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Remembering Nothing

August 2, 2009
By lucero.cristina BRONZE, Guaynabo, Other
lucero.cristina BRONZE, Guaynabo, Other
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I woke up not knowing where I was, it seemed to be a white room with one of those sofas where you can sleep on. All of a sudden I heard this woman screaming “Oh my god! Athena, you’re alright!” The woman came toward me and gave me a big hug and started kissing my forehead. What the hell is this woman doing? Do I even know her? She must have confused me with someone else. “Excuse me… I’m sorry to be rude, but do I know you?” The woman’s smile suddenly faded, tears began to build up in her eyes, but then her lost smile found a way back into her face and the woman said, “You don’t remember who I am, do you?” The woman was looking straight into my eyes, which frankly startled me a little but I found a way to speak again, “No, I am very sorry but I truly don’t. Am I supposed to remember you?” All the tears that had been building up in her eyes suddenly dropped, but without ever losing her smile and with that she left the room.

It wasn’t about ten minutes later that a man with a white coat type of thing came into the room and behind him entered that woman who had called me Regina, Christina, Athena or something like that. The man was in his mid 30s, quite handsome, tall, strong, blue eyed & brunette, he introduced himself as Dr. Reynolds. Then he said, “Do you mind if I ask you some questions? It’s completely up to you Miss.” I said ok and he started springing questions at me. After a couple of easy ones he said, “What it your name?” I must have looked at him funny because he then repeated the question. I started thinking about the question deep inside my head, I could feel like I was looking for the answer deep inside, like if I had lost the file containing the response. Then I said, “I…” then I hesitated for a second, but was able to compose myself once again, “… Don’t know my name…” He then passed on to the next question, “What is the last thing you remember doing?” Like the other question I had to think really hard to remember but suddenly I remembered, “I remember being on some kind of ride… Like at amusement park…” The woman next to him suddenly started crying like a baby, like when you cry and cry and can’t reach for air and you feel like you’re going to choke. Dr. Reynolds looked at her patted her on the back and sat her down and then came back to me and asked, “You sure you don’t remember anything after that?” I looked at him with a weird face and thought to myself, why would I lie to him? Am I supposed to remember anything after that? What is my name? Where do I live? WHERE AM I? AND WHATS GOING ON? I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breathe, I started hyperventilating, I felt dizzy and I couldn’t see straight, everything started to twirl around me until all I could see was a black background and voices screaming, go get help!

When I woke up again I saw I was in the same room as before but I could feel someone’s presence in the room. When I looked around I found myself completely alone but I still felt like someone was there. Then a woman in a pink nurse’s uniform, she was walking toward the bed I was in when she realized I was awake and said, “Oh, I’m sorry I thought you were asleep. I didn’t wake you did I?” She looked worried and I said, “No, I woke up a few minutes ago. Where am I?” She looked at me like if I where stupid and then kept walking to the bed and grabbed a sort of binder. She looked inside and her eyes started to open widely, which really did scare me. Then she said, “Dr. Reynolds will answer that question for you my dear, let me go look for him.” She exited the room almost running and a few minutes later Dr. Reynolds came in the door. Once he was in the room I noticed he was surprisingly calm but he then said, “Hello there. Your m—” I interrupted him saying, “Where the hell am I?” He breathed in and sat down next to my bed and said, “You’re at the hospital; you were in a sort of accident.” I just looked at him, these things he was telling me couldn’t be true… they just couldn’t, how could I be in the hospital? I couldn’t find words to speak and I guessed he figured it out, because the next thing he said was, “Don’t worry, your alright. The only thing is… you lost your memory.” With those four last words my world came crumbling down. I felt empty… but then found a way to ask, “Who am I?” He looked at me curiously, like if I was an experiment and he had just seen something supernatural, he then said, “You are Athena, your 16 years-old, and you’re a sophomore at high school. Your mother’s name is Metissa. I have been informed you have a boyfriend whose name is Gabriel and is a senior. Your best friend’s name is Isabella but everyone calls her Bella.” As I was hearing all these things Dr. Reynolds was telling me, I felt something or someone entering the room, I quickly looked at the door, but it was completely closed. What was happening to me? All of a sudden I felt something on my head, as if it was trying to soothe me. I quickly snapped out of it and gave my complete attention to Dr. Reynolds. Once he had told me all those things he asked me if I wanted to meet them, he said they were very worried about me and once I said yes the first person came in.

He was handsome; he was probably my age or few years older. He had blonde-brownish hair and his eyes were green, he rushed to me and his scent seemed familiar, he smelled fresh, yummy like all I wanted to do was hug him and smell him. Then I realized he was Gabriel, the boyfriend I didn’t know I had. He hugged me and kissed my forehead, just like that woman had before, he then said “I thought I’d lost you Lena, are you alright? I love you so much!” He said he loved me… did I love him back? Was I alright? Did he loose the Lena he knew? I came back to my senses and told him, “Gabriel… I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember you, I don’t remember my mother and right now I need your help, because I’m sure you know me better than anyone.” His eyes started getting wet and then I realized he was crying, he looked at me deeply and said, “Athena, you’re my goddess, I love you & I would do whatever it takes to win your heart back… again” Once he said goddess my body started tingling in a way weirder than weird. I felt something when he said that word… It was something inside me, something I wasn’t aware of but I knew was there… Then I realized Gabriel had took my hand and was kissing it, I never imagined that he was going to be THIS sweet & caring.

That feeling of someone in the room came back to me. I felt like the presence was mad, annoyed or jealous. I looked around the room again to see if anyone else was there, but I couldn’t see anyone besides Gabriel. He was still holding my hand, looking at me curiously. I could see he was worried about me, his eyes showed big concern over me. He then said, “Are you okay Lena? Besides the not remembering your past part” I giggled a little and gave him a big smile, “I’m fine, I just feel a little weird. I have a question, before this all happened were there any secrets I told you about?” Then he looked really weird, “Secrets? Of course there were secrets, but what kind of secrets?” I then said, “Well I don’t know, like big secrets… Did I ever tell you really important secrets?” He then smiled at me and said, “Not really… Why?” When he smiled, I suddenly gained hope but then as I heard his words I lost all that I had gained. I tried to smile and then said, “No reason… I was just thinking that if I knew my secrets… then maybe I could learn or remember my past.” He quickly said with a compassionate voice, “Lena, you know that the doctors said that the chances of you remembering your past are barely even possible.” To hear him say that infuriated me, how could he have no hope of me remembering my past? I breathed in and calmly said, “Gabriel, would you mind telling Isabella to come in? I would like to mee– see her.” He looked annoyed; somehow knowing he was annoyed by my asking gave me some sort of pleasure. Annoyed as he was he kissed my forehead and said, “For you Lena… anything.”

As he walked out of the room I felt something gently grab my hand, I quickly screamed and Gabriel spun around and ran to my side. He was scared, I could see it in his eyes, just like before he was worried about me, and it was as he knew the cause of my screaming. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? What happened?” He grabbed my hand and quickly realized I had the shape of four fingers burnt on my palm. He looked at me strangely and then turned my hand around so that back of my hand was facing him and was surprised to see a thumb burnt between my thumb and index fingers. He raised his eyes at me once again and said, “Lena, who did this to you?”

I looked at him like he was stupid, a moron. Seriously, how the hell am I supposed to know what happened? I started to feel dizzy again, but unlike the last time I wanted to give in, something inside me was telling me it was okay to go back to sleep, that it was safe. I could see Gabriel’s face just looking at me, wondering what was going on, then just before I gave into the helpless sleep that was entering my body I heard him once again say, “Lena? I know you know who did this… So just tell me! I’ll keep you safe from it. Just tell me what’s going on.”

I’d been asleep for three continuous days and no one would tell me what was going on, but I sensed the doctors really didn’t know what the problem was. I noticed they transferred me to another room. I liked this room better, it was bigger & cozier. There was light coming in through the windows; I could see the blue sky and the clouds that looked like cotton candy, soft & delicious. Suddenly I heard something whisper, “Lena? I know you know who did this… So just tell me! I’ll keep you safe from it. Just tell me what’s going on.” Then I realized no one had whispered it, I was just thinking about it, Gabriel had said that right before I went to sleep. All of a sudden had an urge to look at my hand, I quickly looked and saw something unnatural. The fingers that were burnt into my hand were red… But not red, blood red, but red on fire red. I just looked at it… I touched it but it didn’t seem to hurt. I took my other hand and placed four fingers on my palm and my thumb on the inner part of my hand, exactly where I was burnt. The fingers that were burnt on my hand were bigger than mine, much bigger. I then heard something whisper my name, I was sure of it. I was sure that it wasn’t me thinking about it. I knew someone was in the room, I just couldn’t place who. I then heard it again and again; I quickly sat up on the bed and said, “Who are you? Why are you calling me? And why did you burn me?” I was then aware of my accusation against it... But something in me knew it had burnt me.

“I am sorry for the burn… For who I am I cannot say. I’m calling you to assure you not to worry about that presence you feel… Do not feel in danger, for I love you & would not hurt you.” I quickly glanced around to see if there was anyone, “Yeah… That explains the burn. You love me & wouldn’t hurt me… yeah right. Who the HELL are you?” The voice calmly whispered, “Exactly… I am hell.” And then I felt as if the presence was gone.

After it was gone I knew what I had to do… Get some answers. But from who? Gabriel clearly is no help at all, I don’t even know Bella, Metissa will surely freak out if I start asking her weird questions & well who else is there to turn to? I was quietly looking around the room, trying to find something that would help me figure this out, but something deep inside me kept telling me that I was never going to find it. So after about ten minutes of looking around I just gave up and lied down on my bed just looking at the ceiling. Then I noticed that next to my bed was a nightstand, it was pretty big but still managed to look cozy. On top of the nightstand was one of those cool blackberries, it was red with a gold plastic cover. The cover looked magical, it had burgundy swirls but they looked gentle and beautiful. I took the phone into my hands and turned it on. Once it was on I realized it was mine. It said ∙∙αтнεηα∙∙ on the top left side. How could this accident affect me so much that I can't even remember I had a cell phone?

I apparently fell asleep because next thing I know it was morning again... It felt weird to know I was in the hospital... I looked around to find that I was alone in the room. I clearly knew that some way or another I had to talk to that hell dude... But how? I looked down to my lap to find my cell phone. I didn't really want to look at it now... I'm sure I have like a zillion texts, missed calls, voicemails, but from whom? Oh well... Now is not the time. I was about to put my cell phone on the nightstand when I realized there was a note on it...
If you look hard enough, you will surely find me. I do not doubt the power you have and the things you are capable of doing. Do not stress everything will be ok...
- Hell
OMG! What the hell is that? Okay... That sounds really funny. So now I know this wasn't all a dream... This really did happen. Seriously... how am I gonna find him? Suddenly I was startled by my cell phone ringing, I recognized the ringtone... It sang "I'm yours... There’s no need to hesitate no more, no more-----" I love that song.... At least I remember... It said PRIVATE... So much for caller id...
I quickly picked it up and said, "Hello"
The person then said, "I wasn't so sure you'd pick up, but hello."
I was confused... Why wouldn't I pick up? "Umm... Who is this?"
"Right, sorry. I cant tell you."
SERIOUSLY? "You can't tell me? Then why are you calling?" That voice seemed so familiar... too familiar.
"Just too tell you...... to look for me hard and I am sure you will find me." He then whispered very quietly, "And I love you..."
Then the phone went dead... I'm pretty sure he hung up on me and that he didn't mean for me to hear the last part... But who was that?
Then the door swung open and I saw Metis-- I mean my mom coming in.
She quickly said, "I heard you speaking and guessed you were awake. Who where you talking to?"
I hesitated a bit and she clearly noticed, "I--- don’t know... Some guy who called me blocked..."
She looked at me like I was a total liar... but I wasn't, "Oh okay. You better get going... You’re leaving the hospital today."
Those 4 words made me so happy… I was finally going to know where I lived... As I got up my mom left the room and suddenly another girl, possibly my age came in. She had fiery red hair and gorgeous green eyes, she looked like one of those magazine models.
She came running towards me and said, "LENA! Your okay! OMG! OMG! This is sooo great!"
I was pretty sure she was Bella... "You’re Bella, right?"
Her face dropped... She clearly wasn't expecting that. "Right, you don't remember me do you? Oh well... I'm Bella, your ULTIMATE best friend since we were 6."
"Oh... that's awesome. That’s a really long time."
She just nodded and ran over to the other side of the room. She bent down next to the nightstand and grabbed a black purse and threw in my cell phone and note. She looked at the note and then looked at me.
"Who wrote this?"
I really didn't know... "I don't know... When I woke up, it was there."
She looked at it again and decided to not care and she just threw it in the purse. She quickly came running towards me and said, "Ready to leave?"
As we left the room it felt weird, this was the only place I really knew or remembered. The excitement quickly surpassed the weirdness; I was FINALLY going to know where I lived! Then I realized Bella was talking to me…
“Lena? Earth to Lena! Hello? Anyone there?”
“Ohh! Were you talking to me? I’m sorry, I guess I’m just stuck in my head” That was weird.
“Typical Lena, always in her own little world,” she giggled a bit but then put a serious face and asked, “but what the hell’s going on in that brain of yours?”
Ouch, when she said hell it stung my body a bit. “Oh nothing, just wondering what my house looks like”
Once I said that I noticed we were already outside and a car was coming towards us. The car parked in front of us and out of the front seat came out this gorgeous guy, probably around my age. But this guy had something mysterious. He had dark brown eyes, was tall, tanned, & had amazing shaggy brown hair. Then I realized I was totally staring at him… more like gawking over him, I lowered my head and blushed. When I raised my head again he was walking towards me with the hottest cutest amazing smile I’ve ever seen, well that I remember of.
“Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?” OMG! He had the sexiest voice too?
“Um… I wouldn’t remember” Wow Athena, that couldn’t have been more of a stupid answer.
“And why is that?”
“Oh… Well cause I was in this accident and—” Then he totally caught me off.
“And lost your whole memory?”

“Actually… Yeah. Lots of girls come here with that?”
“Umm… Well not that I know of. I don’t speak to any girls around here. You’re the first.” He said like if he was embarrassed or something.
“Oh! Well then it’s an honor.” I found myself not able to stop smiling and blushing.
“Lena! Are we leaving or what?” Bella screamed at me from where she was.
“Yeah! Well it was nice meeting you.”
Once I was in the car I notice Bella was looking at me with total curiosity.
“Sooo...” she said after I didn’t say a word.
“Sooo …. What?”
“OMG! You’re totally into him… Who was that?”
“Bella, I am totally not into him, do I have to remind you I have a boyfriend?” Okay… He was cute and sorda perfect but I had a boyfriend.
“Well… Lena, that boyfriend of yours might have cheated on you more than you know of.” What? He cheated on me? Oh God!
“WHAT?!” Bella looked at me like if I was playing dumb or something.
“Oh s***! You don’t remember! Lena, babe, your only with him for the popularity and status, remember?”
“Um… No I don’t remember. But how many times has he cheated on me?” She quickly started laughing.
“About a million, Lena.”
I was totally astonished to know that before the whole accident thing I knew that he was cheating on me and didn’t do anything about it… “Well then… Bella, it’s time for the cheater to get royally dumped.”
She was shocked by my words, but quickly said, “You’ve changed so much, but in a good way, you’re so not afraid of your social status.”
“Well accidents change people…”
“Good to hear that Lena… You’re home” Once she said that I looked to my right and saw this huge cream colored house.
“This is my house?” Wow! It was huge and stunning.
“What? You don’t like the house?” Obviously she said it sarcastically, cause who wouldn’t like the house.
I ran to the front porch and tried to open the door, closed. Then I remembered I saw a key in my purse while I was at the hospital maybe it was for the house.
“Bella, can you give me the key in my purse?”She quickly started digging in my purse for it.
“Um… Sure here you go.”
“Thanks” She gave me the key and I slid it into the whole and without a doubt it opened the magical HUMONGOUS door.

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