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Vampire Lullaby

November 10, 2014
By ShadowBlossom ELITE, Boca Raton, Florida
ShadowBlossom ELITE, Boca Raton, Florida
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Kalleen silently opened the door to her son, Razor's room, seeing him lying in his bed, the sheets up to his ears, his eyes closed but she knew that he was awake.  His breathing was too precise and his heart beat far too fast, especially when she opened the door.  A smile was tugging on the edges of her lips as she walked inside, kneeling beside her son's bed and ran her fingers through his jet black hair.

"Darling, why are you awake?"

His blood red eyes peeked out from beneath his lashes, worried of his mother's anger until he saw her amused smile.  He looked up to her and pouted, his eyes shifting to the drawn curtains.  Kalleen tilted her head to the side as her thin eyesbrows furrowed, her dark blue hair falling off of her shoulder.

"Is the sun bothering you my little leech?"

His pout lessened at her affectionate nickname and nodded.  He lowered the sheets that he had held up to his neck and sat up.  A pleading look came into his eyes, staring intensely into her own amethyst ones, and he clasped his mother's sleeve.

"Mama, will you sing me a lullaby?  I will sleep after that, I promise!"

He smiled like a demon during Samhain, showing off his small fangs and Kallen laughed.  She knew that she couldn't refuse him; she never could refuse her little Razor.

"Alright my precious blood sucker, I will sing you a lullaby."

She rose so she could sit on the edge of his bed and he immediately laid his head in her lap, sighing in contentment.  Looking down at him with affection she slid her fingers through his hair, her claws getting rid of any knots and she couldn't believe how lucky she was for the little one she had.  Taking a deep breath she began to sing his favorite lullaby.

"Fall asleep precious one, and dream

A bloody and gory dream

Sleep and sleep

Dream and dream

This is our bloody and gory dream

We rip out their throats with our fangs

(Kalleen opened her mouth to show off her fangs and lowered her head to pretend to bite at Razor's neck, making him smile)

We tear their flesh with our sharp claws

(Kalleen tickled Razor's stomach with her claws, smiling as he laughed)

We slit their bellies and disembowel

We rip out their hearts and devour them all

The sky turns dark

The grass is soaked with red

There are corpses all around

Blood and gore everywhere

Then we wake up and see

Our bloody and gory dream

Has ended"

Kalleen slid Razor's head off of her lap and bent down to kiss his forehead.

"Good morning mama."

"Good morning my little devil.  Sleep well and may you bite the bed bugs."

Razor smiled, his eyes drooping closed as his breathing became slower and his heart rate slowed.  Kalleen looked back one more time before she closed the door, turning around only to run into her mate, Spike.  His arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her close to him, leaning his head down so his midnight eyes stared into hers, filled with undying affection.

"How did I ever wind up with a mate and mother such as you?"

Kalleen smiled, her fangs peeking out.  She nuzzled Spike's jet black hair, whispering into his ear.

"You came to my window every night and seduced me, until the night I gave myself to you and you drained me dry."

He smirked at her as she pulled back, wrapping her arms around his neck as they remembered the beginning of their eternal lives together.

"Well I am happy that you accepted me, fell for me, my beautiful Kalleen."

"And I am happy that you chose me, my horrifying Spike."

He leaned down until his lips met hers.

Their lives may not have started out as the best but they were all pleased with how they had ended up.

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