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The Run

May 2, 2009
By Lenaforver PLATINUM, Highland, New York
Lenaforver PLATINUM, Highland, New York
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Oh My God, could spring break go any slower?

I am one of the kids that actually likes school. I mean don't get me wrong, I like my vacations too.
Spring Break was just pure torture. It was going incredibly slow. I was sitting gazing out my window, watching the runner-by's
up on the rail trail behind my house. My eyes kept glancing over towards the clock.

12:36 no wait... 12:37. COME ON, It's my last day of spring break, can't it go faster?

Being indoors became too much for me, I threw on a pair of shorts and a hoodie grabbed my cell phone and headed towards the door.
I took my time putting on my running shoes though, not for any particular reason.

"GOING RUNNING, BE BACK LATER!" I waited a second for the response of my father.

"Yeah, ok sure" he called back.

I jumped up, opened the door and flew down my steps. Why was I so hyper all the sudden? I made my way up the path.

Oh yeah, MP 3 player is inside, might as well leave it.

I hopped onto the trail just excited to be out of my house I guess. I now turned to face my house, looking at the window I was just Gazing from.

Wow,that's kind creepy. You know's what's more creepy me talking to myself like this. Ok so maybe I had lost it, with this torture of a spring break.
I went for an about an hour run. I slowed my pace when I was nearing the back of my house, again I stopped to turn and look at my house.

I looked at my parents room first, windows wide open and the blinds closed. I looked up at my brother's window.. it was closed. That wasn't
wasnt like him he usually left it wide open for everyone to see. My eyes wandered to my room. My shutters were wide open, and my room looked like a mess.

Didn't I just clean my room yesterday? I thought I also closed the shutters.

This was strange, erveything seemed wrong. I ran down the hill that led to my house. The screen door was wide open.
Why was it open? The cat is probably out already. I glanced over the yard and didn't see my cat anywhere in sight. I walked back up the steps into the open door.
Before I even took a step inside I knew everything was wrong. I was kind of scared now.

Everything was in perfectly in place, but something seemed off. There was no noise. No screams of laughter from my brother. No sounds of my dad playing his guitar.
I walked through the whole downstairs, everything was fine besides the fact the my dad and brother were no-where to be found. My mother was off at work so I knew where she was.

I had just rememberd my room, why had it looked so messy when I had just cleaned it? I ran up the stairs, and threw my door open. There it was someone had been in my room. It was obvious.
Books were open, everything was thrown around. I was confused who had been in my room? All the sudden I had a heard a muffled sound, it was coming from my closet. There in my closet was my father and brother.
Tapped and roped. All the sudden they started making frantic rocking motions with their bodies... I turned around.

I woke up from my day-dream. It was 8:35:46. It was just a dream I chanted inside my head.

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