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War At The Ceremony (Beginning Bit)

January 3, 2012
By Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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Fae Talitae sat down at her table trying to think of what to write next. Her curly, dark brown hair was pulled back in a bun and her pale blue eyes were distant as she tried to focus on what she should write down. Her pale skin, usually as white as the first snow, had a slight glow to it from the light of her desk lamp. She continued to rack her brain until she decided that it was time to just take a break from this novel. At least for now.

Fae had always loved the fact that she was a night creature. It was especially humorous with her title as a ‘young inspiring novelist.’ To her that was pure humor. She was at least four centuries old but physically she always looked around 17 or 18 to people. Which sometimes was a hard thing. She had to change pen names after so many years. It always sucked for her when that happened.

A knock came to her door and pulled her back from her thoughts. She grabbed her gun that sat beside her on her desk.

“Fae?” A male voice called. She didn’t recognize the voice at all.

She got up now, gun in hand and ready to be fired. Many vampyrs had come for her because she had been sharing their secrets in her novels. She could never tell if it was friend or foe behind that door. So, until she could see them and feel they could be trusted, they were always marked as foe.

“Fae?” the male voice called again.

She stepped up to her door, her gun gripped tight. She opened the door just slightly, so as to make sure they couldn’t get in.

“Who asks? Friend or foe?” Fae asked the man outside the door.

“Malice Avery. Friend, I hope.” the man answered.

“Then, Malice, I’ll have to disappoint you.” Fae said kindly, “Miss Talitae isn’t here right now. As her caretaker I’d like you to leave.”

Malice opened the door some more and sighed. His dirty blond hair had that kind of wind-swept look to it. His eyes were a brilliant blue that almost captivated Fae. She looked away from his eyes and noticed his skin. It was a fair white color. This Malice guy didn’t look older than like 18 or 19, yet she could tell that he was far older than that. He was like her.

“Put down the gun Fae. I’m not your enemy.” Malice told her. She could tell he was examining her as well.

“Like we’ve never heard that before.” Fae hissed at him, “Leave us alone.”

She attempted to close the door but Malice shoved the door open and sent Fae flying back against the living room wall. He slammed the door shut and pinned her to the wall before she could register what had happened. In the process of all of this, Fae’s gun had dropped from her hand and she was fighting to get out of Malice’s grasp. She stopped and went limp in his grasp, done fighting, just hoping he’d make her end quick and painless.

Malice caught her and pulled her close to him. “I’m not your enemy Fae. I’m your ally. I don’t want to hurt you.” he whispered to her soothingly.

Fae looked up at him and pushed him away. She stared in anguish and confusion as he picked up her gun. Instead of killing her though, he tossed it to her.

“Shoot me if you want.” Malice told her, “But I’m your only ally in the vampyr realms. We both know that.”

Fae aimed the gun at him and asked, “What do you want with me Avery?”

“I want a partnership.” Malice explained as he strode over to her couch and sat down. He could feel the gun still aimed at him as Fae walked over to the chair across from him and sat down with ease.

“What kind of partnership?” Fae asked him as she kept the gun pointed at him.

“I want your help in tearing down the bloodsucker empire.” Malice said and Fae grinned as she put the gun back down.

“Well now,” Fae said as she smiled and leaned forward, “You’re a man after my own heart. So, how old are you really cuz you sure as hell aren’t 18 like you look. Also, how do you propose we take them down?”

“I’m a little over four centuries like you.” Malice answered making Fae curious how he knew her age, “I’m not quite sure on the ‘how’ but I am sure of the ‘when’.”

“Then when?” Fae asked him.

“The Fledgling Ceremony next year. That gives us about a year and four months. Enough time to prepare.”

“And I’m certain this isn’t a set-up how?”

“Because, Fae, I’m after your heart. I don’t wish for your death.” Malice told her as he got up and left her house.

Fae sat there stunned as she fully registered what he had just said.

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