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M.E. the girl

November 12, 2012
By Meopeo PLATINUM, Sturgis, South Dakota
Meopeo PLATINUM, Sturgis, South Dakota
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"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
-Abraham Lincoln

What strange words they are. Me, her, she… It. Some ignorant humans even call this figure of mine a ‘He’ or a ‘him’. No no, I am definitely a female. I cannot reproduce, but I am a female. The dead cells emerging from my skin that humans call ‘hair’ is brown. Mousey brown, in fact. The scientists that raised me say I have a superior IQ, that I can do nearly anything. That I can have power over all the humans… If this is so, why can’t I escape from my white walled prison?

“So… Why’d you people decide to make such a dangerous, er, thing?” A man in a suit with an amazingly annoying New York City accent is talking to Regie, my caretaker. They are on the other side of my soundproof room. Despite this, if I work to hear what is being said on the other side, all I have to do is read the subtle vibrations in the walls.

“She was made as a good war tool sir. They say a world war three is coming.” Regie lies easily. He has always done so. Not that him and I are close, but I have natural lie detectors. Humans are as easy to read as the newspapers Bob reads on Sundays.

“That so,” The man said quietly. He shot me a fearful glance. “So… What can she do?”

“She is basically Nature itself,” Regie put his hands in his pockets and walked to the glass separating us. “She has all the strongest animal genes inside her, she has advanced everything, and she can make a tree grow to full height just by touching it.”

“How…” The man asked lamely. I narrowed my eyes at him and flicked out my tongue. This feat always seemed to scare people. Especially when I turned my mouth to a simple rendition of a snake’s maw. “How did she do that!”

“Easy, it’s like something from a comic book, Jim,” Regie turned back to face the man I now knew as ‘Jim’. “Like a shape shifter. Didn’t you ever read any sci-fi books?”

“No! That kind of stuff is just gross.” Jim stomped out of the lab. I smiled.

“Put those gross fangs away.” Regie said, turning back to me. I gave him one last cruel grin before walking to my plain white bed and lying down to sleep.

I would be lying if I told you I had never tried to escape. When I was much younger I had made a tree grow so large it had filled nearly the whole lab- pushing the scientists up against the walls with great force. I had made it to the fences when the guards finally grabbed my small body and dragged me away. I had killed two scientists. Not that I really cared. With such a complex genetic code, the scientists weren’t able to install certain feelings into my cranium. I lacked Sadness, madness, hurt, and guilt. I was empty most of the time. But since I had no sadness, I could not feel ‘pain in my heart’ as the humans call it.

I have but one friend. She is a Japanese robot they call ‘Mercy’. Not only is she indestructible, she looks completely human. Her skin is real, her hair really grows, and her eyes have real muscles… She just has no emotions, is inhumanly beautiful, and was made to kill. As far as the two of us know, we were made to start the third world war… but the scientists didn’t account for me having a mind of my own and a will to fight back. Mercy is sitting across the table from me, sipping coffee.

“They say coffee stunts your growth.” I say, my eyes locking on to hers.

“Perhaps they did not think a robot such as me would be enjoying one cup.” Mercy replies, taking another sip.

“Perhaps not.” I say. I am not hungry. I haven’t been hungry for two months. They say it’s because I don’t get to go out or move very often. Mercy and I always have this conversation. Sometimes we even fight about it.

“Mercy,” I start. She looks up at me, setting down the coffee. “You know I’m going to escape from here, right?”

“Mmm?” The robot feigns surprise. I know she works for the scientists- to keep me from escaping. Not that she knows I know; I am a very good liar. The first step of my escape is officially in motion.

“If you would have the scientists send you to my room at nine tonight under the impression of a ‘sleepover’,” Another word I had read in a strange book at a young age. Something about a girl named Judy Moody… or perhaps Moody Judy… Ah I cannot remember. “But really, we’d be discussing plans.”

“That is clever of you,” Mercy says, her eyes lighting up. Such a good fake human, Mercy is. “I shall request so.”

The scientists have their guards escort Mercy to my room, guns slung across their back as if they would shoot her upon escape effort. I again wonder how even a robot cannot tell when I am lying. Mercy enters my room for the first time. Her head swivels around, taking in everything: the white walls, the white floor, the white everything. The scientists even went so far as to make everything in the room plastic. This is so I cannot make it do my bidding. If anything in this room were made of metal, wood, or paint, I would be able to make it do my bidding.

“Where is the color?” Mercy asks.

“Where is anything?” I point toward the window scientist use to watch and observe me. Their walls are painted light brown with green furniture strewn about.

“I understand. Now, those plans were were discussing earlier…” Mercy popped onto my bed with ease.

“I’m afraid,” I said, looking down at my feet. “That I don’t know what you’re referring to.”

“What?” For once, Mercy’s solid diction was rendered useless. I looked up. I knew my appearance was changed. Mercy’s fake body moved into an attack position, and we stared one another down. I had taken my favorite form- one I found in Greek mythology. The griffin. Head and body of the lion, feet, beak, and wings of the eagle. I hadn’t morphed into the animal exactly… I had simply molded them into my human appearance for a look of godliness.

“Stand down.” The voice of a scientist said through Mercy’s mouth. Her arm quickly shifted into a machine gun after some metal-on-metal screeching. I smiled. She aimed at my head.

“Stop,” I said quietly. “Metal… know your true master.” Mercy’s arm twisted, the machine gun moving around like it had just been melted. I pointed to the wall where I knew the fence was closest to. The metal morphed into a molten mess and slammed itself through the wall. Mercy screeched. Not a human screech. The sound of malfunction. I snapped my clawed fingers and Mercy’s fake flesh went limp, metal pouring through her pores. Taking my sweet time, I walked out of the hole blasted through by the metal.

“We created you!” Regie cried, running outside and stopping short of me. “We can destroy you!”

“Then I suggest,” I said, turning my head slowly and blinking my wide lion eyes. “That you do so.” Without another word, I shot into the sky like a rocket. Someday they would figure out a way to bring me down- but until then… I would be out in the real world. And no one would ever be able to stop Me.

The author's comments:
Yay for Science fiction!! :)

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on Nov. 29 2012 at 3:42 pm
Meopeo PLATINUM, Sturgis, South Dakota
20 articles 0 photos 12 comments

Favorite Quote:
"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
-Abraham Lincoln

Thank you so so so much! :)

on Nov. 28 2012 at 6:35 pm
TaylorWintry DIAMOND, Carrollton, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby." - Unknown

WOW. This deserves to be in the magazine. I'm really impressed! I'm not sure if you intended it or not, but this story is jam packed with symbolism! Mercy's name is SO symbolic. I'm just really impressed. You're a great writer, and I cannot wait to read more of your works. 5/5!!!