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Remember or not

November 17, 2011
By Izzyharper BRONZE, Jewell, Iowa
Izzyharper BRONZE, Jewell, Iowa
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“Come now Mr. Jones. The portal won’t be open forever you know?” I called as he saw Taylor Jones was taking his time still.

“I’m coming Dr. Harrison, I’m coming,” Taylor called back.

“Well hurry up lad. This may be your last chance to remember things for longer than you do now,” I said as I stopped and waited for Taylor to catch up.

As the reader, you’re probably wondering two things. One: Why am I, Dr. J. T. Harrison, taking Taylor to a portal? And two: Why was this Taylor’s last chance to get his memory better?

Well for your first question, it’s because of Taylor’s memory. He can’t remember anything for longer than a day. But I came across this portal when I was a small lad and used it to help kids in need of help. It helped my best friend Garret find his true love, but sadly, he decided to stay in the parallel world with her than return with me.

Now about your second question: This is Taylor’s last chance for his memory because nothing else helped him. Even massive brain surgery, nothing seemed to help the poor boy. So I decided to send him to the parallel world to see if it would help him like it did Garret.

“I’m here Sir. So where’s this portal?” Taylor asked as he came up behind me.

“Its not to far from here now. Now when you’re in this world, it’s much different than our own but be polite. My best friend is letting us stay with him till we know if it helps your memory or not. So please, be kind and don’t forget your manners if you can Taylor,” I explained as we walked over to a tree.

For any outsider, it would just seem like a tree. In fact, Taylor thought I was a nutter when I knocked on the tree trunk. But this tree was the way to get into the world. Or at least, to Garret’s house.
There were secret passageways to get to this parallel world. The Bermuda Triangle is one of them, but I didn’t think any driver would take us that far. Besides, that would get us on the wrong side of the parallel world.
“Sir? Is the tree… moving?” Taylor asked as the tree started to move. He backed away from the tree slowly but I shook my head at him.
“It’s supposed to do that Taylor. This, this is our way to the parallel world,” I explained.
“But why is it a tree? I thought all portals dealt with black holes or things that weren’t seen by the human eye,” Taylor admitted.
“No, that’s just a stereotype so people wouldn’t go looking for the portals. You see, the world that we’re going to can only have a certain amount of people. If you decide to stay there, someone must die in that world for you to stay,” I explained to Taylor with a serious look.
“Ooh…” Taylor said, looking like he was feeling bad about it all.
“Don’t worry Taylor, they go through it all the time. In fact, they count it as a high honor to die so someone can join the community, why do you think Amelia Earhart was never found again? She went to the community and died so her navigator could stay,” I said with a cheery smile.
“Ooh… sounds like a pleasant place to live. Just one question, who’s Amelia Earhart?” Taylor asked curiously.
“I’ll explain that at a later date. For now, we must go to the other world. Garret and his wife are staying up late so they can welcome us in,” I said as I looked at my parallel universe watch.
“Alright, so do I just jump into that opening that the tree left?” Taylor asked.
“That’s correct. Now remember Taylor, things may be different there than they are here. So don’t do anything ridiculous,” I warned.
“Yes Sir,” Taylor said as he jumped down.
I waited a few seconds before I followed. I didn’t want to land on the poor chap. Soon I was back in the parallel world.
“Sir? Why aren’t there people around? Its morning… Isn’t it?” Taylor asked as I arrived.
“No Taylor, that’s one of things that are different in this world. For what we know is day, is night here. And their day is our night. See, they think that the sun and blue sky are dangerous things sent by the God of the sky. So they only come out when the moon is out. When it’s not out, they stay indoors. But when the moon is full, they have a banquet in honor of the full moon,” I explained as we walked to Garret’s house.
“Ooh…” Taylor said curiously.
“Jack? Is that you?” Garret Young asked as he opened the door slightly. He was trying his best to keep the sunlight out.
“Yes Garret, its me. And I got my young pupil with me. Let me give him some instructions before you let us in. If he shall decide to stay here, he must learn the ways of the community,” I explained and Garret nodded.
“Alright Taylor, this is what you’re supposed to do before go into a house. You must say your full name, and ask the house if its alright if you come in. If you lie about your name, it won’t let you in no matter how hard you try. Ooh and each house is called the owner’s last name’s house. Watch how I do it, and I want you to follow. All right?” I asked.
“Yes Sir. I understand completely Sir,” Taylor said. I nodded my headed to the door.
“May I, Jackson Terry Harrison, come in, Young’s House?” I asked loudly so the house could here me.
“Proceed,” Young’s House answered.
Once I got inside, I watched to see how Taylor did.
“May I, Taylor Grant Jones, come in, Young’s House?” Taylor asked loudly.
I couldn’t hear what the house answered. I watched Taylor closely to see what it said. Taylor came close to the house, and was able to come in.
I introduced Taylor to Garret, warning Garret that when day falls, Taylor might forget meeting him.
“Oh its all right. Everyone has their flays. I mean if we didn’t, we’d be perfect. Who wants to live in a perfect world?” Garret asked with a faint chuckle.
“Well, alright, if you say so Garret. Now, we must be off to bed,” I said as I yawned.
“Right you are Jack. Now I’m sure you know where your bedrooms are,” Garret said kindly.
“Ah yes, follow me Taylor,” I said as we left for our room.
“Have a good sleep Mr. Garret,” Taylor said as we walked.
“Well done Taylor, you remembered your manners. That’s a good thing to have in this world, specially with what they have as pets,” I said.
“What pets?” Taylor asked.
“You’ll see once you wake up so be a good little lad and go to sleep,” I said as I got into my bed.
“Yes Sir. Good night Sir,” Taylor said as he closed his eyes.

When we woke up again, I could tell it was time to get up. The town was full of action and lights.
“Taylor, Taylor. Time to get up,” I said as I shook him.
“Yes Sir. I’m up Dr. Harrison,” Taylor said.
“All right… Wait, did you just say my name? Taylor, you usually can’t remember my name after you get some sleep,” I said excitedly. It was actually working.
“Well Sir, it seems much easier to remember things if you hear them a thousand times or so,” Taylor admitted with a slight chuckle.
“Well, let’s see if you remember our host’s name is,” I said, trying not to get ahead of myself here.
“Isn’t it Garret Young?” Taylor asked.
“Why… Yes it is. It’s very impressive Taylor, lets head out on the town and see if you would like to live here,” I suggested.
“Yeah, sure,” Taylor said.
We went outside, Taylor must have loved it there because he was introducing himself to everyone. He would love living here. So I guess it was my time to see if Taylor wanted to go or stay.
“What do you mean its already time? Can’t I wait a week?” Taylor asked.
“No, it must be now before the portal closes for a while. Then two people must die for both of us for a stupid reason,” I explained.
“Well… I really want to stay… but will I be able to see my parents?” Taylor asked worriedly.
“They’ll forget about having you. Everyone will. You’ll be here forever. These are your options, even though its stupid options but that’s what it is for you: either leave the world we’re from and remember everything but the people you met in our world. Or return to our world and never remember anything,” I explained to him slowly but gently.
“But… How can I choose over my parents and my memory? Dr. Harrison, please help me!” Taylor begged as tears came down his face like a waterfall.
“I’m sorry Taylor. It has to be your own decision. I’m leaving in an hour. You’ll need to have your decision by then Taylor,” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder and then left him to his thoughts.

After an hour, I found Taylor. He was still deep in thought but I had to tell him time was up. I went over to him and shook him lightly.
“Its time?” Taylor asked.
“It is. I’m sorry Taylor. What is your decision?” I asked sadly. I hated hurting him but I had to do it.
“I choose our world. I rather not remember than never see my parents again. They were they only people I really remembered,” Taylor said, explaining his reasoning.
“I’m proud of you lad. Now lets get you back home,” I said, as we went off to our own world.

The author's comments:
This is actually a story but it doesnt have enough words for it to be called a story. I hope you all enjoy it

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