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Hidden P2

May 19, 2017
By Panthera GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
Panthera GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
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“Don’t let them tell you it was on your back; the point of contention is how they act. Where you draw the line will set you free,” -Chris #1, AntiFlag (The Debate is Over)

I watched as someone melted out of the shadows.
“Hello, Lord Baron,” the figure spoke in a higher, musical voice.
“Greetings. Are the others here? ” I asked. She nodded as more shadowy figures revealed themselves and took their places. I noticed someone was missing as I took my seat. I opened my mouth to ask who it was when someone fell down from the ceiling and landed on the floor in a crouch.
“Hello, Lilith. A . Late as usual, eh?” Lady Nightshade coolly said, clearly smirking.
“Well, I guess lateness just runs in the family!” My cousin exclaimed. Lady Nightshade harrumphed in annoyance, then glared at me. I took this to mean, “Start the meeting already, bozo!” I nodded and snapped my fingers. Immediately, a large open book appeared in front of me.
“Clanmates, Welcome.,” I started, “But before we get down to business, we need to do the role call.” 
“Lady Nightshade?” I asked.
“Here!” She replied in her musical voice.
“Here, duh!” He answered.
“Here, my lord!”
“Here as always!
“Good, good. Alright. Down to business for real,” I paused for a moment to let the suspense build. After a moment, I quietly spoke.
“As you are all aware, tonight is All Hallow’s Eve where humans dress up in costumes to get candy. For the human children, it's sweet. But for us, it's sweeter because we get to taste their sugar-filled blood and fill our thirst, for a while at least. However, to get this blood, we need to act like the human children. Lilith, you have the costumes?” I sipped tomato juice out of my goblet while she replied.
“Yes. They are ready for usage tonight,” she replied in her cautious little voice.
“Good. Drake, you have the tranquilizers, right?” I asked.
“Y-y-yes, M’Lord,” he stammered, bowing his head. I nodded slowly.
“Owe run and find a new victim and do the same. Is that clear?” I asked. Seeing nods from my assembled Clan, I went on.
“In completely unrelated news, the new black+red guide came out. I will read you what they wrote about us: Immortal Clan- this group of nine young vampires may look harmless. But at a second glance, you can see where they have hidden swords and potions in their cloak. If you do cross paths with this ruthless Clan, your best hope is to plead guilty. With that, the best you can hope for is to get away with your life. Otherwise… those unlucky ones are never seen again,” I paused to show the entry was over. I waited a moment before continuing in a quieter voice.
“Do you remember when I found you?” I asked. Most nodded.
“Permission to speak, Lord Baron?” Keres asked. This was strange. She was usually silent, so I was a little surprised.
“Permission granted to all of you, provided you don't interrupt each
other,” I responded.

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