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Blinded Heart

October 6, 2014
By edgarallanpoette SILVER, Hemet, California
edgarallanpoette SILVER, Hemet, California
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Favorite Quote:
“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” - Edgar Allan Poe
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Cast of characters

GARY SCANLON:               A man in his mid-60s.

JIMMY CLARK:                A man in his early 20s.

ELAINE SCANLON/RUTH:             A woman in her mid-20s, daughter of Gary Scanlon.

FLORENCE/ANGELA SCANLON/RUTH:    A little girl around 6 years old, daughter of Elaine Scanlon. (Also plays as the ghost of Angela Scanlon.)


Takes place inside of Gary Scanlons house.


The early 2000s.


Scene 1


SETTING:                             We are in the living room of GARY SCANLON, the room is dimly lit. It's early in the morning and GARYS alarm clock has not gone off yet. Most of the furniture is covered in dust and clutter from years of neglect. There are several pictures hanging from his wall which have been flipped over to hide the photos as well   as some pictures that are set face down on his kitchen and coffee table. Clothes are strewn about the room as well as newspapers.

AT RISE: GARY SCANLON turns in his sleep almost as if he was disturbed by something. He's covered in blankets, his head buried in pillows. Everything in the room seems untouched by time. It's disturbingly quiet and the only sound is coming from GARYS breathing.

(His alarm clock goes off ,and he
slowly sits up on the couch,
rubbing his eyes with one hand
and smashing his fist down on the
clock to shut it off with the other.
GARY lets out a sigh.)

Ah, yet another terrible start to yet another terrible day.
(He looks over to the window and tiredly
gets up and trudges over to it and opens
the curtains. The room gets significantly
Hm... But something seems a little different. Maybe today holds
some sort of significance?
(He walks over to his bedside table and
picks up a small book and opens it up.He
picks up a pair of reading glasses and
looks the book as he skims through the
Ah, here it is. August 3rd. What's so important about-
(His face looks sad all of the sudden and
he sets the book down and takes his glasses
off. His doorbell rings and he suddenly
switches to an irritated expression. He
makes his way to the door and opens it up.
He looks as if he's about to yell, but stops
and collects himself. His voice sounds
Oh...Good morning Jimmy.
(Walking inside, looking around.)
Good Mornin' Mr. Scanlon! How are you feeling? I brought you some
breakfast as usual. It's your favorite! Oatmeal!
(JIMMY holds out a bowl for GARY to take.)
(Said sarcastically.)
Oh good, now I can throw it away like I do with all of the other
disgusting sludge you bring me.
(GARY takes the bowl and sets it on a table.)
Oh come on, it’s not that bad, I know I’m no cook or
Anything, but still.
(JIMMY starts to dust off some of the furniture
with his hand and looks up at GARY with a frown.)
Why do you always act like you don't want me to be here, Mr. Scanlon?
That’s because I’m not acting.
(JIMMY chuckles as he starts to pick up and fold the
Clothes on the ground.)
Aw, come on! Lighten up, it’s a beautiful day outside! How about we
Get you out of this house for once?
Lighten up?
(GARY scoffs as he takes a step towards JIMMY, his voice
Getting louder.)
You come into MY house uninvited- and tell me to Lighten up?
Get out!
(GARRY gently shoves JIMMY towards the door.)
Just… Leave me alone, Jimmy. I don’t need you to
Take care of me.
(He takes off his hat and holds it to his chest, and takes
a few steps back, looking concerned.)
Mr.Scanlon…  I’m sorry if I offended you, I didn’t mean for you to get
Upset. Are you feeling alri-
(His voice escalating to a shout.)
Jimmy, listen to me- I’m fine by myself! I don’t need you-
I don’t need anyone! So just leave! Get out of my apartment!
(GARY starts walking towards JIMMY
(Scrambling to the door.)
I-I’m sorry Mr.Scanlon!
(JIMMY exits.)
(GARY sits back down on the couch and lets out a sigh as
He hangs his head.)
Why can’t everyone just disappear? I wish they’d all go away-
If I didn’t have to see another person’s face ever again, I wouldn’t bother to.
I honestly wouldn’t mind if I couldn’t see them.

(The phone starts to ring. GARY stands up hastily and picks up the phone. He answers bitterly.)
If you’re another one of those goddamned telemarketers, I want nothing to do with you!
(Off stage.)
It's Elaine, Dad. Don't you remember inviting over your own daughter?
Of course not, that's why I called.
(He scratches his head and clears his throat
before speaking again.)
I don't think that's what happened. I don't exactly invite people over, Elaine.
Why would I want someone to come over and talk to me about things I
don't wish to bring up? Leave me alone and let me grieve   by myself!
(Off stage.)
Well maybe you were a little drunk... but you're not going to change
my mind. I don't care if you want me to come or not! You need my help,
Dad- you're letting yourself fall apart. It's been three years since
mom died and... you can't keep living like this. I'll be there soon.
Elaine don't you dare-
(ELAINE disconnects before he can finish.
GARY walks around the room for a few seconds and ends up
taking a coat off the floor and  puts it over his pajamas. He sits back
down on the couch.)
(A knock is heard at the door, and soon after it’s followed by a ring.
Gary sighs and calls out.)
Just come in Elaine.

(Walks through the door, and puts her hand over her mouth as she
Looks at the mess.)
Oh my goodness… I can’t believe you let the Place get like this.
( She starts turning over the pictures hung on the walls, revealing family photos. )
Why did you flip these over?
(He turns away from her and the pictures.)
I don’t want to be reminded.
(ELAINE sits down on the couch and places a hand on his shoulder,
Only to have GARY shrug her hand off. ELAINE sighs and scoots over a little.)
Dad, I know it was hard for you to lose Mom. It was hard for me too,
But she wouldn’t have wanted this. You’re missing out on so much.
It’s been three years since she died… you have to move on.
I don’t need you to tell me what to do. I don’t even want you to be here.
I want to be alone.
Well too bad. I’m here! I came all this way to be here with you.
I haven’t seen you in a year… I’d at least expect a hug.
If I give you a hug, will you leave me alone? I’m tired of
Everyone trying to help me. I don’t need it!
(ELAINE lets out a huff of air and gestures to the whole room.)
You don’t need it? Look around! This place is filthy!
You’re filthy! You used to be such a good person before mom
Passed, and now… now you’re just a… gross old man.
(GARY looks over to her angrily and crosses his arms.)
If you don’t like the way me the way I am now, you can just go! I didn’t
Ask you to come over here. You decided this all on your own. I don’t
Want you here, I don’t want anyone here! So please, if you’re
Just going to tell me things I already know, leave.
(ELAINE stands up and stares down at
him, looking as if she’s about to cry.)
Dad, I wanted to come here to tell you that
I’m …pregnant. But obviously, you don’t care.
You’re too far gone to care. Goodbye Dad.
(He shakes his head, startled by what she said. His voice sounds
Sorry and a little sad.)
(He shuts his eyes tightly and let’s out an angry sigh.)
I don’t care about you and your baby. Just get out.
(ELAINE exits.)
(The lights go dark and GARY lays down in the couch. The lights come back on dim and
It shows GARY sleeping.)
(ANGELA looks down at GARY and gently caresses his cheek. )
Why have you grown so bitter? What happened to the man I loved?
Wake up, Gary.
(GARY lets out a tired sigh and opens his eyes. Quickly jumping up in bed,
Frightened by the site in front of him.)
Angela?! I must be dreaming, you can’t possibly be here. You’re…
(She nodded her head and walked over to him, sitting on the armrest.)
That may be true, my dear. But you are not imagining this. I’m right here,
(GARY looks over to her and gives a slight smile.)
Well if this is true, and you really are my sweet Angela, tell me, Why have you come…and…
Why have you waited for three long years to come visit me?
(She let out a sigh.)
It’s because I’m disappointed in you. I thought you would
Have moved on by now, but I was wrong. You’re no longer the man I fell in love
With. That man would never turn away his daughter. That man
Loved being around people. He smiled, he laughed… you are not that man.
But… how could you expect me to… to just move on?! You were
My life! You were my soul… you were my everything, Angela.
Three years is enough time to grieve. But what you have been doing
Is not grieving. You’re living selfishly, and you push out anyone
That tries to help you, including our daughter! She should be your
Everything, she should be your life! And now she’s carrying our
Granddaughter… and you just pushed her away.
(ANGELA turns her head and gets up, starting to walk towards the window.)
(GARY gets up, stumbling as he tries to walk towards her.)
Angela, wait!
(Turns around quickly.)
You said you wouldn’t mind not having to see anyone ever again?
Well so be it! I’m tired of you lying around complaining how nothing
Goes your way! So here you go, Gary. You’ll never have to see another
Living person for as long as you live like this, just like you wanted.
(She touches his forehead.
There’s a bright flash of light and then the stage goes dark.)
I can’t see a thing! Angela? Where did you go?!
(He stumbles and the audience can hear a thud.)
Angela, I love you…


Scene 2

AT RISE: GARY SCANLON is seen lying on the floor in a ball. Everything seems to be as it was the night previous. He opens his eyes and sits up on the floor, his arms searching the air around him.
( In a panicked voice. )
Angela?! Where are you? I can’t see! Am I still dreaming? I have to be!
(GARY crawls on the ground, trying to find his way to the couch. He
Stands on his knees and grabs at his hair.)
Wake up, wake up!
(The doorbell rings. GARY turns toward the direction of the
Sound with a confused expression.)
(Off stage)
(With a concerned voice.)
Uh, Mr. Scanlon? Are you alright in there? Did something
Happen to you?
Jimmy is that you? G-Go away! I don’t want to
Talk to anyone!
(Off stage)
But I brought your oatmeal…
(He contemplates for a moment, then let out a sigh.)
Just open the door and leave it on the floor. Don’t come in Jimmy.
(Off stage)
Well… Alright Mr.Scanlon!
(JIMMY slowly opens the door and pushes the
Bowl on the floor, then gently shuts the door again.)
But just so you know, wetting yourself is nothing to be
Ashamed of at your age, I mean my grandpar-
(Starting to get upset.)
Do you ever shut up?! Just go away!
(Off stage.)
(His voice sounds a little sad.)
Well gosh, I’m sorry, Mr.Scanlon… I hope you feel better soon.

( GARY feels around for the couch, and eventually pulls himself up and sits down.)
My eyes are open… but I can’t see anything.
Last night couldn’t have been real. There’s no way Angela could have
Done this to me… so what happened?
(He rubbed his temples and let out a small sob.)
This isn’t real…
(He got up and felt around of the wall, stumbling a bit, but eventually making
It. He keeps feeling around until he stands in front of the window.)
Ah look at all of the children playing at the disgusting playground outside.
Oh and look at the young couple kissing over by that old coffee shop, how
cute. And that old woman walking her dog?
(He buried his face into his hands.)
Oh who am I trying to fool! I can’t see anything!
(The phone rings. GARY tries to find it in time, but it goes to
The answering machine.)
(ELAINE walks on stage with the spotlight pointed on her
And she speaks to the crowd.)
Dad, I’m sorry about what happened yesterday… I hope you’re
Not mad at me. I really would like to talk about what I said with you.
Yeah… so give me a call back?
(The message ends and the lights grow dark for ten seconds. The lights
turn back on and the bowl by the door is gone. The phone rings
again and he doesn’t bother to answer.)
(ELAINE walks on stage with the spotlight pointed on her
And she speaks to the crowd.)
Hey Dad… it’s me again. I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I wanted to tell
You that you’re a grandpa now! Hah… well I hope you’re listening to these messages.
She’s a beautiful baby girl and her name is Florence… Flo for short. Heh, yeah well, call me back
I guess.

(The doorbell rings and the lights come back on. GARY is sitting up on
The couch.)
(Off stage)
Hey Mr.Scanlon… it’s me Jimmy. You feelin’ lonely?
We can always talk if you want. I know you’re in there
Because you keep eating the food I bring… Mind letting me come
In for a chat?
Go away.
(JIMMY takes the bowl and leaves.)
Alright fine, same time tomorrow then.

( GARY is sitting
on the couch, hunched over more. The phone rings
(ELAINE walks onto stage, a spot light pointed on her.)
Hey Dad! Please respond… I really miss you. It’s been years since
You’ve answered the phone. I just wanted to tell you that I’m getting
Married… and well, I’d really like it if you were to go. Call me back?
(Slowly makes his way to the phone, using a cane
and answers with a raspy voice.)
(Then he disconnects.)

(This time he’s laying down instead of sitting up. He’s coughing loudly.
There’s a loud banging at the door.)

(Off stage)
Mr. Scanlon! I’m done! I’ve been taking care of you for years
And you’ve barely acknowledged me the entire
time! I’ve had It with you!
(There is a brief silence.)
Mr. Scanlon?
(He opens up the door to see the sick old man
Coughing and wheezing on his bed. The phone rings.
He rushes over to the phone and answers it.)
Hey Dad it’s me-
(Cutting in.)
Is this Mr. Scanlon’s daughter?
(A little startled.)
W-Why yes this is, may I ask who’s speaking?
My name is Jimmy Clark… I’m the guy who’s
Been taking care of your father for years?
Nope… Never heard of you…
You’re kidding! Jimmy Clark! That’s me!
I’m sorry….not ringing a bell…
(A little upset at first.)
He hasn’t mentioned me? T-That doesn’t matter.
I think you should come over here quick…
Your father isn’t doing too well.
Is he sick? Oh my god… is he alright?
I’m a few hours away do you think
He’ll be alright by the time-
(JIMMY looks over to GARY as he speaks into
The phone.)
I think you should just come over here
As quickly as possible….
(The lights grow dark and the door bell rings. The lights
Come back on.)
(Staring blankly out at the audience, wheezing and trying
To catch his breath as he speaks.)
Is… that my daughter?
I believe so.
Let her in…
(JIMMY goes to the door and let’s ELAINE and
Nice to meet you Mrs. Scanlon-
(Elaine tries to correct him as she runs over to her father
While holding Florence’s hand.)
It’s Mrs. Ruth now.
Is that grandpa? Is that grandpa, mommy?
(GARY props himself up against the couch and reaches out
For his daughter, his hand waving in the air as he searched.
ELAINES hand touches his and the lights flash before growing dark
And then slowly coming on again.)
(Clapping her hands and giggling.)
Grandpa let us in! Grandpa let us in!
Grandma can be happy now!
(She taps his forehead and the same flash of light happens.)
(Looks up at his daughter, then down
At his granddaughter, a huge grin on his face.)
I…I can see?
(He started to nod his head as he gently pulled the two girls in for
A hug His voice still raspy. He lets out a little coughs at the end.)
I can see… and I’ve never been happier to see anyone
In my entire life.
(He turns to Jimmy.)
You get in her too, young man.
Thank you for everything you’ve done.
(A bit surprised to see the change in attitude
But joins the hug.)
Thank you…Mr. Scanlon.
(GARY lets got of everyone and looks up at ELAINE.)
There’s not enough time, Elaine.
(Starting to cry.)
What do you mean Dad?
(His voice growing weak.)
I mean, you have grown into such a beautiful woman… and
Florence… if I remember correctly… she looks just like your Mother.
Ah I remember when we were just kids…
Dad… I don’t understand
(He smiles but it slowly turns to a frown. He lets out a sigh
And finishes his sentence.)
Elaine, there will never be enough time in the world to make up for all
Of the moments I’ve missed. And I’m sorry.
(GARY starts to slowly shut his eyes and ELAINE hunches over him,
Crying on his chest.)
(FLORENCE leans over and kisses GARYS forehead.)
Grandma says she loves you.
(The lights go dark.)

The author's comments:

I wrote this play in about 9 hours for a 24 hour play project put on by a small playhouse in my area. I had to include a prop (The small book Gary checks in the beg beginning), a sound effect (The alarm clock) and the line "There isn't enough time."


I got my prompts at 7:30, got home at 8 then locked myself in my room until I finished at 3:30 in the morning. My play was preformed at 7:30 the next day with many wonderful people that I just met. And as tiring as the whole process was, I'm happy to say that partcipating the 24 hour play project is one of the best expiriences I've ever had.

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on Oct. 13 2014 at 11:06 am
Anyuhhhh BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
4 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
It's hard to beat someone who never gives up

I really liked this short script it was really nice to read the ending, the characters all play a major role in this story. I liked the storyline and how he learned his lesson. To imrpove this story I would have added a little more detail and add a little bit more script but other than that I really liked this story. The dialogue use was diefferent in a way where it would be a sentence cut in half by a line. The content was great and the setting was a good choice.