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The Shark Man

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was a man who lived on a small island. The island had many types of sharks. This man would catch them and do experiments on them to try to put some of there DNA into himself so he would become part shark / part man. So one day he went out on his boat to catch a shark, he was out for hours, he didn’t catch anything but then when he was about to go home he caught one, he pulled it up, and he had caught a great white shark, and he pulled it up, he took it back to the lab, and he noticed that it was a female. He took its DNA, put it into himself and he added this liquid thing, all the sudden he started to turn into a shark. But he would only be part shark for only a couple of minutes. So he figured that he finally found the shark that would turn him into a part shark / part man. So he had turned back into a man and it was night so he went to bed so he could be rested for the next day. The next morning he went off on his boat to try to catch another great white shark but would try to catch a male so it was the same gender as because that could be the key. So he got out to where he fished normally. He put some tuna in the water so it would attract the sharks to come and he would catch a couple of blue shark and a couple of reef shark but no great white shark. So he took in one of the blue, one of the reef sharks so he could try them out to see if they would work, he tried them, and nothing happened. The next day he woke up swimming in the Bay of Sharks and he had become what he wanted a half breed. He had swum back to the lab to see if he could live on land and in the ocean. So he swam to the lab it was fifty miles away but it took a couple of seconds to get there because he was lighting fast. When he got there he was able to breathe like a normal human.
He figured he would go and destroy Renton village because the soldiers from that village created the lab that made him go crazy.
So he got there, not knowing where to go he looked for road, found one three miles down the beach, and walked it for about nine miles until he found the village. He asked “where is the army base?”
They told him follow the road for about another four an a half miles.
He replied saying “if you are lying I will come back to your village and kill all of you.
So he followed the road for about a the 4.5 miles and he found the base and he figured out he could transform from shark man to just man. So he did that, he went into the base, and he asked for the general. They brought him to his office and he wasn’t there so the man left and would wait so he could ambush the general and kill him. Then he would kill all of the soldiers for revenge. So he could get his revenge for them abandoning him on the island.
Then he would go and destroy the village for them not saving him because they would go fishing there all the time and he would scream at them from his boat but they would just wave to him and they would just drift off and out of his sight. That is why he went, destroyed the village, then he would take the kids. Then take them back to the island, use them for experiments to see what thing he would be able to turn them fully into, and not just part way.
So he takes all of the kids back to the lab, he puts them into a dark room that he locked, he goes out, and gets a whole bunch of different types of animals. He extracts some of there dna and puts it into a viles then put it into the fridge so it wouldn’t go bad. Then the next day he takes one of the kids and he puts one of the animals dna into him and nothing happened so he goes and puts the kid back into a room but not the same one, it was a different one so he knew which ones he’s done experiments on and which ones he hasn’t and also he doesn’t use them again in a eperiment.
He goes and grabs anather kid, and get one of the monkeyes dna vile, puts it into the girl, she starts to turn into a monkey. She was turned all the way into a monkey.
So she some how escaped from the mans hands and she jumped out the window and escapes from the lab. He couldn’t do anything about it.
So he goes and tries to find the girl but there were so many monkeys that he couldn’t tell which one was the girl so he just let her go aned live her life as a monkey and went back to the lab.
The next morning he had wanted to take a break from doing experiments on the kids, he would go to the mainland, go to the base, see if there were anuthings on him in the books, take them so he could try to figure out what was wrong with him and how he could fix himself. When he gets ther e he goes staight to the library and looks up the secret files and he find s them in the basement of the library, he finds the files from WWII , and finds the one he needed and found the stuff on him and it said that they had put poisoness chemicals into him as an experiment to try to make him a super human. Then they put him into a dark room for over twenty years. Then pulled him out and left him there in the lab.
So he goes backto the lab and he lets all of the kids go and he went to one of the dark rooms in the lab and he kills himself so ha cant hurt anyone else.

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