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Moly and Tyro

January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Moly and Tyro are too cute dogs that can talk to humans. Moly and Tyro are talking to a boy named Nat. Nat is saying wow did these dogs just talk. I never knew that dogs can talk. Moly said yes, do you have a problem with that. No I don’t.

The dogs said I live here in a trashcan. Nat said do you want to live with me. I don’t live here, I live in Monson. The dogs said yes I do want to live with you. So all three of them took off on a plane. They arrived it Monson. They drove the rest of the way up to a big house. Moly said wow it looks like a mansion. Tyro said is this your house. Yes it is said Nat. They all went in the house. Nat gave Moly and Tyro a room. The dogs love there room.

They all went to a place to eat when they where eating Nat said where do you want to go next the movies? When they were done they went to the movies. Moly said I want to watch the eye. Tyro said I want to watch a taking dog movie. Nat said I will pick the eye because I love scary movies when they were done watching the eye they went back.

All three of them were trying to go to bed but the movie scared them. They couldn’t go to bed. Finally after one hour they went to bed.

In the morning they had a fight about Monson. Moly and Tyro went back to the trashcan. Nat stayed right were he was. Nat, Moly, and Tyro never talked to each other ever again but they were still happy.

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