Shark Bite Village

December 20, 2017
By Zab123 BRONZE, Flandreau, South Dakota
Zab123 BRONZE, Flandreau, South Dakota
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Hearing the thumping from my car I parked I wondered what it could be,  I search for my keys  and took them out. I searched around for the trunk key and found. Then I Found it, a dark gold key and placed in the lock of the trunk.

I braced myself for whatever is in the trunk and counted down. 
I opened it and what was inside horrified and surprised me. There was a man tied up in the back of my car. I untied the man and asked if he was ok and why he was in my trunk. The man looked scared and confused .Looking at him  he appeared to be a 20 year old man who wore black jeans and and a black and white striped long sleeve shirt and gray vest. “Do you wanna ride home? Or maybe I should just call the police?”

“N-no, no police just a ride home please” he said pleading.
“Alright, get in.” I said to him as I closed the door to my trunk and got to the driver side.
“So where do you live?” I asked him.
“I live at the small village up ahead  called Shark Village” He said back to me quickly.
“Alright then we’ll be there in  just a little while, relax.” I started to drive down that dusty road with cracks.
It was a quiet ride but we made it to Shark Village. The small village looked old and deserted when I decided to ask him “Are you sure this is the place?”
The man beside me nodded and looked as confused as me, “ Yes, this the place but something doesn’t seem right.”
As he said that  my car shut off; “That’s just great” I thought with a sigh.
The man looked to me considered “  Hmm,I could probably get it started up for you.”
I Nodded; “Alright, in that case. I’ll take a look around the village”

“Be careful, by the way  the names pawl ” he said back to me.
“I will and my names Rosetta, but you can call me Rose” I  said
As I get out of the car I grabbed my pistol that was in the back seat. that is now in my left hand for protection. Walking around, I can seeing lots of old dusty cottages. I am about to turn the corner from the last cottage of the house when I hear groaning and moaning of  coming from the front door. I go over there wondering what could be making those noises.I reached for the door handle and clutching the pistol in my left hand tightly. I open it  only to have something lunge at me. Screaming loudly as the thing tackles me down to the ground and I can see his half dead face and then I quickly look for my gun. I see it just barely out my reach and when I hear a shotgun and the thing stopped moving the blood stans my clothing.
Pawl  asks if I am alright as I pushed the dead corpse off me.
“Yes...I’m fine…”  I lied, I was so scared.
“ Darn..they're here too..” He said bluntly as he held out a hand to help me
“I’m sorry to get you into this mess-” He said.
“What the heck is that thing?! Pawl!” I said  demanding for and explanation.
“walkers.”He responded calmer than the river next to the village.
“Walkers? Like zombies?” I asked
“Yep, exactly like zombies” he said to.
“This can’t be real..” I  face the other way.  “This can’t be happening, Can it?”...I mutter to myself in panic.
SMACK! My head snapped to the side.
“Why did you do that pawl?”...I held my cheek that still hurts.
“Your freaking me out and plus I think your going into a panic.” He said to me.
“I’m sorry. I didn't mean to hit you so hard I just can’t have you freaking out on me right now ok. you need to pull yourself together.”
“Pawl..” I wiped my eyes and snift, “your right..”
He pulled me into a hug. Soft, warm, protective.. He placed in my hand a walkie talkie that he had found along with bullet for my pistol.
“Hear take these they would be a use to you. This here is walkie talkie,  they should help us keep in contacted while we look around” He said.
“Oh I see, Thanks for the ammunition.”I said.
This will come in handy for those things.” He said.
“You are welcome. Just be more careful before opening doors ok, You never know what you’ll find.”
Weeks passed and pawl and I  became very close friends. After weeks this apocalypse had not ended. It keeps holding on and won’t let go until every last one of us is gone. We  found nothing in his home village to fix the broken down car. He told me we probably need to go and find another place with spare parts. I agreed,  we decided to walk into the forest ground, passed the forest. Pawl walking beside me with his shotgun on his back and my pistol was in my pocket. We would slow down but picked up speed again. I’m sure he wanted to get out the forest area as much as I did. We  already lost so much not to mention paul's family was nowhere to be found. I know it probably none of my busyness but I Want to know him more. I guess with the amount of time we have left, still being hunted by the monsters from this worlds ending. I will know his story soon enough. 

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