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The In-Between

August 5, 2013
By Xandy_Day PLATINUM, Lexington, Kentucky
Xandy_Day PLATINUM, Lexington, Kentucky
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The world was terribly blank, almost devoid of any sort of marker. The trees were the only indicators of life, and even they were gray. Even though everything in this world was a ghostly gray color, the feeling here was serene. The trees weren’t actually alive, though; they were ghosts of trees, for in Limbo, nothing is alive.

Have you ever felt true anguish? Have you ever heard the heart-wrenching sorrow in the laments of the dead? I have, and the only way to is to enter the in-between. The in-between is known to the living as Limbo, but its name doesn’t matter to those Earth-bound spirits trapped within its realm. These are the ghosts that ‘haunt’ people. They are believed to chase people on Earth when, in reality, they follow the person in the in-between.

Since I doubt any of my readers are plane-walkers, I’ll give you a breakdown of how the in-between works. The in-between (or Limbo) is one plane, forever continuing in every direction. The spirits trapped on this plane are as solid as they were on Earth, and they are stuck with the image of how they looked when they died. Now, the living (those inhabiting the Earthly plane) are visible to us on this plane. Their unconscious spirit (the part of their minds that they don’t use) appears in the in-between as a ghost. Those trapped in Limbo can lock onto those unconscious spirits (USs) of their loved ones and follow them. Depending on how invested they are to being seen by those loved ones, the trapped can cast a “ghost” of their spirit into the Earthly plane. I know people believe that sensitives who can see ghosts use more of their brain, but actually, they use less than average; they have a greater US and can partially see into the in-between. Plane walkers, though, are people who can actually move their spirit and most of their body from plane to plane, but they have their limitations as well. They only have certain spots that they can Shift to another plane from, and they can only spend certain amounts of time out of their own plane. Beyond that, the only limits are those imposed by the walker’s moral standards.

Another thing that I feel like I should explain is the plane deal. Most people (living or not) can’t truly grasp how the planes work. Have you ever seen a schematic holograph? Engineers take pictures of a room from every possible angle and compile them to make a three-dimensional image of the room. The planes are like that; it’s all one dimension but has different layers almost. Walkers find dead spots (where people have died) and shift. Shifting is basically standing on a dead spot and moving to the next plane. No one actually knows how many planes there are; the only two that have been firmly accepted are the in-between and the Earthly plane. But there may be more.

I am actually a walker from the in-between. I have been dead for a few years, but I haven’t “crossed over” (if there’s anything to cross over to). Personally, I believe that the spirits that “move on” fade into nonexistence, but there are a hopeful few that believe we are reborn. Others believe that Heaven or Hell awaits them; some believe that that we go to yet another plane. I really don’t want to find out for myself, though. All of the walkers that I have known never come back, so it leads me to believe that we just cease to be.

Being a walker is rare. Supposedly, there are only a couple dozen at the most. I don’t know why I am a walker though. They are said to have a special purpose in both worlds, but I’ve never seen it put to good use. When I was alive, I would dream of the in-between; I would always go to the same place and talk to this little boy named Billy. My parents always said Billy was my imaginary friend, but he didn’t feel imaginary. I understand now that my bed was on a dead spot, and Billy was actually a spirit.

Billy and I have always had an odd relationship. He was trapped for about 180 years before I came along, and he had gained this immense amount of knowledge and wisdom. It was very disconcerting at times to hear this profoundly wise advice coming out of six-year-old’s body. From my walking at night, I was already friends with him, but I became much closer to him after I died. He admitted that he had followed my US from the time that I was born; there was something different about it that drew him to me. I guess why he was drawn to me became apparent after the first time I walked. He and I are much like brother and sister now. But sometimes I wonder… there are tales on each plane about soul mates, people you truly belong with, and sometimes I wonder if he isn’t mine.

The author's comments:
This is the beginning of a piece. I'm open to suggestions on what to do with it.

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Mckay ELITE said...
on Oct. 16 2013 at 3:20 pm
Mckay ELITE, Somewhere, Virginia
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This is very fascinating. Reminds me of Inception with Limbo. Keep developing it, if you choose to.