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The Unknown: Part 1.

January 8, 2009
By Okaykayluhh SILVER, Everson, Washington
Okaykayluhh SILVER, Everson, Washington
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Nothing could be heard, nothing could be said. Not now, not this time. The blank stares rested on her. They didn’t know who she was, and if she has it her way, they never will. She refused to fall to the shame those before her did. They would take out all of their anger; use all of their power, to get back at those who doubted them. These people have never seen one of her kind, not in this lifetime. We are The Unknown, and yet, no humans know of our existence as nothing more that pure fantasy.

She kept moving. If they knew nothing, why did they stare at her? She shouldn’t wonder about this, she knows the reason. Something about her kind draws people to them. Yet, they don’t suspect that she is any different from any human, oh how clueless they are. But then again, they are only human.

She could feel her heart glowing, they only thing that could give her away, and set her apart from the rest. She crossed her arms against her chest. A boy was staring at her, not afraid of what she might think, not hesitant to lock eyes with this mysterious stranger. His eyes were captivating, they pulled her in. She had to stop this; anything might be an attempt to discover her weakness. She held her head up and moved on, until she was out of eyesight from the rest of the world.

Only four minutes from her secret oasis, she could feel a gaze set upon her. Unsure on whether to look or not, she kept on going, she could not afford to get distracted, she had a mission. A mission she felt like leaving behind, but that would ruin her already terrible rep among her people.

What terrible people they are. They have only cared about what benefits them, not about what matters. They used to be selfless, out to save this dreadful little planet headed for disaster. But then the unthinkable happened, and changed them all. All of them, that is, until Aya was born 18 years ago. She spent years studying earthly habits to prepare her for this journey. They were all given one, but since Aya’s talents were strong, they had made her journey more challenging than others.

She stepped into her hidden door that only she could see, and within seconds of gearing up, there was a knock on her door. Panic flooded her thoughts. The door was designed for only people of her kind to see. She peered through the door. Kathrine. False alarm.

“Kathrine, we need to make up a secret knock or something, so I’m not so panicked to hear a knock on the door.” She said letting her in.

“Well, at least I found the place; I was knocking on every tree till this.” She took a good look at Aya’s attire. “You getting ready to leave aren’t you?” She said frowning. Aya just nodded and laced her boots up. “Why do you do everything they tell you to do?”

“You don’t know what would happen to me if I disobeyed them. I would be exiled for eternity, maybe even killed. But if I had a chance to ever do it, I would use my powers to help the earth, not lead it to destruction. That’s all they think about.” She said grabbing hold of her golden amulet hidden beneath her shirt.

“You know who you look like?”

“Um, no?” she laughed while she scattered around her space making sure she had all that she needed.

“You look like a super gorgeous, ultra modern, version of Cleopatra.”

“I’ve studied her.”She said while heading towards the door. “I need to go, you wanted to stay, correct?”

“Yeah, I would love to look at your textbooks. All of that knowledge, so many years of wear and tear.”

“Okay, but are you sure you will be fine here?” Aya asked.

“Yes, it’s not like anyone can just walk in here, its invisible.” Kathrine laughed.

“I’m off. Time to do things that I will always regret.”

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Part 1 of The Unknown

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on Apr. 30 2010 at 3:13 pm
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interesting, cant wait for part two