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July 31, 2013
By stormie. GOLD, Toronto, Other
stormie. GOLD, Toronto, Other
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Favorite Quote:
ѕcаттεя мε аcяоѕѕ тнε ѕкy; аи∂ juѕт lιкε а ѕтая, ι'll ѕнιиε fоя yоu.♥

(It’s a sunny afternoon in late August. GIRL waits for BOY at the park. When he arrives, they sit under a tree and begin to talk.)

BOY: I can’t wait until autumn.

GIRL: Same here! It’s my favourite season. I love seeing the leaves turn different colours and crunching through them when I walk. Plus, it’s not too cold and not too hot. It’s perfect.

(A small pause in the conversation. A striped tabby cat darts across the grass in front of them and hides in a bush.)

GIRL: Oh, my gosh, did you see that?! That cat looked like a tiger!

BOY: You like tigers?

GIRL: *nods* They’re my favourite animal.

BOY: Why? Because orange is your favourite colour?

GIRL: No. Purple and black are my favourite colours. I like tigers because they’re fierce and beautiful and courageous and I wish I could be like that. Plus, they’re at the top of the food chain! What about you? What’s your favourite animal?

BOY: Cougar.

GIRL: Why?

BOY: Uh, same reason as you. Plus, their fur helps them camouflage and they’re super fast runners.

GIRL: Hmm, that’s cool. What-

BOY: Wait, why is your favourite colour black? You favour black over red or blue or green?

GIRL: Purple and black. Purple was my first favourite colour. It’s the colour of royalty and it’s just lovely. I started liking black when I faced some hard times and went through an emo-goth phase. That phase is gone, but I still like the colour. What about you?

BOY: What about me?

GIRL: What’s your favourite colour?

BOY: Guess.

GIRL: Blue.

BOY: How generic.

GIRL: Wait, no, I take that back. I think you’re more of a… *squints while looking at his face* green person.

BOY: What makes you say that?

GIRL: I dunno. *tilts head to one side* I get this feeling that your aura would be green, that you’d be surrounded by a green fog. ‘Cuz you’re always so cool and collected… *pauses*

(They stare at each other for a few beats)

GIRL: *blushes and looks away* Like a cucumber. And cucumbers are green. So there.

BOY: *laughs* Wow, way to ruin the moment!

GIRL: *fidgets with the hem of her dress and smiles shyly*

BOY: Shall I ask the next question, then?

GIRL: This turned into a game, didn’t it?

BOY: *laughs* Seems like it. Let’s see… *pauses* What’s your favourite fruit?

GIRL: *laughs* That is such a random question! Uh, I don’t know… apples? Granny smith apples! There!

BOY: Why?

GIRL: Oh, my gosh, I have to answer “why” as well? Hmm, let’s see… They’re sour. And I like sour things. Red apples and golden apples are nice, but I like the tartness of the green ones. Your turn.

BOY: Hmm, that’s a good answer. *pauses* Oranges. I like oranges.

GIRL: Why?

BOY: Because they’re orange.

GIRL: *blinks* You said your favourite colour was green.

BOY: No, you thought my favourite colour was green. I never said it was. My favourite colour is orange. Because it’s refreshing. Like oranges.

GIRL: *scrunches nose* That’s confusing.

BOY: *lightly touches her nose* That’s cute.

GIRL: *blushes and pushes his hand away* What’s cute?

BOY: The face you just made.

GIRL: *blushes harder* Yeah, right, whatever. Let’s get to the next question. How much time do we have left anyway? I need to be home by six, and it’s… *looks at watch* …five-twenty. We have forty minutes. Okay. *lies down on grass and looks up at the sky*

BOY: *lies down beside her* It’s your turn.

GIRL: Oh. Uh… what is… your favourite… junk food? Sorry, first thing that popped into my head.

BOY: Popcorn or pizza. You?

GIRL: Hmm. I like kettle-cooked chips. They taste so good! Your turn.

BOY: If you could ask me any question in the world, what would you ask?

GIRL: *sits up and look down at him* What? That’s such an open-ended question!

BOY: *mirrors her position* I would answer completely honest.

GIRL: Seriously?

BOY: *nods* I promise.

GIRL: Okay. Gimme a minute.

(GIRL takes her time, gathering up the courage to ask her question, while BOY sits patiently, waiting for it. She fidgets with her dress, takes a deep breath, and faces him before asking.)

GIRL: Okay, are you ready?

BOY: *smiles* Yup.

GIRL: You know you can back out if you want.

BOY: *chuckles* I think I’m good. Just ask me.

GIRL: Are you sure?

BOY: *smiles encouragingly* Shoot.

GIRL: *bites lip nervously* What if…

BOY: Yes?

GIRL: I told you…

BOY: *blinks* Go on.

GIRL: *takes a deep breath* What if I told you…

BOY: C’mon, just say it!

GIRL: *in one breath* What if I told you that I might be falling for you?

BOY: *blinks* Come again?

GIRL: *blushing furiously* I’m not repeating it.

BOY: What? No! Say it! I didn’t understand you!

GIRL: *shakes her head* Nope. Nu-uh. Sorry. You snooze, you lose! Oh, will you look at the time? *looks at watch* I gotta get going! It’s already 6:45!

(She stands up and takes a few steps away from him.)

BOY: Wait! *grabs her hand to stop her*

GIRL: *glances at him* What?

BOY: *looks at watch* It’s only 6:30! We still have time!

GIRL: Your watch is fifteen minutes behind. Mine says 6:45! *quickly waves watch in front of his face before pulling away from him*

BOY: I didn’t even see that.

GIRL: *shrugs before beginning to walk away quickly* I’ll see ya!

BOY: *speed-walks to catch up* Wait, when? Slow down!

GIRL: *walks faster* Next time we meet. Now stop following me. You live in the other direction!

BOY: *stops and yells after her* But when will we meet again? We didn’t even decide!

GIRL: *yells back* Don’t worry, I’ll message you!

(They’re far enough away that they have to shout to be heard by the other.)

BOY: Wait, I didn’t answer your question!

GIRL: Don’t worry about it! You don’t have to!

BOY: But I think I shoul-

GIRL: No! Don’t answer it! I don’t wanna hear it!

BOY: You don’t?


BOY: Not even if I feel the same way?

GIRL: No-wait, what?

BOY: No, you said you didn’t wanna hear it!

GIRL: But you just-

BOY: See you next time! *runs away*

GIRL: *smiles and continues on her way home*

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Favorite Quote:
"If you are going to bury the past, bury it deep. Shallow graves always give the dead"

- These Shallow Graves (book)

This is cute!! I love it.