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August 12, 2014
By Red546 GOLD, Warrenton, Georgia
Red546 GOLD, Warrenton, Georgia
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I walked into the guild, exhausted and limping just a little. Still, the usual whispers followed me. “Is that Megara? Yeah! Megara? Really? She’s like the best demon hunter the guild has ever seen! She’s almost never here though. Why does she wear those funny glasses? She wasn’t born with the Sight, stupid, those let her see demons.” I bit back a sigh. Fame has its virtues and its grievances. Everyone knows more about me, than me.
“Meg!” I hear a little girl yell, right before she crashes into my legs. I wince, then pick her up.
“Hi Lena,” I smile. “Geez, you’ve gotten big!”
“Hasn’t she?” her father, my brother’s friend Daniel, smiles at me.
“I missed you!” Lena hugs my neck.
“I missed you guys too,” I brush her hair behind her ear. I spoke to them for a few more moments before beginning the long trek to my room.

I had missed them. Really, I had, even though the only reason I’d returned to the guild was to recover and visit with my brother, Drew. Good old Drew was usually my only reason for coming here anyway. I was too likely to run into my parents if I stayed here too long and I found my own jobs, for the most part, and rarely needed any help. Though on that last mission…

I trudged up the long flight of stairs to my room, dragging my weapons trunk. The thing was filled to the brim with beautiful and deadly knives, swords, daggers, and just about anything with a blade on it. I have a certain fondness for sharp objects. I unlocked my door, slumped inside and, dropping my trunk with a thud, flopped on my bed. I lay there for less than a minute when a familiar voice speaks from the door.
“Well, well, look who’s decided to grace us with her presence,” Drew smirks. “Hey Meggie.”
“Hi Drew,” I smile weakly. “I’m just here to recover.”
“Recover?” Drew cocks his head.
“Yeah. Demon stabbed me in the hip last mission and it shattered. Took the surgeons nearly six hours to put it back together and two days to heal it with magic. Hurt like heck,” I laugh softly. “I’ve still got the limp and I’m staying here for a good two weeks.”
“Ow,” Drew makes a face. It’s one of the only unattractive expressions he can make. He got my father’s rugged, masculine features and jet hair, whereas I received Mom’s bone straight red locks. Drew tells me I have her features, but she’s more feminine than me. I wear leather and armor, she wears skirts and dresses. She knits, I throw knives. You see why she’s disappointed in me.
“How’s those glasses doing?” Drew asks. I take off the little, round blue tinted glasses that allow me to see the demons I must kill.
“Still giving me headaches. It sucks that the one and only spell that would give me the Sight would also make me blind,” I shake my head.
“Pretty much,” Drew nods. “The Director was telling me there’s an update on those glasses. One that would give you fewer headaches, and might allow you to see the good spirits too. I ordered you a pair.”
“Like any good spirits would want to talk to me,” I roll my eyes, replacing the glasses. “I’m not a virgin, I’m not pretty, in fact I’m covered in scars, I’m not delicate, I’m a raging pain in the ass 90% of the time, and I kill things for a living.”
“But you have a good heart,” Drew tells me for what must be the hundredth time.
“Yeah yeah,” I yawn, “Send someone down for my other trunks please?” I swing off the bed and begin opening my weapons trunk.
“Sure,” Drew nods. “Gonna chuck some knives at your wall?”
“My target on the wall,” I correct, “and absolutely.” Drew sighs.
“I’m going to get those glasses,” he tells me, leaving.
“Have fun with that,” I stand up and prepare to throw one of my favorite knives.
“Why?” he whispered, watching Megara with a look of despair. “Why don’t you see it?” Her knife thumped into the wall. She looked so painfully tired and sad.
“At least Drew loves me,” she sighed, throwing another knife with a fancy twirl. “But then again, he’s obligated. The whole twin thing. Nobody with half a brain who wasn’t related to me would ever really love me. I guess I’m just untouchable.”
“I love you!” Joshua said desperately, “I love you and I always have!” he walked over and touched her cheek. “Maybe you’re not pretty conventionally, but you’re beautiful to me! Scars are achievements, testaments to your bravery. You’re kind and loving, and… why? Why don’t you see it? Why don’t you see me?” He dropped his hand and ran it through his platinum blond curls.
“Untouchable,” Megara shook her head. “That should be my new name.”
“My Meggie,” Joshua closed his ice blue eyes. “Why can’t you see?”
“Josh.” Josh spun at the sound of the voice. His sister, Mya, another ice spirit, looking stern.
“Why do you pine after that girl? She’ll never be yours, never even be able to see you, because she wasn’t born with Spirit Sight and you are an ice spirit. Why break your own heart?” she asked, not unkindly.
“Because I love her,” Josh gave her a heart-wrenching smile. “And I don’t want to be frozen my whole life.”
“And we love you Josh,” Mya sighed. “Come home soon, okay?”
“Okay,” Josh nodded, still looking at Megara. Suddenly, her brother, Drew, reentered with something in his hand.
“Meg,” Drew said, leaning on the door. She ignored him, still throwing knives. “Meg! Megara!”
“Yes, oh dearest Andrew?” Meg cocked one eyebrow, voice dripping sarcasm.
“Your new glasses, your majesty,” Drew stuck his tongue out at her. “I can take them back if you don’t want them.”
“Thank you Drew,” Meg smiled slightly at him. “Really. For everything.”
“Wow, that’s deep,” Drew lips twitched up into a smile.
“Snot,” Meg wrinkled her nose at Drew, something Josh had always found incredibly cute.
“Put the glasses on,” Drew held them out. They looked just like her old ones, round lenses, metal frame that curled around her ears to better stay on in battle, except they were tinted purple. Josh thought that would highlight her vibrant violet eyes better anyway. No one could see them through the blue lens.
“Oh, purple, my favorite,” Meg smirked and put them on. “Wow, these are nicer. Things are less fuzzy and….”
Ice blue eyes and vibrant violet ones met for the very first time.

The author's comments:
Okay... so this isn't my best work. it was just sort of a passing fancy and I didn't edit much because I've been concentrating on my novel... may post a snippet of that later on. hope you like this!

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