D but i think maybe you should make the cops more unwilling to let her go and make her feel more scared ;) thats pretty much it though....this is really good

on Feb. 26 2010 at 4:09 pm
biggerinfinities SILVER, Superior, Colorado
7 articles 0 photos 353 comments

Favorite Quote:
“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

more!!!!! more!!!!! post please!

on Oct. 23 2009 at 2:01 pm
BeautifulSimplicity BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
2 articles 0 photos 62 comments

Favorite Quote:
We keep it light, until it's time to go dark. Then we go pitch black.

i liked is but it was kinda short, i tink alexander is the guy, really good

on Oct. 15 2009 at 6:29 pm
TeamJacobArchuleta ELITE, Chicago, Illinois
183 articles 7 photos 484 comments

Favorite Quote:
He's the one I call in the middle of the night. He's the one who makes everything alright. He loves me with no regret...I just haven't found him yet.

thanx! but they're telling me that my chapters are too long so i cut all of them in half. it's originally twice as long. :)

on Oct. 15 2009 at 5:25 pm
emmatheballerina GOLD, Tacoma, Washington
14 articles 0 photos 55 comments

Favorite Quote:
"It is not in our greatest glory in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall"
"I use to want the words "she tried" on my tombstone, now I want "she did it"

Well, I thought this one was a little too short. But i did like it.