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Sin City

January 13, 2009
By Squeaker GOLD, Apopka, Florida
Squeaker GOLD, Apopka, Florida
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I had it.
This girl is too perfect for me. Something has to be wrong with this girl, something deep and devilish. She shows up in town, and then these weird things start going on. Well, let me rewind a bit and fill you in.
My name is Colton, I’m 19, I live in a town called Eckowood small and very serene, well it used to be until this girl named Roesalla moved here. Let me tell you what has happen so far.
I was driving home, to drop my little brother Brandon off. With my best friend Izzabella but we call her Izzy. When we passed the old Binsworth mansion, this house hasn’t been lived in since the Binsworths moved out about 50 years ago. Rumar has it that Mr. Binsworth went crazy and hanged himself.
Lets get back on track. We were driving past the house and there in the driveway was a U-Haul moving van. Izzy said to me, “ Why don’t you drive by and see if you can see who's moving in.” So I turned down the street and their she was standing their with bright pink hair, pink shirt and a short back skirt. My eyes where locked on her. As Izzy and Brandon are yelling at me,
I slammed on the breaks just in time. I was so locked on her beauty I forgot all about the cliff.

Felling stupid I turned the truck around and had to drive back by that girl. I looked at Brandon an asked him if he seen her? Brandon looked at me said “I seen no one but that huge cliff you just about went over!” As we drove back by and their she was in the road waving us down and of course I had to stop. She looked at me and smiled and asked “Do you know any good places to get a burger?” I told her the best place to get anything to eat is a place called Blue Moon. It's down two lights then make a right, it's the only place on that is blue on that street. She said thank you and walked away.

Well it was Friday night. I can't go a Friday night without a party. There is a place out in the woods called the Dark Moon. So I headed out there to see what was going on. It was the best party ever, like it is every week. So I walk up to Izzy who is jamming out to some Disturbed song. Then I looked to my left and there she was pink hair and the same pink shirt and black skirt as I seen her in earlier. So being the stud I thought I was I walked right up to her and said hi. O boy, was that my first BIG mistake was saying hi cause just then she grabbed my hand and started pulling me tords the open the spot in the woods we call the dance floor. She looked at me and yelled over the loud music, “MY NAME IS ROESELLA! BUT YOU CAN CALL ME ROE!’’ I looked at her and yelled “ I'M COLTON! ’’ We danced for a little bit. Then the sky lite up a bright blue,I mean a blue you only see in a crayon box. Then she looked at me and said “THAT’S FOR ME, I HAVE TO GO. I’LL SEE YOU AROUND, THANX FOR TELLING ME ABOUT BLUE MOON IT WAS SOME GOOD FOOD. BYE!”
The next morning I woke up at what I thought was 8:30 to get ready to take Brandon to school and then head to work, but it was still dark. So I walked outside and it wasn’t a dark black dark it was a dark blue dark the moon was dark and everything seamed to stand still there was little glass drops frozen in the air. Then I seen her again standing there with hair pink hair but she had on a short pink dress on. I looked at the drops that where frozen and then realized they where rain drops frozen in their paths to the ground. Then as fast as she was there she was gone. The rain began to fall the night became day.
Now your all caught up on the past lets now stick to the present. I’m still standing here with my jaw to the floor wondering what just happened. That’s when Brandon came out side and yelled “Colton! I'm going to be late for school, then you’ll be late for work so can we… well… you know… GO!” I looked around, then turned and walked in the house to get dressed and ready for work.I dropped Brandon off at school then I headed to Izzy’s house to pick her up to head and to work.
It's a slow day then I hear the bells on the door ginggle. There was Roe again in the same dress as she had on when I seen her this morning. What was she doing in a BMX store? I had it, I had to do it, so I did I walked up to her and said,
“Hey… Roesella right?”
“Roe…but ya…Um…Colton right?” she said.
“I wanted to know if you would like to…um… I don’t know… maybe... go out sometime?”
She looked at me and said “Ya I would. What time do you get off?”
“ I get off at five.”
“Well then I’ll meet you here at five and we’ll ride the track in the back if that’s okay with you?”
“Ya that’s fine I’ll see you then Roe.’’ I said.
I was counting down the minutes till five could not wait till my date with the prettiest girl in Eckowood. Izzy just looked at me and shook her head in discuss, because once that clock hit five I was gone. Grabbed my helmet and headed out back to the BMX track we had behind the store. There stood Roe with her pink hair, pink shirt, black pants and her pink and black helmet in hand. It was like timed stopped again, the wind had her hair blowing just to the left, the dust from the bikes just barely rolled over her legs. Then BAM the time began again, she slid on her helmet and hoped on the dirt bike, turned, giggled and said “If you can keep up, yo can come over for dinner.” Then she was gone on the track looking like riding just came natural to her, like a bird in flight.
We went around the track a couple of times then called it quits. Every time my eyes hit her it's like time just seems to stop. We where taking our helmets off and there again the wind in her hair the dust at her feet. She looked up and said, “Not bad. Dinner my place at six don’t be late.” Then she walked up to me kissed me on my cheek and just left.
I was rushing around the house trying to find just the right thing to wear. My brother yelled up the stairs, “God your worse then a girl, just put on a shirt and a pair of jeans on and just LEAVE!” So I did through on a shirt and was putting in my pants as I was heading down the stairs. Through on my shoes looked at the clock 5:39. Just on time. I thought to myself.
I pulled up to the old Binsworth house and just sat there. Then realized what Izzy said the fist time we walked by the Binsworth house in elementary school. “Who ever goes in is cursed with the devilish was that are in that house.” Ahh get out of my head Izzy I said to myself. Turned the truck off and walked to the door. I didn’t even nock and the door opened. There she was pink hair, black shirt with pink lettering saying HOLLISTER up the side of it and a black pair of short shorts. I thought to myself this girl and short stuff.
She walked me into the living room and introduced me to Jazmin her mom and Dom her dad. I now see were Roe gets her beauty from her mom looks like she just walked out of some magazine called the prettiest woman in the world. Her skin was pail and her hair was blond. Her dad was the ultimate guy, tall dark and handsome.
A buzzer rang and Jasmine got up and fallowed the noise. Then from a distant she said dinner is done. Her father got up and walked into the dinning room, then her mother said okay Rosella you and you company can come in. So we did. We began to walk into a room. The walls where dark blue so dark that they where almost black. The carpet was black very soft so every step you take it feels like your walking on a cloud. The table was a long and very beautiful. The table cloth was a a dark shade of what seemed like baby blue. On Top of the table was six candles all lit, and a meal that also looked like it was taken out of magazine, a picture perfect meal.
Dom sat at one end of the table and Jasmine sat at the other end. Roe sat in the middle of the left side of the table and I sat across from her. We just sat there staring at the food the smell of the steak and chicken mocked me. Then finally Jasmine said we may now eat. We just sat in silence as we ate. The silence just cut in me like a knife. I had to, I had to break the silence so I said “Thank you for having me for dinner Mrs. Jasm……..” she cut me off and said “ Please hunny call me Jazz.” After that the rest of dinner was just silence again.
After dinner Roe grabbed my hand and headed up some stairs to a door that was painted all black with what looked like pink bubbles and written in fantastic lettering was her name Roesella. She opened the door and my heart stoped, her room was as different as her. All the walls, excepted one was panted black and the one wall was painted pink. Her carpet was carpet, but it looked like newspaper was scatted all over the room. Her bed was against the pink wall with what looked like black silk sheets and blanket. Over top draped over her bed was a black vanity. Her room looked like it was for a princess, a princess of darkness.
She had me sit in a chair that feels like cotton candy, as she sat on her bed. We just at there for what felt like forever then she just said, “I like you a lot but you need to leave.” I looked at her like a confused puppy with his head cocked to one side. “Why?’’ she said nothing but got up and walked me to her front door looked around and said “If you really want to know why look my last name up Binsworth. It will tell you a lot more then what I can tell you.”
Binsworth, I thought to my self. Great I'm seen a girl who is related to the crazy Mr. Binsworth, who committed suicide.
I pulled into my house raced in and went to the computer and googled Binsworth. Holly cow I thought as everything popped up Binsworth murder, Binsworth deaths, Binsworth witch croniculs, Binsworth mansion hunted, Mr. Binsworth Commits suiside because he went crazy so said, Binsworth gosts. I'm dating a chick from a crazy family!!!!!! I thought again.
I tried to fall asleep when the room turned dark blue. My room, the house, even the town I lived in just vanished. I was standing infront of a mansion. Everything was white but the moon, the moon was dark. There engraved on the masion was the name Binsworth. It looked like the mansion Roe lives in now. The door was open so I walked in. There hanging from the stairs was a man with what looked like witches standing around giggling and pointing. Then the room started spinning around then the walls fell and I was out side with frozen rain drops around me, I was on a beach and standing the in the sand was Roe with her pink hair but instead of a short offite she had on a long flowing dress. She walked up to me leaving a path in the fallin rain drops and said “You seen it, that’s why I'm leaving she kissed me then I was spinning and ended back in my room on my bed.
The next morning I headed to Roes house and it was dead empty. There was a note on the floor of Roes room labled “Colton”. I opened it and it said,

You did your research like I asked you to. If it confuses you we are the Binsworth gosts. I feel bad that you where the one that got stuck in the middle, but it happens. We do it to show people that there are such things as gosts good and bad and withches. Some are good like us but some are bad like the witches that my dad killed himself over. We’re leaving so all the weird things that you have seen will stop. PLEASE do me the favore and don’t tell anyone about this experice you have been trough.

Roesalla Binsworth
Okay this is odd, the perfect girl was a ghost. I'm out of love and I'm just supposed to forget about it. Ya right this is the kind of stuff that put you in the looney bin. I went home laid on my bed.

All of a sudden I woke up to my little brother banging on my door yelling “COLTON YOU BETTER GET UP SO I CAN GET TO SCHOOL ON TIME!!!!!!’’
It was all a dream. Roesella, the mansion, the ghost it was all a dream. Well I thought it was until I looked out my window and there she was pink hair, pink shirt, and a black short skirt she winked and disappeared .

The author's comments:
My teacher told me to check out this sight called teenink. So i did. I was looking at the pictures in sepember 2008 by a girl named Marisa and looking at that picture inspierd my to wright Sin City.

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g2g said...
on Feb. 4 2009 at 2:23 pm
WOW This is like really good i wish and hope you right morer. that twist at the end was amazing. please wright more!

on Jan. 30 2009 at 2:53 pm
It's good needs a little work but it's a great story. I hope you'll wright more.