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Beatrice the Brave bee

March 3, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Beatrice was the most clever bee ever. She could get out of any problem. Her most recent adventure had to do with a cocky, selfish, rich dragon. The dragon was always making bets with animals less fortunate than himself. But Beatrice knew she could help her poor family by betting the dragon and winning gold and silver galore.

Beatrice was washing dishes. She had a pattern going. Scrub, scrub, scrub, rinse, dry, scrub, scrub, scrub, rinse, dry. Over and over the pattern continued. Beatrice lived in a pleasant hive that always was warm. Beatrice's brother, Devin started to wail. He hadn't been fed today yet. So Beatrice looked in all the cupboards. No pollen mixture. The family couldn't have ran out. Just yesterday every baby bee got fed. Down to the last thousandth! So there wasn't one more package of pollen mixture left for Devin?


'I left some money on the counter!' shouted my mom. Beatrice tried to find the money. She opened the cupboard and saw a few cents.

'MA? IS THIS ENOUGH?' Beatrice yelled, trying (but not succeeding) to over power her little brother's maniac screams.

'YEP!!!' was the answer. So she flew out the window and headed for the market.

On her way there she ran into Hank. The friendly cat that lived down the street from Beatrice. But today Hank looked very sad. Beatrice wanted to help Hank.

'Hi Hank. What's wrong?' She asked the tan cat. Hank just shook his head.

'Oh, Beatrice, I wanted some extra money in my pocket. So I visited the Dragon of Tall Mountain.' Beatrice gasped. The Dragon of Tall Mountain was very clever. And could trick the house, car, food, money...anything out of any animal's pockets. He was a menacing, tricking and gold loving dragon. (Magic 3) He had made many innocent animals lose homes and shelter. Why would wise Hank go to the cowardly dragon?

' I tried to not let him win. But he held something in front of my face. And it's all fuzzy from then on. He was as scary as a Halloween skeleton!(Figurative language.) Whatever you do don't go messing with him. ' Hank said. Beatrice was mad. So mad that the dragon had tricked a family friend, so mad that she wanted to explode so mad that she did the dangerous.(Repetition for effect.) She flew up to meet the dragon of tall mountain.

Behind her Beatrice heard Hank yelling for her to come back. But nothing was going to change her mind. Beatrice was not going to stop now. She got closer to the dragon's lair. She pictured him being someone he wasn't. Like the stuck up, snotty, snobby, popular girl at Beatrice's school. (Specific details).

Beatrice peeked over a rock just enough so that she could see the dragon. Beatrice had to admit ...he was big but nothing was to big to scare Beatrice. The dragon was green with large claws that gleamed with silver and gold tinting. His teeth were not attractive, more scary, but they were white as a swan. His large scales were covered in golden metal plates;Armor. His lair was covered in gold as far as Beatrice could see. He had a large turkey leg that got nibbled on once every few seconds. The dragon counted his gold . (Snap shot.)

'One million seven hundred thousand four hundred sixty nine, One million seven hundred thousand four hundred seventy. Oh! I Love My self!' The dragon shouted with glee.

Beatrice flew out to face the dragon.

'Hello Mr. Dragon. I want to bet you.' Beatrice said confidently. The dragon looked up and smiled a dragon smile.

'Hello beeeeeeeeeeeee! You want to make a bet with me? I have never lost you know! Unless you wish to lose you should leave me in peace. Run along girly!' He lightly flicked her away with his claw.

'I don't think you quite understand me Mr. Dragon. I also have never lost a bet. I wish to bet you. Who ever can fly longest wins the first bet. The prize will be ten gold coins. Do you wish to bet me or send a champion away?'Beatrice asked.

The dragon eyed Beatrice.

'You are cocky aren't you girly?' There was a long pause. Until the dragon answered. 'You will be pushing my four o'clock to five you know...........BUT IT'S A DEAL.' The dragon flexed his reddish wings. 'You do know you will lose right?'The dragon stood at the edge of the cliff.

'Oh we'll have to wait and see.'Beatrice knew she could beat the dragon. So she lined up by the dragon. 'A bee can fly for up to 17 hours a day you know Mr. Dragon!'


'GOOOOOOOO!!!' Screamed Beatrice.

So the race began. But it wasn't about how far you fly, it's how long you can stay in the air.

Beatrice flew ahead and took in the moments before the over-confident-I-am-way-rich-and-cool-dragon(Hyphenated modifier) passed her.

Beatrice saw the flowers blowing in the wind. The sweet scent of pollen wafted off them. Beatrice was flying fast. Enjoying the wind and the flowers and the fact that she was winning. She heard the dragon behind her trying to catch up. So Beatrice again kicked into high gear.

'NOOOO!!!!!!' The dragon's voice got fainter as Beatrice had a great lead. Beatrice giggled.

The dragon was getting mad. How could a bee, so small and tiny beat him, so big and strong?

That's when Mr. Dragon had a great idea. What if he gave Beatrice her gold then won another bet? With a prize of.....20! 20 gold coins would be the prize. That way when the dragon won he would get ten gold coins.... and Beatrice would be in his debt! That was a great idea. So the dragon floated down to the ground.

'Beatrice! I have lost. You win this bet. Come back to my mountain for ten coins!' The dragon say the eagerness on Beatrice's face.


BACK at the mountain the dragon counted up 10 shiny gold coins.

'All yours!' The dragon put the coins in a bag of leather and let Beatrice take them home.

'Ahhh Wait a minute beeeeeeeeeee. Don't you want to bet me again? Yes! Let's have another bet. Shall I say...mmm I don't know...20 gold coins as the prize?'

The dragon was trying to trick Beatrice. She knew he was tricking her. So she played along.

'20 coins seems low Mr. Dragon.... Let's say 20 coins and the ruby!' Beatrice pointed to the corner of the dragon's hoard. A huge ruby sat there. Untouched for many years. Its reddish glow sparkled.

The dragon loved the ruby. It was so shiny and made a nice paper weight. But he had to stay strong. He knew he would win this contest.

'Okay beeeeeeeeeee.'

'What's the contest this time?' Beatrice asked eagerly.

The dragon smiled.

'A muscle contest. Who can lift more of their body weight. Whoever wins this contest will get 20 gold coins and my ruby. Now will you battle me? Or will you give in?' The dragon was sure the little bee would give up, but to his shock Beatrice buzzed up to face him.

'Okay Mr. Dragon. That sounds fair enough. You go first.' Beatrice smiled her tiny smile. She saw the worry in the dragons face. But the dragon swallowed and looked around for something he could lift.

He was going to lift something heavy. So that just in case the little bee had a trick up her sleeve, he would win.

A large boulder sat sadly in the corner of his cave. So the dragon marched over and got ready for his big load. He flexed his muscles and tried to scare away his jitters. Then he was ready. The dragon stuck his claws under the large rock and heaved. He held the rock and lifted it higher and higher until it was above his head.

'! I..... am!' Mr. Dragon had pain in his voice and it was shaky. Beatrice tried to put an impressed look on her face. The dragon put the rock down and dared Beatrice to try and beat him.

Beatrice looked around for something to lift. An oak leaf caught her eye. So Beatrice flew over to the leaf and got ready to lift. Mr. Dragon saw what he was up against and shuddered a bit. But he needed to keep his cool so Mr. Dragon drew in a deep breath and calmed himself.

Mean while Beatrice had lifted the oak leaf with ease. Still carrying the leaf Beatrice searched for more leaves. A nice cedar leaf and a redwood and a loofy lingering lil off the lofty loofa tree. The combined weight was one pound of leaves. Beatrice weighed 2 pounds. So she could support more of her body weight.

'Mr Dragon! Mr. Dragon! I believe you owe me some things. Am I not right?' Beatrice smirked and showed the dragon all the leaves she carried.

Mr. Dragon had been tricked. By himself. And after he realized what he had said he was ashamed. He said whoever can support more of their body weight would win the prize. So with a heavy heart Mr. Dragon gave up his ruby. And the gold. But to his surprise Beatrice gave the ruby back!

'I can just take the gold Mr. Dragon. I know that you like it a lot.' Beatrice smiled at Mr. Dragon. And pushed the ruby closer to the Dragon.

Mr. Dragon was shocked. No one had ever been so nice to him.

'Thanks beeeeeeeeeee. But I'm not done yet. One more contest! And the prize will be 100 gold coins!!!' Mr. Dragon's greed and gold-loving instinct kicked in. He had never lost before. So losing was making him go crazy. He wanted to re-gain his power. It had been stolen by a bee. So he wanted to win. Just once.

'But Mr. Dragon....... are you sure? If I win you will lose 100 gold coins! You don't have to. Your greed is just eating you alive! You don't need to do this. How about you get some rest.' Beatrice was not trying to be funny.... or mean. She wanted to help Mr. Dragon. But his greed took over. And nothing would stop him from having one more contest.

'We will go on the game show Trivia!' Mr. Dragon started to narrow his eyes. 'Are you scared to battle me just one......... more... time?' The dragon smirked, his eyes full of greed.

'How will we get on the show Trivia? They are so booked I couldn't get a slot on the show for the year 2020! You're not lying to trick me are you?' Beatrice gave the greedy dragon her death stare.

'I really do have a slot. And I will take you there if you want to battle me once more. So do we have a deal?' The dragon started to get angry. His eyes faintly turning red. He really did have a spot on Trivia. The hit game show everyone loves. How was he going to convince the bee that he wasn't lying?

'I will go with you Mr. Dragon. But if you are lying to me then I will leave!!!' Beatrice made a gesture to the dragon to lead the way to Trivia.

The dragon smiled at her, then led the way.


Beatrice was amazed that the dragon really did have a slot on Trivia. She was excited and VERY. Her wings tingled with joy. The greedy dragon wasn't lying to her after all. When all the people and animals from the game show introduced themselves, then the game show began......

The Host of Trivia was none other than Larry L. Litchingson. The famous ostrich. He had invented more jokes and riddles than a clown fish. He had written over 600 颽 joke books'. Every book not once repeating a joke. And he was a good friend of George Clooney, Paris Hilton, and of course Barack Obama.

He always started the show with a joke. Today it was something about a Ferret and a Hungry lawn mower. Beatrice didn't listen. But she got her mind ready her first question.

After the crowd finished laughing(and after a ferret ran out of the room) the game show really began.

'Let's start this thing with..' Larry looked at his cards showing a little info about each player.

'Beatrice the Bee! Beatrice has over 2,587 brothers and sisters to take care of with her mom. And is here today because she made a bet with the dragon that she could win 2 outta 3 questions here on Trivia!' Larry let the crowd cheer a little before he introduced Mr. Dragon.

'Well now folks let's wish Beatrice some good luck! Now to our next contestant.
Mr. Dragon lives on the dreaded Tall Mountain! And for a living the card says he counts his money and tricks animals out of their homes! Not my favorite choice as a friend but well it's a game show! You don't have friends here!' Larry bowed as everyone laughed.

But no one cheered for Mr. Dragon. No one wanted to. To them he was mean.

So the show began early.

'OK! Let's finally start this show!!! Here are the directions.....I will ask a question out loud to both Beatrice...'Every one cheered. '...and Mr. Dragon!' No one made a peep. Larry cleared his throat. 'When I am done reading the question you both will take your pens and write the answer on the sheet of paper you have at your desk. At the end of 10 seconds you will be done or not done. If you fail to write down the answer then your opponent will get a point for free. If both of you write down an answer there are no free bee's. LET'S BEGIN!'

The crowd grew quiet as Larry asked the first question. 'In a scientific name what part goes first? Genus or species?' Larry nodded his head to the camera. A signal for the ten seconds to start. Ding...........Ding...........Ding. 3 seconds past.

Beatrice knew the answer off the bat. But Mr. Dragon was having troubles. He had never done well in science class. So he guessed. He didn't want Beatrice to get the extra point for free.


'Times up! Reveal your answers now! We will check them in one minute.' Larry cleared his throat and said out Beatrice's answer.

'Beatrice you guessed that at the beginning of a scientific word the genus is first.....Beatrice....................YOU ARE CORRECT!!!!! Congrats. Lets give Beatrice a nice big 10 points Ralph!' Larry waited for Ralph to put a number 10 on Beatrice's screen. A small Bing! Went off and Larry continued onto Mr. Dragon.

'Mr. Dragon! Please hold up your answer.' Larry waited for a few seconds. Mr. Dragon was not holding up his sheet. So Larry took it from him. Mr. Dragon held his head in his claws.

'Hey Ralph! Get a close up of this answer!' Larry burst out laughing hard. Ralph turned a camera to Larry, then zoomed in to the sheet of paper he held.


Mr. Dragon was ashamed. He had gotten so confuzzled.... he wrote CHEESE. He had lost a point and Beatrice was winning so far. Mr. Dragon didn't know if he could catch up to her. He may lose the $1,000 prize from the show and 100 gold coins who? A BEE!!!

'Mr. Dragon... I am sorry but you have the wrong answer. That means you get zero points for this round. ONTO ROUND TWO!!!' Larry yelled. And round 2 began.

'Okay you two. Get your pen's ready! Here's your next question.' Larry gave a dramatic pause. 'Who was the first black base ball player?'

Mr. Dragon knew that Jackie Robinson was an early black base ball player. He couldn't remember any farther back that that. So Jackie Robinson was his answer.

Beatrice was having many troubles. She knew the face of the man but his name escaped her mind. So she wrote down an answer. It was random and incorrect. But Mr. Dragon would not get a free 10 points.


'Time is up you guys. Please hold up your answers!' Larry called. He was no longer
crying of laughter.

'Beatrice! Please hold up your answer!' Larry waited for Beatrice to hold her answer up. It was wrong and Beatrice lost one point.

Mr. Dragon was correct. So he got 10 extra points. He could win!

Then the last round started.

'Okay... this is your last question.... I will think of a number between 1 and 100. Whoever is closest without going over my number will win!' Larry the ostrich said into the microphone.

'I have my number. Please write down your answers!' Larry's voice was nervous.

Beatrice wrote down the number one. She could hope that Mr. Dragon went over.


'Time is up contestants!' Larry cleared his throat. 'Please hold up your answers!'

Beatrice held up her sheet of paper. Mr. Dragon held up his sheet of paper.

'My number was...........14. Who was closer without going over? Ralph! Tell the good people who won this game!' Larry said in his high voice.

'Okay Larry! The winner is...................................Beatrice!'

Beatrice was the closest to 14! She had won the contest! Everyone cheered. Mr. Dragon even clapped his claws. Beatrice flew over to Mr. Dragon.

'You did very good Mr. Dragon. And I hope you learned that being nice is always the best thing to do!'

Beatrice turned the Dragon from a mean dragon to a caring, nice dragon. And every weekend Mr. Dragon would come visit Beatrice.

Hank got his home back and they all lived happily. Forever after.

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on May. 7 2009 at 10:22 pm
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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That was a cute story. I liked it. Nice job.