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the escape

March 4, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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I heard a screech -- it sounded like an elephant falling to the ground. Me being a brave baby lion like I am, even though I was only born a month and a half ago, I can do this. I turned the corner to see what was left over there of the elephant, but on the ground was the wrong type of animal.

They were huge with black fur everywhere and they each had one huge claw. Strangely the claws weren't sharp at all.

'Hey you, what are you? You kind of look like my dad after he takes his mud bath and forgets to clip one nail for a week,' I asked them as I walked over. They started to run at me. 'I know that I'm gorgeous but I do need my space and all so would you please back off,' I said, but they didn't stop. I didn't like the big brown leaf that they were holding out. I decided to get out of there because I really didn't want to play hide and seek and it really was getting late. Dinner would be here any second now. I ran but I was really quite clumsy, so I was pretty slow.

My mother is going to kill me when I get home for running off then running into trouble. Jeez thats double trouble, I may as well play with my new peeps instead. I thought (I was right too). (thought shot). They put the leaf over my head.

'We're going to be rich' giggled one of the weirdos.

'You put me down right now or I'll call my dad on you,' I growled but they couldn't understand me as I would learn later.

"How will we drive through the city with this guy its not like we arent going to be checked or anything Brooke," yelled one of the creatures.

"Relax Kirsten, all we have to do is take the back roads," growled the one named Brooke.

They just kept going until finally they stopped, but then it felt like I was soaring through the air. It wasn't a good feeling right after you had a little bit of regurgitated food from your mom's last hunt. When they open up the bag I saw nothing but black except for the glowing eyes on the other side of me. The eyes were so bright they could have been the sun blazing over the horizon.

'Who are you? Where am I? What are those creatures that brought me he-,' I blurted out before it could talk.

'Stop talking one at a time your going too fast,' it told me harshly.

' was that slow enough for you?' I replied.

'I'm a wolf named Sherbert. Next and this time a little faster.'

'Where am I?'

'In a car in Africa headed for the circus. You know where the elephants dance on their hind legs and the clowns are.'

'Ohh I don't know what a car is and what are those creatures that brought me here and also of course I've heard of a circus.'

'A car is a metal thing and they are...HUMANS!'

'Why so dramatic?'

'You know I don't now the answer to that.'

I think this wolf is crazy. There is no such thing as cars except in the scary story's mom always told. Or did she say beware this is NOT a scary story this is real and I want you to beware' I thought (thought shot) I am so going to be late for dinner now! All of a suden the "car" came to a screeching stop. The took us out in great big boxes. I don't remember much but I could see through a crack in the box. I could just barely see through. What I saw was amazing. It was bright with colors flaring all around and draped with lines of humans in front of me. Then all of a sudden eyes appeared from out of nowhere. (picture shot)

'Were did you get this fine little lion Brooke?' the snotty guy barked

'The wild sir, just as you asked right' whispered weakly to Brooke

'Good show it to my daughter now or I will fire you personally'he screeched

'Right away sir' they said quickly. I felt them start to move faster and faster almost to a run. Then they turned into a room. My heart was I tried t move away from the crack but my eyes wouldn't leave. Then I saw her she looked like a pink flower with her leaves at her side and a long stalk with an inside out grumpy flower. With long blond and a lot of jewelry. (snap shot) on her other side look totally different girl that looked a lot like the green eyed man but with a sweet smile not a frown and had gray eye and her brown hair short with a head band holding it. (snap shot) the flower lady turned.

'What do you want' she growled.

'Your father has a present for Katie' They quivered to her

'Well then give it to her and leave' said the preppy girl

'Right away miss. Melissa' said Brooke. With that they were put me down and ran out the door. The girl named Katie walked over to my little box and opened it. I stayed in the back corner of the box when she opened it and with a surprised look like she had never seen a lion before. Then she piked me up out of the box. I tried to get away but I couldn't.

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