The Man on The Moon

December 19, 2017
By Taylorramsey18 BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
Taylorramsey18 BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
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Robinson, or that is Mr. Robinson to you. The most famous astronaut in the United States. Planning to make a full orbit around the moon, as well as being the one to take the very first steps on the moon. As excited as he may be, fear is beginning to flood into his head as he prepares himself for this long journey. Thirteen hours and he will be locked and loaded in the spacecraft. The next thirteen hours is going to be hell, going from test to test making sure his  body is physically and mentally prepared to fulfil this journey. Robinson has the perfect physical to be the man to take the first steps on the moon. He is 6’2, with short groomed hair, with no worries weighing down his dream. Robinson starts to feel worried as he begins to sweat. He has an uncomfortable feeling, yet he has made the decision to ignore it and continue on to the next test, in which that could end up being a big mistake ignoring his professional opinion.
Ten hours shoot by, now it's time to suit up and prepare for take off. Putting on layers of clothing right before placing the helmet on his head the instructor looks at him and says, “I am proud of you son, and cant wait to hear about this adventurous journey of yours when you come home. I’ll see you in no time”. Hearing those words made Robinson see that this is reality. Everything he has been working for, training for, the reason he was put onto this earth has become real life, and he can't understand how to feel. Feeling overwhelmed he has to take off his helmet to go outside and get a real breath of fresh air. Robinson needed to hear the birds chirp, he needed to feel the wind within his hair, he needed to feel the soil beneath his shoes. He had no idea when the next time would be that he would get a chance to see life.
Robinson is ready to begin his long journey to the moon, he is finished suiting up and gets comfortable in the EMU (extravehicular mobility unit). Not totally sure how you can possibly get comfortable in what it feels like, a small little cubby with thousands of buttons, but Robinson manages. Looking out the window he sees people crowding the space shuttle, news reporters, thousands of people watching him, he hears through his headset “Getting ready for take off in 5...4...3...2…” an explosion fills Robinsons helmet, he closes his eyes feeling scared, praying to his dad that he makes it, to finish their job.
Moments later everything becomes silent. Robinson checks the radio connection and everything seems to be working and in order, He calls down to his crew on Earth, “Professor Smith do you copy?” no response. “Professor Smith. Do you copy?” relief begins to flush Robinson's face when he hears a response saying, “you don't have to call me professor anymore Mr. Robinson, you have earned all of my respect, call me Nick.”
Sitting all  alone now, nothing but my thoughts and the stars. Moments later I hear something.. Like a rattling noise coming from the outside radiator. I immediately contact Professor Smith for his help, “Nick, There is something rattling in the radiator and it's continuing to get louder and louder as we float off further away from the earth. Do I need to approach it” Smith replies quickly, “Do not get up from that seat Mr. Robinson, I repeat do not get up. You may have made it through the sky and managed to stay connected with us since you have made it into space, but it is not safe to approach anything under the hood, it is to dangerous and I suggest you…” and suddenly, the signal is gone and I am all alone again with nothing but my thoughts. I don't panic just yet. I begin to inhale and exhale, calming myself down from the panic attack my heart wants to have. A few moments passed and still, I hear nothing.. ‘I thought the connection would be up by now’ I said to myself. I now have no other choice but to go into survival mode and begin to think of ways to either get connection to respond to the crew, or wait a little longer. I check the oxygen tank and now these choices are no longer an option, I have to think of how to get connection. Instantly the satellite. I have to locate it and approach to get the connection, I need to finish this mission no matter what. As I am floating away through space I sit there and ponder the thought of possibly dying up here.. Thinking about it frightens me a little, but atleast I will be dying in the looks of my dream.
Lying there unsure what move to make next, I suddenly feel nervous.. Like the palms of my hands begin to sweat and I start to feel really scared like I wasn't going to be able to get out so I look out the window and breathe for the time being. I notice the satellite in the distance, I get the butterflies it's like I have found the ticket home. I quickly begin to start the space shuttle and push (what it seemed like) thousands of buttons, pulling levers and trying to get to the connection back as quickly, but safely as possible. Checking through all of the recent stats of oxygen level and fuel level I seem to be managing my products very considerably, as long as me taking the trip out into space isn't just me wasting oxygen for nothing, but trying is better than giving up and choosing to risk your life waiting, when there could be a risky, yet smarter option. Looking through the layers of glass in between me and the helium hydrogen bubble. Suiting up is the most time consuming thing about this entire procedure, reloading on the seven layers of body warming suit, then adding on my aluminum like finish, placing my helmet on and I am ready to expose myself to the unsafe chemicals outside of this small little contraption. My hand is hovering over the button to open the door, blood rushing through to my head.. And the door opens. Feeling the blood empty from my face, I slowly move my hand towards the outside of the shuttle suddenly things feel out of my control now that I am exposed to the space of unsafe chemicals. Floating off into space I have never felt this way before, never felt so free of problems and out of control, instead of worrying about the satellite I enjoy my dream outside of my comfort zone. As I move closer to the satellite I hear a loud high pitched screeching almost sounds like nails against a chalk board. I realize, the closer i move to the satellite the louder the noise gets and as soon as I reach it I hear a voice, “Robinson, Come in, Can you hear me? Hello?” Mr. Smith said.
“Its me Robinson, I am here!”
“Thank goodness I thought you were gone up there, We need to get you back down to earth as quickly as possible, we can’t take another chance of loosing connection again.”
Moving slowly, but surely back to the shuttle, I step inside and begin disinfecting myself, by closing the door and leaking the hydrogen out of the small compacted space, then get sprayed with an alcoholic base liquid, finally, I get to remove my helmet. I quickly get back to the front and radio professor Smith and he begins to bring me back home.
“Mr. Smith, come in”
“Robinson, I need you to do this manually we cannot connect to the server in the shuttle, you've practiced this and I know you can do it.”
“Okay” I sounded nervous.
I turn into some kind of robot, pressing buttons talking to Mr. Smith and then I begin to make the orbit back to Earth, shooting through the sky like a bat out of hell, going 17,500 miles per hour. Pressing the parachute button almost too late I slowly touch the ground. I can't believe I haven't seen my crew in over a month, I was alone with no connection for 27 days. I hear the door compress with air and open slowly. First face I see is my dads.. And I don't think i have ever been this happy to be home, in my dad's arms even though I was 43 years old I couldn't think of anything better. Helping me out of the shuttle, he hugs me quickly and his first words are
“I have never been more proud to call you my son, you did an extraordinary thing my son and I am happy you got to be the one to finish up my dream”.

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