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House of Horror

October 21, 2021
By YablonskiJake BRONZE, Sherborn, Massachusetts
YablonskiJake BRONZE, Sherborn, Massachusetts
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¨Where did you put my bag?¨ I yelled.

Mom yelled back, ¨Check your cabinet. We need to leave!¨

We were leaving because we just got a new house. My Dad has been staying there for a while, we never had a chance to leave. First I had to finish the week of school before we could leave. Something weird is that we're going to live right next to a graveyard, really spooky.

When we got to the neighborhood it looked like a ghost town. No one was outside, fog was everywhere. I saw the graveyard. It seemed like it only had 30 tombs. Then our house, when I saw it, I got a sensation to not go in, but I did anyway.

When we got in I saw my dad, he was standing in what seemed to be a kitchen, looking at the ground. I walked over to give my dad a hug. The floors seemed really creaky. I gave him a hug and it felt like something was wrong. It felt like he was burning, maybe he had a fever. The next thing I did, like every 14 year old, was explored around my house. I got to my room, It was on the second floor down a very long hallway. There was a little cabinet in there already, It looked unusual, it had a mirror inside of it. I went back downstairs and eventually found the basement. I opened the door and my dad slammed the door shut. 

¨Don't ever go down there! We have a rat problem¨.

  I believed him cause when I opened the door I remembered seeing a shadow. 

¨Must be big rats down there¨ I laughed.

He never responded.

¨Time for bed Caleb¨ My mom yelled.

¨Ok Mom¨ I yelled from my room.

I went downstairs to give my mom and dad a hug. She wasn't in the living room or kitchen. I went back upstairs to their room.  They were there, although I've sworn I heard the yelling coming from downstairs.

2:00 AM, that is what my clock reads. I got up and I had a nosebleed. I go to the bathroom, it is in front of the stairs that go downstairs. I cleaned my nosebleed. Creek! Creek! Creek! I jumped up and looked down the stairs. I froze, I saw a 7 ft shadow down my stairs standing up. I quickly turn on the lights. How embarrassing, it was just a coat on the coat hanger. I turned the lights back off and saw it again, although I know it's a coat I swear I saw it move. I walked back to my room. I think to myself “I'm just seeing things”. 

I woke up at 8:00 AM. It's Monday morning and I have school. I got up, changed into clothes and ate breakfast. I told my mom and dad about the thing that happened last night. 

“That's weird? Maybe you had a nightmare” My mom wondered.

“Maybe I did?” I thought.

School was very odd. There were only 10 kids in my class. I got to know their names Lucas, Lary, Jack, Caroline, Dave, Katie, Nick, Robby, Eddie and Jason. All were very pale. Also they all disliked one teacher, Mr Penny. I don't know why because even though I was there for a day I never met a teacher named Mr Penny. In this school you only stay in one classroom. Our teacher is Mr Oakley, very tall, also pale.

I walked back to my house, the graveyard gave me chills. Eddie, the friend I met in school, joined me walking home. 

He said “My house is on the way”.

Suddenly He turned right to the graveyard

I ask “Why are you turning, that's the graveyard”.

“My house is on the other side”. He explained

I walked away from the graveyard. I looked to the side at the graveyard Eddie Vanished. I got to my house and saw a basement window, it was very small. I could only fit the top of my head in. I saw a few things though. A weird old piano, a lightbulb in the air and a creature on 2 legs standing. It was very pale and reminded me of Mr Oakley. My Dad yelled at me and pulled me inside. He was bleeding and his hands were bloody.

“What is down there!” I worried

“Nothing” he yelled

I couldn't believe it, so I walked to my room. Creek! Creek! It was coming from inside my room. I sprint in like a linebacker in football. There was nothing, nothing at all.

My Mom and Dad left, they were going to a restaurant. I was home alone, it was raining. So I was playing video games all night, I got a little thirsty and hungry. I walk into the kitchen, I see a glass cup full of water and Ice cubes. I grabbed some food and walked to my room to finish video games. My headset fell off, CREEK! CREEK! CREEK. It was right outside! I opened my door, nothing was there, it smelt like garbage left out for years out of my room, I didn't worry too much. I went to bed

2:00 AM is what my clock reads. Second day in a row, My nose was bleeding. Just a coincidence I tell myself. I went to the bathroom to clean up my nose. CREEK! I quickly look around the corner. There's a dark figure. I Expected a coat on a hanger. I turned on the lights but it wasn't a coat hanger, it was a man, mid 20s, also pale, around 6ft but when I saw him he looked 7ft. I ran to my room as quickly as I could, trying not to look back. 


The creeks were as loud as they could get; they sounded like an elephant was walking towards my room.

It's coming from the hallway. The creaking suddenly stopped. I opened the door to see if anything was there. Nothing was there, I turned around, I froze in fear. The same guy was crawling into my cabinet. I run over to my bed and crawl under the covers.

I heard the slightest creek under my bed, this time it sounded like a mouse squeaking, shaking in terror as I checked under my bed. I looked there was nothing, again. As I'm coming back up from checking under my bed my dad is standing right in front of me.

He asks “What's wrong?”

I was shaking in fear “I saw someone, I swear”

“No you didn't, it was your imagination, now go back to bed!”

I go to the cabinet and open it. The mirror was opened and looked like it led to the basement. I go to bed making myself think it was my imagination

It's Tuesday, I have school today. As I go to school, I keep thinking of the thing I saw last night. I walked past the graveyard, I swear I saw the same guy in the corner of my eye I saw last night. There was nothing. I wonder why everyone is so pale around here but me, My Dad, My whole school and more, even dogs. I want to go back to our other home. I get to school. Nothing weird happened today. But it was raining so much it looked like mist from the inside, the puddles were now like floods. I was walking home from school getting soaked by the second, I looked up the name of the town “Gravestone”. I looked it up and all it said was “No results found”.

When I got home I demanded that we would leave, no one listened. 

I yelled at my mom “WE NEED TO LEAVE!”

She yelled back “ARE YOU CRAZY!”

I know something is wrong around here. For the next 30 min I search to find keys to the basement. I found them in a kitchen cabinet, but I was not going down yet. I waited all night to go down in the basement, but I fell asleep.

2:00 AM, it happened again, my nose was bleeding. I knew what was going to happen. I was going to clean my nose, then look to the side to see my raincoat, I was prepared. I didn't bother cleaning my nose, I ran right past the coat hanger downstairs. And found myself standing right in front of the basement door. I questioned myself if the thing down there was really worth seeing. I went down in the basement anyhow. The first thing I noticed was the creekyness of the steps. I got to the bottom, The basement was huge, doors were everywhere but only one light. I saw the piano, it was old and dusty. I opened one of the doors, there were at least 5 doors down there. This door had a vent, I don't know why or what it was for, but I had a feeling it led to my room directly above. The next door had a bunch of kids toys. The third door had a TV playing a video of our whole house, the kitchen, the bathroom, even the rooms. I even saw my mom and dad sleeping on the bed. The fourth room had blood everywhere on the walls, on the floor. I was about to pass out, I couldn't though, I had to stay strong, I needed to see what was behind the final door. I knew what would be behind the door would probably change my life forever, but I needed to know, so I could have a reason to leave. I opened the door, and fell to my knees. It was my Mom and Dad, they were not pale. I go to help them but next thing I know is blackness. I wake up, I'm in my bed. I can't move, I have something on my arms and legs, I can't tell what it is. A guy comes out of my cabinet. I can't recognize him from the beginning, but he's my Dad. But he's not my real dad, I can tell because of his face, he is pale. 

He tells me ¨I'm sorry Caleb, But you've found out about this town, I really like you¨.

¨Who are you?¨ I question.

¨I am gale penny, mr penny¨ Someone I knew walked through the cabinet, It was Eddie. He had something in his hand that looked sharp. Mr Penny said “Do It”.

The author's comments:

This Short Story is about a 14 year old boy named calab trying to figure out what is wrong with his town

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