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Spare my Soul: Chapter 1:The Pit

June 24, 2012
By Emeraldess PLATINUM, Columbus, Georgia
Emeraldess PLATINUM, Columbus, Georgia
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The burning sand rubbed the flesh from our feet.Tearing the clothes we wore we wrapped our wounds. My stomach clenched and roared for substance as did my mothers. Nine days out in this h*ll. The seering heat beat on us like a tidal wave of fire. Our skin cracked and flaked due to lack of water. All I could think about was home. Ouur beautiful two story house, on that lush green lawn. now all that remained in front of me is sand, brush and the ever growing erge to live. Never have I felt so strongly. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night shouting.
"Water! Water!"
My mother would sit in the dark of night rocking back and forth murmuring the same thing she had ever since the visions started.
"Quia evigilabit veteribus liberabit nos."
Something in Latin I believe. Ironic how now I wish to had payed more attention to Mr.Casca, my old Latin teacher. All I knew of what she spoke was "The old ones."

I never have seen my mother like this. She seemed fear consumed. Always making us travel at dusk or dawn and demanding we rest during the day and the night. I gazed out to the rising sun and sighed. "Another day of running I thought to myself.
"Nelly," my mother almost whimpered."We must go now."
"Mother you are hurt and thirsty rest. Please."
Her eyes snaped to meet mine. Filled with water and sadness her blue eyes appeared dim.
"You know we can not stop! She shouted. "Besides we're almost there."
Anger filled my heart until I couldn't hold it back any more.
"You're crazy! Insane! You've been saying this for days and where is we are going?! Huh! Tell me!"
She stood up to my outburst.
"I already now more than I must!But we truly are almost there. Look just over that dune and we'll be safe."
She now pointed to the distant dune that was about an hour away. Her black hair floated as a breeze blew by. Debris and grease littered her once lush locks. As they did my own. Dirt, oil and blood stained our faces.
"There waiting for us Nelly. They're calling me." She said clasping her hands together and placing them over her heart. A smile crossed her face as the sun continued to rise.
I couldn't help myself tears again filled my eyes and dripped on my face.Wiping my eyes I spoke to her.
"Ok mom we can go.But please where are we going." She looked upon me lovingly.
I began to cry again. I hope we can get out of this Pit alive.

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