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The Boy Who Met Death Near the Willow

July 17, 2014
By mindofthelabyrinth SILVER, Pilot Point, Texas
mindofthelabyrinth SILVER, Pilot Point, Texas
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The boy met death near the willow
And asked, with a catch in his voice, "Do you ever weep for the people you take away?"
Death, startled by the young boy, replied in a know-all tone, "I weep only for the living."
The boy, now confused more than ever looked Death in the eyes and asked again, "why do you only weep for the living? Is it not a good thing to be alive?"
Death studied the curious child and looked deep into his future and smiled his beautiful smile and spoke, "I weep for the living for they are not dead. In death, you have finally lived and in life, you have died. You will not live until you have walked with me through my labyrinth. That is why I weep for you, child."
At that precise moment, Death began to hear the falterd breathing of millions, and moved towards the Call.
The boy yelled one last question towards his newfound friend, "When will I be able to walk your path?"
And Death spoke into the boy's mind calmly, "my boy, you will walk with me when the sun and moon rise together and the world will be cast into darkness. That is when you will walk with me, child, and until then, weep for yourself and your loved ones."
And with that, the boy was left standing under the willow staring after Death with a newfound longing.
Many years had passed and one cold, autumn afternoon, the boy, now a man, was visiting the old willow tree once again when he looked up to the sky and saw that the moon and sun had risen together
And right there, the man clutched at his heart
And Death was there, holding the man's large hand.
The man woke only seconds later, staring down a his body with a somewhat content feeling
Death then took the man by the elbow and guided him through his labyrinth.
All the while, he did not weep for the dead.

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