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Zombie Attack

January 4, 2012
By bgaunt BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
bgaunt BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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It has been three days after we got word of the attack on the Mall of Canada. My ex-SWAT partner is being escorted by military soldiers to a secluded area. Deus has requested that I go with him and his Special Forces agents to rescue him. His name is Sam Fisher, we call him Sandman. He has been off the grid for 2 years now. Last I heard was, he was doing a mission for the President.

The day is getting darker, and Deus has decided we should all head to Dallas. Me, Deus Yamata, Tank Schneider and Vladimir Bodrovski get into Deus’ hummer; Hector Hives (Beltway), Chris Redfield and Nicholai Ginovaef get into the military grade Humvee, when they are in Nicholai gets on the Quad .50 caliber; Karena Lesproux gets on a Ducati.

We head towards Dallas.
2 hours later

“We have visual confirmation on the Mall,” says Nicholai Ginovaef. The mall is about 15 stories high. The windows are stained with the blood of innocent people.

We pull into Dallas and it looks like a warzone. There are bodies all over the ground, cars are flipped over and fires burning in the building that are barely standing. A girl is seen running down the alley on our left, Nicholai jumps out of the Humvee.

“Go ahead, I’ll catch up.” He follows the girl.

Karena pulls up next to Deus’ hummer. “You guys want to look around a little bit longer or head straight for the mall?”

I say, “Look around, we might find something important.”

Deus agrees.

We pull around a corner and the Humvee’s front tire explodes. It does 3 flips and lands on its side. Hector kicks open the door and climbs out, Chris follows.

“What the f**k was that!” yells Chris. He grabs his gun and searches the tops of the buildings around them.

“I don’t know. We need to keep moving though,” says Karena. She gets off the Ducati and runs over to the destroyed Humvee. There is another shot and Kerena jumps behind the Humvee.

“Do you see him?!” yells Chris. He looks through his scope and sees someone on top of the mall. He squeezes the trigger and the man falls off of the mall.

The radio starts to say something, “In three hours the mall is going to be stormed. Anyone that gets in our way will be killed.” The radio clicks off.

“We have to get moving. We need to find Sandman,” I say.

“Vector, we don’t have enough time,” says Vladimir. He gets out of the hummer and walks over to me.

“You know I’ll do anything to save him brother,” I explain.

The sun is starting to set when Vladimir and I get to the top of the mall. I deploy my Barrett .50 caliber and observe the camp. On his knees is Sandman. Execution stance I am thinking. A man walks over and is followed by 5 men. I aim at the men and wait. The men are lined up perfectly. The executioner gets to Sandman. I squeeze the trigger twice. The five men fall and die, the executioner was hit in the neck. He is crawling away when a girl walks up to him and shoots him in the head.

“Get down there!” I shout as I’m running towards the repelling kit.

We make it to the ground and the girl walks out of the mall. She lets go of Sandman and he runs to us. There are 2 men with her.

“There you go, now leave,” says the girl.

“One Question. Do you know a Tiffany?” I ask.

“She is my twin sister. Why?” asks the girl.

“She is dead,” says Vladimir.

“Oh, it doesn’t surprise me. She signed up for the army. Her fault,” says the girl.

“Take it back. She was recently killed,” states Vladimir. He took out his gun and points it at her.

“Whoa! Back off hero,” says one of the men.

“Who are you to tell me what to do!” exclaims Vladimir.

“Crimson Oliveira, I worked for CIA before the happened,” says Crimson.

“Yo, bro, calm yourselves. Name is Blayze Chambers. I’ve been following you guys since Montreal,” says Blaze.

They walk towards a red mustang. The girl looks back and says, “My name is Ada Wong. Meet us in Houston. My house has a radar in the front of the house.”
5 hours later…

We arrive in Houston, it looks just like Dallas, and nothing is here. We get to the house that Ada told us about. A radar is in the middle of the yard.

I knock on the door and Ada opens the door. “Come on in. We have a lot to talk about,” says Ada.

I walk into the room. Blayze is sitting on the couch next to Ada.

“Where is Crimson?” I ask.

“He has some business of his own to tend to in town, but we can talk without him,” says Blayze.

“The military is bound to arrive here in Houston. The infected seem to be spreading rapidly. Crimsons sister is in a hotel in Houston and he went to get her,” says Ada.

“Do you mind if my friends come and join us?” I ask.

“Yeah, we need to tell them our plan as well,” says Ada.

I tell Deus to come in and bring the others. They walk in and Deus closes the door.

“What are we discussing?” asks Deus.

“What we are going to do when the military gets here,” says Blayze.

“We are going to set up traps around the house as soon as Crimson gets back with his sister. They should be here anytime now,” says Ada.

The door opens and Crimson is standing there next to his sister. His sister looks at me and smiles she runs to me and gives me a hug. “I knew you were alive.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“You’re Vector right?” she asks.

“Yeah, how do you know me?” I ask.

“We worked together. My name is Christine Yamata,” she says.

“Oh yeah, I remember you. You were the one who left and never was heard of again. We all thought you were dead,” I say.

“Yeah sorry about that it wasn’t my fault. Big bro here didn’t want me to work there anymore so I left,” Christine says.

We hear cars come to a screech, then doors open and close.

“They’re here,” whispers Ada.

I hurry to the garage and get the weapons we are to use. I break a window and aim outside. Blayze walks outside and tells them not to shoot. They haven’t shot yet but we can never trust them.

“Lay down your weapons,” says their leader.

Blayze puts his gun down and walks toward them. He reaches the cars and shakes hands with the leader.

“My name is General Nester. We are looking for survivors. Have you seen any?” he asks.

“Yeah they are all inside. Why do you need them?” Blayze asks.

“We need to kill them!”

He aims the gun at Blayze. Blayze gets down on the ground and told them, “Bad move!”

I shoot the gun out of his hand and turn on my laser light and shine it on his chest. They lower their weapons.

“You sure you need to?” asks Blayze.


Blayze walks General Nester into the house. A force field rises around the house as he walks in.

“Welcome,” says Ada.

“Zombies are moving towards Houston. We need help taking them on,” says Gen. Nester.

“No problem. We will help you if you promise not to kill us,” I say.

“Yes, I promise.”

The day starts to end and the floodlights turn on. The city looks like a warzone. General Nester and I are walking the streets. I rest my rifle on my shoulder and he puts his gun in the holster.

“We need to get to the top of that building,” he points at the hotel in the middle of town. “You should be good at scaling buildings.”

“Yeah,” I grab the bag on my back and walk towards the building. “How are you going to get up there?”

“I’m planning on taking the elevator if the power isn’t down. If the power is down I’ll take the stairs.”

“Why not climb with me?”

“I hate heights.”

“Wow, I thought you military people were supposed to scale these types of buildings all the time?”

“Only the Special Forces, not us.”

“I guess I’ll see you at the top,” I say starting to climb.
40 minutes later…

I reach the top of the building. I can see the rest of my team moving to their stations. Sandman and Tank are going towards the gas station, Hector and Vladimir are going towards the grocery store, Karena and Ada are running towards a farmers market, and Crimson, Blayze, Christine and Deus are going towards a large armory. I hear the door open behind me and General Nester is standing there, panting.

“Took you long enough,” I say.

“Shut it. You didn’t have to climb 100 flights of stairs,” says the General.

We hear a voice and I get out my radio. It’s Nicholai.

“Is anyone near Houston? I have a wounded person, need assistance. I am inside the grocery store,” says Nicholai.

I call up my brother and inform him of Nicholai. I now deploy SV98 and look towards the skyline. I see hundreds of thousands of zombies plus a guy with a sledgehammer axe. I radio in my brother again and warn him of the zombie hoard.

The General grabs a pair of binoculars and looks at the hoard.

“Holy s**t, that is a lot of zombies,” he says.

“Yeah, it kind of reminds me of Montreal. We had a hard time getting out of there,” I say.

I hear gun shots and Vladimir is carrying the wounded person that Nicholai was talking about. Nicholai and Hector are following and covering him as they retreat to the hotel. They reach the hotel and Karena calls the radio.

“Hey, we are coming in hot these zombies aren’t like the ones in Montreal,” she says.

“What do you mean? How?” I ask.

“They are faster and smarter than the ones in Montreal.”

“Hurry and get here. We don’t have much time the bombers are inbound now.”

The bombers roar into the airspace and start the bombing run. My team finally gets into the hotel. I call Crimsons team because they haven’t made it here yet.

“Where are you guys at?” I ask.

“We are inside the armory as of now. We just got here because Deus couldn’t blow up the door,” Crimson says.

“Stay put and wait till the bombing run is over with. Everyone else is here. We will see you after the bombing run.”

“Roger that.”
To Be Continued…

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