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Rabbit in Wonderland

September 18, 2015
By ScarletCity PLATINUM, High Ridge, Missouri
ScarletCity PLATINUM, High Ridge, Missouri
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Rabbit in Wonderland
I drop and drop, down the long rabbit hole. While I fall, I check my pocket watch. I am very, very late for my very, very, important date. I must meet with the Duchess or I will surely be executed. I managed to talk my way out of my last beheading, but this is a new day. I thump gently to the ground and sweep the leaves back together again so the little girl won’t hurt herself. You know, the little blonde who jumped in after me, and is conversing with her self about her cat? No? Never mind. But anyway, I unlock the little door and set out my enchanted drink and cake. There. That will keep her busy for a time. When my meeting is over aI just can’t have her following me while I tend to the Duchess. I glance back up the hole, she is still falling. Her skirts are slowing her, but not very much. Good, I dash out through the door, slamming it behind me.

I am very late, but I still have the lingering feeling that I left something behind…
I must’ve left my gloves and fan out in the little hall. Now I have to go home again, and grab them, or the Duchess will be angry with me. I trip over a root and my spectacles fly off my face as I go sprawling out in the ground.

My maid hurries past, and I stop her to send her back home and grab my gloves and fan. I really must meet with the Duchess. In all the confusion, I forget to get my spectacles. I turn again, and halfway to my house, I spy something shiny in the path in front of me. My spectacles! I scoop them up, only to hear shouting coming from my house. Old Lizard Bill goes soaring over my head and onto a bush.

As I near my house, I see a giant foot looming in the distance. Oh no, my maid must’ve uncorked another magic drink and grown! I moan. This is the third time this week! She just can’t resist the taste of my magic growing elixir. We manage to shrink the girl, after much, much difficulty, and she sheepishly hands over my gloves and fan. I scurry back on my way, nodding to Cousin March Hare and the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat, the frog and fish footmen, and finally make it to the court. This day has been so crazy
I just hope that everyone gets to keep their heads. Right at this moment, the little blonde-Alice, I think- comes in to the court room.

Of course my day was already too calm. Alice manages to get the Queen of Hearts mad at her, and to be sentenced to beheading, which I must admit, is not unusual.  The Royal Pack of Cards goes flying at her, getting all mixed up with one another. I sneak the poor girl out in all the chaos, and travel up the rabbit hole. Magically, obviously.

I lay her gently, by her sister, who has fallen asleep, book in hand. Alice wakes up, rubbing her eyes and glancing around nervously. Slowly she wakes her sister and begins to tell her about her ‘Dream.’ Little does she know… I giggle and slip away from my hiding place behind the bush.

The author's comments:

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland has always facinated me. I was flipping through my copy one day when I found myself wondering what the White Rabbit was thinking. So...here it is. Rabbit in Wonderland. 

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