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Naming Ripple

January 22, 2012
By Simple_Minds BRONZE, Barton, Maryland
Simple_Minds BRONZE, Barton, Maryland
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Something was wrong. She could feel it as her feet touched the icy ground. She was different than the other kids. She could sense things that they could simply ignore. Angrily she shook her head and mentally yelled at herself. She was being stupid.
"Anna," her mother called from inside, "hurry up."
The girl rolled her eyes and looked up at the comet streaking out across the dark sky. Then she heard it. The sound she'd been waiting for since she'd heard about the comet.
"Tyler, it's only me you can come out," she said gently.
Silently a figure loped across the shadow covered ground toward her. His features were indistinct and she knew he was anything but harmless.
"Anna, Shasta got loose again," his voice was smooth but choked with emotion.
Those five words were enough to send shivers up and down her spine, "He can't be. We killed him right? I thought-"
Tyler held a dark shadow colored hand over her mouth, "Be quiet, Shasta is here and you need to stop him."
Anna nodded and grasped his wrist.
He understood her meaning well enough and he disappeared. The comet had been Shasta's comet and it didn't surprise her that he had chosen to night to come back. That meant she needed his power and easily he flowed into her. He was made of shadows it was his power that held him together and had since the Salem Witch Trials when he had been killed.
"Thank you," Anna said quietly as she walked to where she had the feeling Shasta would show up.
The white church gleamed in the light of the comet. This comet was slower than the rest. A normal human may not notice, but Anna was a witch. As she set foot in the graveyard behind the church she felt the ground shake. One of the concrete slabs melted away in a pit of lava.
"Tyler, how in the world did he get stronger?" Anna asked with fear filling her voice.
She didn't hear the answer but she felt Tyler's power and confidence assuring her she could do this once again.
A large bright red light beamed out of the open grave and a dark smog filled the graveyard. Anna resisted the urge to run and forced herself to stand unmoving as the monster appeared.
It was easy to see his pearly white fangs that grew outward and away from his blood red muzzle. His head belonged to a bear, and his body to some kind of hairy giant. He had one large eye and a snake's tail.
Anna clenched her teeth trying not to cry out. Doubt was filling her mind and soul until Tyler took control of her mind.
"Anna, you can beat this creep," he said inside her mind, "you just have to trust me."
Anna swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded.
Shasta sprouted glowing scarlet red wings from his shoulders. He jumped into the air.
"You may have grown stronger, but you're just as stupid," Anna mused. She felt the Lunar Moth wings sprout from her back, "I however get smarter." She smiled and followed after him. She was easily faster and it wasn't long before there was a light diamond sword at her waist.
"Remember, Anna, the sword can cut anything, even yourself," Tyler reminded her gently.
Anna nodded she knew it was a dangerous weapon, but it was the one she was used to.
Shasta roared and the ground shook below them.
"He's a lot stronger," Anna pointed out. Then she shook her head. If she was going to win she'd have to stop being such a downer and focus on what was happening. She easily flew under a red glowing ball of death that had been thrown right at her. Anna drew her sword and with one quick motion Shasta's wing turned to dust. He plummeted back down to earth and Anna followed him and taking aim she threw her sword right at his back behind his heart.
She felt satisfied when she heard the slash of her sword sinking through his back. Anna nearly laughed in relief when she heard him roar and watched as Shasta turned to dust.
Anna gently landed on the hard packed dirt and picked up her sword. Swiftly she felt the power leave her as Tyler separated himself.
"You know, you didn't use my power," he said patting her on the shoulder.
"I didn't?" Anna asked.
"No, you learned to use the power stored inside your sword," Tyler explained, "and considering that. I think it's time your sword had a name."
Anna thought for a second and looked at her glittering sword, "Ripple, I'm naming my sword Ripple."
"A fine name that is, and should anyone need help I know who to find," Tyler said.
Anna sheathed Ripple and smiled, "And I'll be here just call."

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