November 22, 2013
It was time. The last chance: to succeed, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that over ten years of sleepless nights and mind-breaking research were not in vain.

“Are we ready?”

“Everything has been primed. We are ready to begin at your signal, sir.”

An older man, face creased with the wrinkles of effort, pulled his pristine white lab coat tightly onto his shoulders and gazed out of the window in front of them.

What stood on the other side of that window was the result of six painstaking months of monitoring and care. A tall, brightly lit cylindrical tank was the sole feature of the dim room in front of them, the only thing connecting it to the outside massive cables snaking along the floor. Inside of that tank, was the last hope of this project. It resembled a human body perfectly. Short, dark blue and black hair waved in the gentle pulses traveling through the special liquid gel that the body was suspended in. The face was emotionless, the features slim and delicate. A thin, tall, and strong being, it would represent the best of those ten years. Only for a few more moments would it remain still, eyes so peacefully closed.

“Begin electrification. “

Humming filled the air as the generators went to work. Bolts of electric energy entered the tank, snaking through the fluid like lightning. The still form was slowly surrounded by sparks, and suffused by blue light. A brief, blinding flash blinded the onlookers for a moment. Everyone quickly rushed out of the room and headed for the tank.

A door began to slowly open in the glass, and the fluid gushed out, flooding the floor beneath them. The body gently slipped to the floor along with the flow. Motionless.

The man pulled up short, just before the body could be reached. It couldn’t have failed! Breath bated, everyone paused.

A single finger twitched, and finally, the eyes opened, a striking, strong steel grey.

“S7K2. BioMechanic has been activated.” An assistant said aloud as he scribbled in his record book.

The man approached the body carefully. Here, it was the moment of truth. As long as the response was correct…

“S7K2. What is your purpose?”

Horror spread through the room at the response. It was horribly, utterly, wrong.

Clear and strong, a girl’s voice asked…

“Who are you?”

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MistyVenture said...
Dec. 2, 2013 at 12:34 pm
Amazing! Intruiging! It makes the readers beg for more to see what happens. (Hint hint) This was great! Keep up the great work, and please I am begging you this is worthy to go in a book! You must write more to satisfy the curiosity of your readers! 
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