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Do not play with the beast

July 26, 2017
By RyGorm BRONZE, Moorestown, New Jersey
RyGorm BRONZE, Moorestown, New Jersey
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I finally had gotten to take my dream vacation with my husband, Robert. Robert and I had been saving our pennies for years, and we finally took a cruise to Aruba. It couldn’t have been planned any better. That was true until 11:27 PM on June 19th. That was when everything went wrong.
“Honey, the captain told us to go to the dining area for there is going to be a great feast for our last night of the cruise. Shall we go?” Robert asked me.
“Sorry, Rob. I’m not feeling to great right now. Got a little bit of a headache. Don’t worry about me though, you can go with your new friend Jimmy.” I replied.
“You sure honey? I can stay in if you would like,” he said back.
“Positive. Enjoy yourself.” I said back.
It was 10:22 when I had just taken an advil, for I really did have an awful headache. An hour later, I still felt horrible. Wanting to relieve my pain, I snuck open my bag and took out my prescription drugs, of which I am supposed to take 1 per day. Due to the fact that I felt awful, I took 3.  A few minutes later as I went to lay down, the screams started. I heard the people yelling for help. I had no idea what was going on out there, so I got up to investigate. What I saw in the dining area was the most horrific thing I have ever seen. Bodies. They were everywhere. Some were missing a leg, and hand, some a head. It was horrifying.  Worst of all, I saw Robert in a pool of blood on the floor. That was when I saw it. I saw beast of a creature. Not human, not animal.
I ran back to my room, scared for my life. I knew that if I could get back to my room, I would have a sense of some safety.
“Please God, let me live.” I whispered to myself. I had careened into my room and locked the door. I prayed whatever was out there wouldn’t find me. I looked and saw a solitary window, giving me an ocean view out to the sea. I knew if worse came to worse, I could use my metal umbrella handle to hit open the window and escape from the beast. I heard the beast walking down the hall. I heard the beast banging on my door, and then I started to break open the window in hopes to escape. Finally, as soon as his metal claw jingled through the door handle, I had broken the window and jump out. You may think that I am alive because I lived to tell you the tale, but I died that day. I ended up drowning in the ocean and suffering hypothermia. Want to hear the funny part? There was no beast. There was no murders that happened. Robert never died. The real story? I took too many of my prescription drugs and started seeing things that weren’t there. The beast chasing me back to my room? It was the captain trying to find out what my problem was. The metal claws of the beast, going through the door? It was really the captain trying to open my door with the master key. Because in the end, beasts don’t kill people. Drugs do.

The author's comments:

I decided to write this piece almost as a drug prevention article. My uncle died due to heroin usage throughout his life, so this was a familiar topic to me. 

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