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Our Brave Cadette

February 22, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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She trained under the greatest military minds in all of witchdom. She was close to 18 when she neared the end of her training. She had great powers; powers that were equal to that of an atomic bomb. She had four commanding officers: Lionel, Lieutenant Giles, Eldridge, and Private Philip. There was also the High General, named Havelock, who supervised them all. A surprising fact about all five: they were just in their 20’s!
She earned herself a nickname as well: Cadette. She was merely a cadet when she started out, but then she advanced to top of the class. But as powerful as she was, she was also kind and compassionate. She always fought injustices and defended herself and others. She was well-respected and beloved throughout the camp, even High General Havelock, who had his eye on her…in more ways than one. One of the captains in the area didn’t think so.
She was so full of envy for Cadette that she started to hate her. Sometimes, she tried to get rid of Cadette, but always, she failed. Cadette was assigned to her early on in her training, but the captain was so abusive and becoming a threat to her that the commanding officers had to take the young recruit under their own wings. From that day forward, the captain swore to get vengeance on Cadette. That was a promise she had yet to fulfill…until one very important day.
It was the day of the scavenger hunt. It was to decide whether or not you were worthy of moving on by setting items in places that only the true of heart could find them. Cadette’s officers all had high hopes for her, especially Havelock. This wasn’t hard or easy for Cadette as she found most of the items on her list. However, before she could find the last item, she found herself distracted and curious about an ethereal mist leading her somewhere. When she got to the end of the mist in a cave, she saw a mysterious blue sphere floating in mid-air. Something hypnotized her into taking the ball; but when she tried to grab it, everything exploded in blinding blue light.
The officers, sensing something wrong by the time Cadette had followed the trail of mist, rushed out of the camp to find her. It took them several minutes to locate her, but when they got to the cave, they found the disdained captain. She laughed, mockingly declaring, “You high and mighty superiors think you’re a match for me? Ha! I laugh at your efforts, especially for your Cadette. Well, here is your poor, defenseless trainee!” She pulled back her cloak to reveal a very still Cadette, lying on the floor!
The officers looked on in horror and fury; the latter for the captain. They were too late. As the captain vanished into thin air, there was very little to do now but rush to Cadette’s aid. However, when Havelock put her hands on her body, he could only yell into the open:

The author's comments:
Okay, this is partially based on "Sleeping Beauty" and an episode from "Sabrina". I was watching the latter when I typed this.

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