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The Disappearance

September 7, 2021
By Aubrey-S BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
Aubrey-S BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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I walked down the empty hallways towards my classroom. I had left my phone in my classroom and didn’t notice until I was at home. I walked under the sign with my name on it and into the classroom that I teach fourth graders math and science in. I looked all around for my phone. It wasn’t on the bookshelves or on my computer. It wasn’t on the kid’s desks and it wasn’t by the whiteboard. I finally found it on my desk. It was on top of a drawing Jacob had given me. I reached for my phone and it disappeared. “What.” I looked all over my desk but the phone was no longer there. Maybe I didn’t actually see the phone, I am pretty tired. It was a long day, full of parent meetings and questions about math. 

I stood in place and scanned the room and saw that my phone was on the book shelves. I must have missed it when I looked there a few minutes ago. It was on top of the book Jacob had just checked out. He must have forgotten to put the book in the return basket. I walked over to the bookshelf and tried to pick up my phone. It disappeared again. 

I have no idea what is happening right now, but I need my phone. I have text messages to check! I look around the room in search of my precious cellular device. It’s back on my desk! I walk over and try to pick up the phone but it vanishes. This time I don’t even bother looking around the room, I just look at the bookshelves. And there, on top of Jacob’s book, is my cell phone. 

How am I supposed to get my cell phone if it keeps disappearing? At least it always goes to the same place. Maybe if one person reached for the phone another person could catch it as it reappeared. 

 I walk out of my classroom and down the hallway towards my car. Once I get to the car I knock on the window. My husband, who was waiting in the car for me, rolls down the window. “Did you not find it?’ he asks. “No I found it,” I said, “but I need your help retrieving it.” He got out of the car and said, “ok.” I walked down the hallways once more this time with my husband in tow. When we got to the classroom I told him to “Stand at the bookshelf and try and pick up the phone when I tell you too.”  “Ok?” my incredibly confused husband said. I went over to the desk and placed my hand palm up on top of Jacob’s drawing where the phone landed before. “Ok try and grab the phone now,” I told my husband. He reached for the phone and it disappeared. “What the-” 

Then the phone appeared in my hands. “YES!” I shouted as I threw my hands up in the air. My husband still looked very confused. “What just happened,” he asked me. “I have no idea,” I replied, “I am just glad to have my phone back.” My husband still looked confused but he didn’t ask anymore questions. As we headed back to our car I realized that my phone disappeared and reappeared on top of Jacob's things or things Jacob had used. I’ll have to ask him about the strange occurrence tomorrow.

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