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The Wretched Wings

October 10, 2013
By AhlamG BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
AhlamG BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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-If you are always looking down, you will never see the sun.
-after every rainfall must come a rainbow
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I had a perfect life...a great one. I looked at my rusty bloody hand. I clung to the golden dagger; the ruby center piece shimmered as I realized what I had done. There I lied on heaven’s marble floors, now stained scarlet below my broken body. The gloomy and blurry clouds cried tears of abject sadness and pity above me while the thunder roared with anger at the injustice that had been done. This was it. Those who had stabbed me in the back and tore off my wings... They wanted to see this. So vile, there were demons disguised as angels in this paradise. My very own demons, which tormented me and lured me to catastrophe, also led me to this. My lover, my other half... didn’t believe a word I said. He didn’t believe me. He looked at me with eyes of desperation and hateful anger as I tried to explain that I had been framed. It didn’t make sense... because I have never harmed anyone. All the evidence pointed to me. The moment he turned his head away from me and stared at me with eyes of regret... was the moment that my fate changed... If I can’t live free of suspicion and judging as well as other people’s glares, people who were once cherished friends, especially losing the trust of my loved ones... There is no point in being here, in staying here. I held the Mortal Dagger and saw a new life reflected off its pristine blade. One where I was smiling, laughing and being loved. I held up the dagger and pierced it deep into my anguished heart. Everyone thinks I’m a demonic criminal. My tears slid down uncontrollably. I was waiting while the dagger still impaled in my flesh. A sea of blood flooded below me. My wings, scarlet; and my robe tattered, my body soaked in this bitter sour memory of heart break. My murky eyesight signaled I was fading. Under the rain I saw something coming, no, running towards me. I saw the dark figure of Desmond, my other half. What was he doing here? Behind him was a group of his advisors and servants. All looked frantic... That’s not right. They weren’t worried before. Did they not sentence me to hell? Is this not their doing and my consequence? I swallowed the lump in my throat. He rushed to me; his white furry robe resembled white waves crashing in the ocean, lamenting his losses. His black wavy hair that I’ve missed so much these last few months flowed freely around his ears. He kneeled beside me as his frantic cries reached my ringing ears. "I’m sorry" he repeated over and over kissing my hand. "I’m sorry” he then cried out, his tears came out after they were locked in and ignored so much for too long. But it was too late, and He very well knew that as well as I. We knew it too well. The dagger was embedded into my chest. The moment I pull it out, I will become human. My blond curly waves that match his, my fingers that fit perfectly into his, my eyes that were once filled with sparks and blue fireworks reflecting him and my mind, only thinking of him, will be no more. After all these years, he didn't trust me. A simple pleading sorry will not fix this so easily. He gripped my hand tightly and cried tears of remorse and repentance. My hand still lied on the dagger. Since there was nothing left to lose, I smiled. He looked at me desperately, trying to stop me. I sternly pulled the dagger out, second by second. With each inch it was pulled out, his expression became more wretched. Until it was fully out of my chest, I smiled weakly at him. "You’re not my other half after all" he held my hand tightly as his hands shook and I faded, until I finally disappeared. I was no longer that of an angel in heaven. I have become one of the fallen.

The author's comments:
My day Dreams usually inspire me. Its great for brainstorming and going in depth with each and every single thing. If i get great feedback on this piece, i plan to continue the rest as a novel. I personally REALLY liked this piece.

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on Oct. 20 2013 at 7:45 am
FinnWinterfall GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
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"There, there."

This story was definatel well-written.  I loved the theme of betrayal and the falling angel aspect was pretty cool too.  I like how the angel wasn't regretful at the end, because it showed that she is a strong character and stands up for what she believes in.  A prologue would be nice to explain what happened to her beforehand, in my opinion.  Overall, nice work, and I can't wait to read more from you.