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Unlikely Heroes

August 25, 2021
By Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
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       Hello! My name is Meryl Latson; I’m Mindy Folmes’ assistant in the detective club! Meryl and I are ordinary students who attend the WinderStar de academy school. Just last year we came across the most intriguing case about a missing cycle (we solved it. Of course. Mindy says  she did it herself but I am skeptical!) That case was surely thrilling but this year there has been a far more important case... a murder! As the detective club Mindy and I have decided that we will most definitely uncover this mystery. Somehow. Now, as you may already have noticed we both have rather ludicrous names, mine is ‘Latson’ that goes with ‘Watson’ in the Sherlock Holmes books. Mindy’s is ‘Folmes’ and that goes with ‘Holmes’ Sherlock himself! This is the main reason we wanted to establish our very own club. You have probably heard enough of this, so moving on without any further ado I am most willingly going to explain this dreadful, unexpected murder. (Even though Mindy told me I will be punished with medieval tortures if I let the secret out!)
      So what happened was, as usual we were having our boring Math lesson and then suddenly Miss.Ellen (our Maths teacher) said, “Class,I need to quickly visit the bathroom ,please be good and stay quiet.” Obviously we did not see any mystery in that ; she just went  to the bathroom and she was her usual jolly self. After what seemed like hours Mindy, Mindyishly said, “Class! Miss has been gone for excactly 37 minutes and 12 seconds, something is up.” We all agreed to go and check. Guess what we saw!!! In  the corridor lay Miss.Ellen..... with blood seeping through her shoulders and her eyes were as blue as the sea. Her arm was filled with pins that were certainly not hers because she hated pins. Her head was tilted at a creepy angle looking right at us. Dead. Murder I thought.

    As if on queue ,we all screamed like a herd of animals. Mr. Drake , our school principal ,came running ,and seeing Miss. Ellen on the floor dead, his face went as pale as a sheet. When he came back to his senses he immediately called an ambulance and they took her away. For a minute Mr.Drake was looking impassive but then he barked contemptuously, “ Everyone should forget what they  have  just seen here! Everyone in this form will stay in their dormitory (our room of beds at boarding school) for 2 weeks! Just think of it as a holiday to forget all that has happened here. Food and all will be brought to your beds so no need for going out of your rooms. Hear  me?” “ Yes sir” After this rather shocking incident everyone felt knackered but we, meaning me and Mindy ,were ready for our second ever mystery case to be solved. Mindy was all set to start the mystery hunt but I , rather sensibly ,reminded Mindy that we have to stuff our beds with pillows just Incase someone comes looking for us." Oh yes. How forgetful of me, Latson. You are a brick,” I was quite surprised at this comment because Folmes almost never appreciates anyone but herself; I was terribly mistaken though because Mindy continued, “ Obviously no one is better than me !” We set off to the site where we saw Miss.Ellen’s body no one knows if  there is any information we could find. 

     Mindy gasped incredulously and I rapidly swiveled around to look at her, “Latson... Latson... I think I see a footprint. Do you think it could be of the murderer?” I moved forward and examined the footprint it was very visible and  It was very small compared to Miss.Ellen’s foot so it had to be the murderer’s. “Yes Folmes! I think you are right but why would the Murder  er try to make his footprint so visible?” Mindy was shrewd so I expected her to ascertain why this was. “I am not sure, Latson! This is not perceivable. All of this is so fishy!” “Let me measure this footprint! Latson, pass me the ruler.” “Ok. It is ... 22.3cm.”


    My mind was racing when I heard that number because I felt I heard it before. I tried to think back but I had no inkling of what it was. And then ,in a split second I realized. “Mindy! Mindy! That is the same length as Mr.Drake’s foot!”  “Ok, you are a genius, Latson!” admitted Mindy, grudgingly. “ Latson, I am a bit dubious though. I do not think he is culpable!”
“ Let’s go to Mr.Drake’s study and I will measure his foot length while you will distract him. Deal,Folmes?” So that is how we ended up in Mr.Drake’s study. I will try and slow down this part because it is so funny. Mindy gently knocked on his door and his voice boomed, “Come In!” As we entered I observed that he was working diligently on some papers but his face looked rather forbidding: his eyes were the color of dust and his face was still very white. Judging by Folmes’ face I can tell she observed this too. “Girls! How nice to meet you!” Said Mr.Drake plastering a fake smile and looking up at us indignantly. Mindy winked at me and I knew it was a sign for me that meant I could start my plan now. While measuring Mr.Drake’s foot I listened to Mindy’s conversation.


    "Oh yes, hello Mr.Drake how are you?”
“Fine. What are you doing outside your dormitory?” snapped Mr.Drake “Well..well that is a very nice big piece of chocolate you got there!” said Mindy desperately trying to change subject. “That is my hamster! Not chocolate!” At this point I was so sure I would burst out laughing but thankfully I managed to keep it in.
“Oh. Right. Anyway you are a very busy man i see! What a lovely coat that is! I have never seen one as beautiful as this one!” I still admire Mindy for saying this because Mr.Drake was completely flattered at this comment.
“ Oh yes! This is from a posh company and it’s made of the silkiest fabric and...blablalblalal” it gets really boring. I checked my ruler and measured his feet...22.3cm. Ha. I knew I got it right. There was also a torn letter I observed but it was insignificant, something about a man and how he was sad about some money. What caught my eye was that the person seemed to be threatening Mr.Drake. Anyway it was insignificant so I decided to forget about it.I pressed Mindy’s foot to tell her I finished.
“That was a very nice conversation we had. Thankyou!” We rushed out of the door and Folmes moaned, “Good heavens what a boring conversation and that whole hamster chocolate thing! I felt like a zoo animal being looked at accusingly.” I laughed at this and told Mindy the sizes matched. “We know who  the culprit is now!” I whispered. “Yes, but slow down Latson. Mr.Drake did look very concerned and tired in the study I wouldn’t be so convinced it was him. We will have to look for some further evidences before you start exalting! ”

   I could see Mindy’s point so we decided to refresh ourselves to some orange juice from the dormitories and then start again. ( You should know that we never say no to food! We are like the ATM. All Time Munching. Feel free to give us food anytime and anywhere we will never refuse. It is one of our key detective society’s  rule!!):)
    We crept into our dormitories and  all of the girls were too busy feeling woebegone over Mrs.Ellen’s obnoxious murder ; we were completely unnoticed when we had our quick drink of orange juice. Once again we crept into the place  Miss.Ellen died and after what seemed like ages we found something... a cloth piece! Can you guess who it belonged to? Mr.Drake. The cloth was tattered and threadbare but Mindy instantly recognized the fresh,minty smell of Mr.Drake.
   “Folmes! Here is yet another evidence to back up my point that Mr.Drake was behind the murder. Now we can believe it!” Mindy just stared at me hollowly , but knowing her very well , I knew that an idea had formed in Mindy’s head .Her brain were the wheels that worked to understand the idea thoroughly.
  “Latson! I know! Oh how stupid of us! It is evidently NOT MR.DRAKE! Don’t you see?” I shook my head because  had no idea whatsoever.  Mindy continued, “All the evidences we have been looking at are so clear and they seem to have been put there. The murderer wanted us to see it! You get it?” I shook my head again.    Sighing,Mindy explained, “Its framework Latson! The murderer has designated these evidences here purposefully! He or she is desperately trying to point out it is Mr.Drake and so..”
  “It can definitely not be Mr.Drake himself. Therefore we can  rule him out!” I finished. I picked out my brown, posh leather casebook(otherwise known as pocket notebook!) Mindy handed me her fountain pen and I did some quick notes:
Do this in letter fond laldmcjmdjs!

     I suspected Mr.Drake because of evidences. Ruled him out now because he does not have any real motives. .We also feel that it is framework done my someone else. .On the track for the real murderer!
Folmes laughed at my last bullet point and exclaimed, “Oh yes, I wish we were closer the track,Latson! I just wish we can get some kind of letter that will tell us all the answers!” Something made me think long and hard about the word letter . “Folmes! You are a genius! I saw a letter when we were in Mr.Drake’s study! It was torn and oh..I can only remember it vaguely but there was something really sad about it and the person seemed to threaten Mr.Drake!” “He could be the murderer!” I was really excited with all of my discoveries that I ended this sentence huffing and puffing. “Latson calm down. Yes he could be! Great observation! There are no evidences though! I really wish we had this all right and.. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHH!!!” I followed Mindy’s look and staring back at me were two grey eyes...

   "I see you girls are up to something!” Saying this the figure came to light and it was none other than Mr.Drake. Sensing the look of shock on my face he gave another chuckle and said,” No,No do not get it wrong! I am not dreadful old Mr.Drake. In fact I am his twin Mr.Frake!” That is when everything in our jigsaw fit into place and our final picture was a scene of Miss.Ellen being attacked with pins by Mr.Frake! Know everything makes sense the reason why the footprint and the clothes were similar to Mr.Drake’s. “ Oh Mr.Frake you are clever to murder Mrs.Ellen like that! No one had the slightest inkling that it was you! Why did you murder her?” As you may already have noticed this is one of Mindy’s flatter techniques to make Mr.Frake explain why he murdered Mrs.Ellen.

  "Yes. I know very well that it was a formidable plan all well calculated and scrupulously thought through! I murdered Mrs.Ellen to frame my horrible twin, Fereves Drake! I did it because when my parents died they passed all the money to Drake even though I am the older one. Want to know why? They thought I was IRRESPONSIBLE! I had to embezzle money just to live!” “Wrath filled me from that moment and here was the perfect plan to frame Mr.Drake and get all the money back! You girls though are going to pay for finding everything out.” Saying this he launched at us, I must say he was a heavy and strong man. Alas though, Mindy’s karate lessons paid off because she was able to do the Choku Zuki (straight punch). Mr.Frake went flying like a discarded teddy bear and landed with the heaviest THUD I have ever heard.
Mr.Frake groaned, “You girls are definitely paying I am going to kill you!”
“I am afraid you are not!” We turned around and it was Police officer, Andreas ( he is famous all over. That is how we know his name!) He was accompanied by the REAL Mr.Drake whose eyes fell immediately upon Mr.Frake unwaveringly. He said, “Darwin Frake! How abdominable! I cannot believe what you have just said! Our parents shared the money equally and the fact that you wanted to frame you’re twin is inexplicable!” Officer Andreas cuffed Mr.Frake’s  two hands and they left for the Police Station; Mr.Drake stayed. “Girls! I am most thankful that you have saved me from the most horrendous plan designed by my brother!” Mindy replied with great pride, “Why,Thankyou Mr.Drake. We did enjoy this mystery detective club case!” I nudged Folmes and she said, “Oh.. you know what I mean the case!”
 “Yes. Thankyou again ,it was very brave of you girls to up front my monster of a twin,” with a little pause he cleared his wrinkled throat and continued, “How may I reward you girls? Anything special or anything in particular you want?” Mindy caught my eye and we knew what to say.

        “American macaroons for us please!” we screamed in unison.
   “Oh very well. Why not ! I shall deliver it to your dormitory’s tomorrow girls. Thankyou again Mindy and Meryl.” with that he was off trudging back into his dreary study. I looked and Mindy and I could see her heart thudding with pride; she was beaming like a starfish. “Detective club forever, Latson” “Yes indeed,Folmes. Detective club forever!”  This is the end of our very adventurous and thrilling murder case and our reward is none other than macaroons. Oh and on that note here is our detective rule section 533:
Write in letter fond fnidmfjrmfjr
The wise one shall always opt for American macaroons:)   

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Meryl and Mindy, two completely original and ordinary school girls turn into detectives in one exciting,dreadful and shocking day...!

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