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May 26, 2019
By Treasure2003 BRONZE, Diamond, Ohio
Treasure2003 BRONZE, Diamond, Ohio
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She had made a new life, a better one. She had a husband that she may have kids with later in life. She has a beautiful home, and a job she loves, which is being a prosecutor.She was happy.

Until one day when her husband Bryan was at work and someone knocked on her door. She paused the show she was watching and answered the door. She looked around but there was no one there. She looked down and saw hundreds of dead rose on her porch and that’s when she knew. He found her. Her heart started racing and she began to shake. She closed the door and locked it. She went to the living room and paced back and forth. “ Not again, no please not again” she said while tons of memories flew through her. She picked up the phone and called her good friend Mike who was a cop she met at work. He came over immediately when he heard the fear in her voice.

10 min later she heard the doorbell so she ran over and checked to make sure it was Mike, it was so she pulled him in quickly. “Wow. What's wrong?” he asked. “ He's back” she said rushing him up the stairs. “Whos back? You're worrying me Emily.” “ Come on I will show you” Emily said.

She went into her bedroom, opened her closet door and pulled out a box hidden behind some cloths. “What the hell is that?” Mike asked in confusion. She sat down on the bed. “Sit” she said. He sat down next to her. She opened the box filled with tons of things. First she picked up a picture of her and some guy. “I use to date this guy. We broke up because he was insane. When we first started dating it was great. I was happy. Then he started getting really jealous. He would get mad even if I went out with my friends. Then he started to get abusive. The first time he hit me he said he was sorry and that it was a mistake, but it never stopped. Instead it got worse.Some days I would find him sitting outside my old job just watching me. I was afraid to go home. That's when I knew I needed to leave him.

One day when he was at work I packed my bags, left him a note saying that we were done and moved in with my friend Callie. Somehow he found out where I was staying and started showing up to my house. Eventually he broke in and trashed everything” she took a deep breath. “When that happened I finally called the cops. They tried the catch him but they just couldn't. He was so smart. It got so extreme that they said I should just move away and try to start over. They said they would keep looking for him but that I should go somewhere safe.” “Oh my god” Mike said. “They paid for my plane ticket and new house and flew me to New York. That's when I met Bryan. We got married and have been happy for 3 years but he has found me. The dead roses on the porch he sent me those” she said. “ Emily I am so sorry you had to go through that. That's just awful but how do you know it was him?” Mike asked. “I am positive. On our first date when he came to pick me up he sent hundreds of roses to my house.” “ Emily that's awful. He should have been arrested years ago. Don’t worry i am gonna find him and put him away from a long time” Mike said trying to comfort her but also in a stern, serious voice. “ He is really good at hiding. He is smart” Emily said. “Have you told Bryan about this?” Mike asked. “No,” Emily said. “Why not Em?” “Because I don't want to scare him away, and I was trying to just forget about it and move on with my life,” Emily said rubbing her face.

They heard a noise downstairs. They both shot up quickly.She shoved the box under the bed and they both raced down the stairs. Mike went first and pulled out his gun. They slowly went down the steps when Bryan popped out of nowhere. Mike and Emily both jumped. “You scared the hell out of me” Bryan said putting his gun away. Bryan and Emily both sighed in relief. “You’re the one pointing the gun at me. What's going on and why is their tons of dead roses on the porch?” Bryan asked in confusion. Mike and Emily looked at each other. “You  might want to take a seat” Emily said. Once they all took a seat in the living room Emily explained the whole thing. “ Honey why didn't you tell me about this?” Bryan asked. “ I did not want to drive you away. And i just wanted to forget about it” Emily said. Bryn grabbed Emily's hands. “Nothing could drive me away from you” he said and then kissed her. “ So what are we going to do?” Emily asks. “We need to call the cops” Bryan said. “ No they won’t do anything. They weren't able to last time so what makes this time any different?” Emily said. “ What makes it different is I am here and my team will find him. Trust me” Mike said standing up and calling the cops.

The police got to the house 8 mins. later. “Ok so your saying you have a stalker so you moved away from your last home and he has now found you and sent you all these flowers?” the officer with the beard asks. “Yes that’s exactily what she is saying” Bryan said. “ His name is Jack Bandy” Emily said showing him the picture she had in her box. “ Let me try to pull his name up” the officer said. “Oh I found him. It says he has 5 assault charges and 3 restraining orders.” “Don’t worry Emily I got my whole team on the case and you will have 24/7 protection around the house.” Mike said. “We will have an officer outside watching the house making sure you are safe” another officer said. “Ok thank you” Emily said.

Emily had trouble that night sleeping so she decided to make a cup of coffee for the officer outside. As she walked outside she realized the cop that was watching her house was Mike. “Mike?” Emily said. “ Oh Emily. I asked if I could watch your house tonight. I just wanted to make sure you were safe because the other cops probably would have fallen asleep or something” Mike said. “ Aww thanks Mike, but you didn’t have to do that, although I am glad you are here. I feel safer knowing you’re here,” Emily said handing him the cup of coffee. “So what are you doing up so late?” Mike asked while taking a sip of his coffee. “I couldn't sleep” Emily said. “ I get it, but you are safe i won't let anything happen to you” Mike said. “Neither would Bryan” Mike said putting his head down. “ I better get some sleep” Emily said. “ Goodnight,” Mike said.

Emily went back inside. She went into the living room and sat on the couch. She sighed. She loved her husband Bryan but she couldn’t deny the feelings she had for Mike. They  met after she met Bryan. He came into the office where she worked because they were working on the same case, they just started chatting and instantly became really good friends.She wondered what it would be like if she was with Mike instead of Bryan. She shook off the thought of her and Mike and went back upstairs to bed.

The next morning got up and got ready for work. She picked out a blue blouse and jeans. She went downstairs and found Bryan drinking coffee and watching the news. “ Morning beautiful,” Bryan said and walked over to her. “Good morning,” Emily said grabbing her car keys. “Got to go I am already late for work” Emily said. “Wait you’re going to work?” “Are you sure you want to go?” “I took off work today to be home with you and to make sure you were safe” Bryan said. “ Yes I need to go and get my mind off things and besides I  have an important case.” Emily said. “ Ok but maybe I should come with you” Bryan said. “No you go to work babe I am ok” emily said and gave him a kiss. “I love you” Bryan said. “Love you to” Emily said as she walked out the door.

As she walked to her car she noticed Mike standing by it. “What are you doing here?” Emily asked. “ I knew you would go to work today and under the circumstances you need police protection 24/7,” Mike said giving her a smile. “Mike as worried as I am I don’t need police following me around all day” Emily said. “Hey think of me as just Mike your friend wanting to hang out with you” He said. “Fine” she said. “ But as I am driving to work get some sleep. I know you have to be tired.” “Ok.” Mike said.

When she got to work she didn't want to wake Mike up so she just went inside. She went to her office and took a seat. She then noticed a big box sitting on her desk. She opened it and saw the necklace. The one Jake gave her after he hit her for the first time. Her heart started racing. She dropped the necklace on the desk and began to shake. Mike walked into her office with worry on his face. “You should have woken me Em.” He noticed something was wrong. “Em whats wong” Mike asked. She pointed at the necklace. “He sent me this” she said. “He gave me this after he hit me the first time. I left it at the house when I left him,” Emily said and began to cry. “He knows where I live. Where I work” she said. “Hey” Mike said wiping her tears. “We will find him don’t worry” he said. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Emily kissed him back. She just felt so safe with him. She pulled away when she heard a knock on the office door. “Yes” Emily said. “Hi sorry to bother you but a man just came in and told me to give you this,” Jackie the woman that works at the front desk said. “Oh, umm thank you,” Emily said as the woman walked out. She opened it up. It said  “Dear Emily, it's been awhile.” “It took me forever to find you.” “I love you so much.” “Don't worry we'll be together forever soon. Love Jack.”

Emily dropped the note on the floor, she began to feel dizzy and light headed, she fainted.

Emily woke up in the hospital with Mike and Bryan beside her. “What happened?” emily asked. “You fainted after you read the note Jack sent you and Mike drove you to the hospital” Bryan said and held her hand. Then the doctor came in the room. “Oh you’re up, that's good” the doctor said. “You fainted because you got all worked up and your blood pressure was high but you are ok,” the doctor said. “Do you know when I can leave?” Emily asked. “You can leave whenever you are ready.” the doctor said. “Ok thanks doc.” Emily said sitting up. “ How are you feeling?” Mike asked. “ I am ok I just want to get home” Emily said. “I will take you home now” Bryan said helping her stand. “I will go back to work and see if we can find anything about where he might be staying. Stay safe and I will stop over in a bit,” Mike said. “Ok thank you,” Emily said.

Bryan and Emily ordered some food when they got home. “Mike just called and said he will be watching the house tonight,” Bryan said. “Ok,” she said. “Lets go to bed you need some rest, you have had a rough couple days” Bryan said.

As she lay in bed she couldn't stop thinking about Mike. Even though all the crazy stuff that has happened these past few days she couldn't help but think about what happened to them earlier. When they kissed. She decided to get out of bed and go talk to Mike about what happened earlier.

As she got closer to the car she noticed the car door was open. Then she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw him. “I am back,” he said and then put a cloth over her noise and made her pass out.

Emily woke up in some room laying on the bed, her head pounding. “Jack,” she said sitting up quickly remembering what happened. “Emily I missed you so much” he said. “Please Jack don’t hurt me” Emily said as she started to cry. “Emily I would never hurt you” Jack said. “I love you.” “Why are you doing this?” she asked. “Because we are meant to be together,” he said. “Where are we?” Emily asked. “Good question” Jack said. “We are at a house I bought when I found out you were here” he said. “We are going to be together forever.” “HELP!” she screamed. “HELP!” Emily screamed and started banging on the walls hoping someone would here her. Jack quickly grabbed his gun and pointed it at her. “Scream again and I will shoot you,” he said. Emily started to cry. “Don't cry baby I love you” He said. That's when Emily thought of a good idea. She was going to trick him into believing that she wants to be with him and then take the gun. “Your right,” Emily said. “We belong together.” “I am glad you finally came to your senses.” Jack said. He leaned in and kissed her. “I love you” she said. She kissed him again trying to distract him so she could get the gun. She reached for it and tried to quickly grab it but his grip was to strong. “You liar!” he said and punched her in the face. “If I can't have you no one can,” he said and pointed the gun at her. As he was about to pull the trigger the door opened, Mike ran in and shot him. Jack dropped to the floor. Mike rushed over to me. “Are you ok?” Mike asked. “I am ok,” Emily said. “Its ok I am here” Mike said. That's when Emily heard the gun go off and realized Jack shot Mike in the shoulder. “NOO!” Emily screamed. More cops came in and shot Jack 2 more times. “Mike come on stay with me,” Emily said. “We need an ambulance” Emily screamed.

She rode in the ambulance with Mike to the hospital. As she was waiting for Mike to wake up Bryan showed up. “Emily are you ok?” he asked giving her a hug. “Yes I am ok.” “Bryan we need to talk.” “I think we should get a divorce” Emily said. “What?, why Emily?” Bryan said confused. “ Look it's just not fair to you, I have feelings for Mike,” emily confessed. “What? I love you. How could you?” Bryan asked confused. “I should go,” Bryan said wiping tears. “I am sorry Bryan it's just not fair for me to be with you when I have feelings for someone else,” Emily said crying. Bryan walked away.

Emily wiped her tears, went back into Mikes room and found him awake. “Mike” emily said. “You broke up with him” Mike asked. Emily walked over to his bed and gave him a kiss. “Yes” she said. “Because I love you.” “I love you to” Mike said and kissed her. “I am so glad you are ok” emily said. “I am glad you are ok” he said. Emily smiled at Mike. She leaned in and hugged him. 2 years later her and mike got  married and had a beautiful house together.

The author's comments:

This story is about a girl named Emily who was in a bad relationship and has to create a whole new life. She finds a new husband, house, job, and friends. Everything was perfect intill he found her...

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This story is incredible.You are such a talented writer.