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Beauity in the Dark

May 23, 2013
By OwlBaby PLATINUM, Hudsonville, Michigan
OwlBaby PLATINUM, Hudsonville, Michigan
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It would be beautiful when the lights went out. They’ve been going on for a little more than five years now. Trying to prepare us for a disaster that won’t be happening now. Our closest sun, Nexius was predicted to die out leaving only Torvor and Blandileir to give us light.
Thats when the government started building the lights. As tall as a six story building, they looked like giant orbs stuck on the end of a stick. They were supposed to act as mini suns to support farming when Nexius went out. Something went wrong with all of them and now they won’t turn off.
Night used to be a place to heal, our bodies need the dark. Over the course of the day lumose builds up under the skin and naturally leaves the body in pure night. The scientists on our planet tried to stimulate the release of lumose in dark rooms but it didn’t work. Instead we each have to go through the pumps. A horrid ugly machine that painfully sucks the lumose out.
Nexius is now supposed to last for a few more millennium and the scientist who said it wouldn't is in-carbonated.
They are supposed to turn the lights off in one hour. I can’t wait until then, to finally release lumose the natural way and to see everyone else doing the same. Colors swirl around for a few minutes under the skin building up and then--Whoosh--it’s all released. Its fantastic really, the sight of someone releasing lumose, let alone a crowd. Each person has a different color of lumose and a different texture. Some look like great clouds of mist, others run like water. Some feel like dandelions mane others feel like sand. I’ve missed that, the feeling of lumose. Mine’s feels like the finest silk fabric and can actually be harvested to make clothes. My parents are both misters and their lumose cleans the air it touches. I can’t wait until the world goes back to the way it should always be. It will be beautiful when the lights go out.

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