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Never Mix Us

November 23, 2011
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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He trudged through the forest his long bushy tail trailing behind him.His fur rippled over his muscles and the moonlight glistened off his yellow fangs.His large pale green eyes fixed on the path ahead of him as he quietly stalked his prey.A young doe grazed on a small patch of grass unaware of the danger heading toward it.He crouched down and balanced himself into his position.Suddenly the innocent creature stood straight up ,it ears pricked in a different direction.He didn't move a muscle as he watched the doe intently.

Without warning another creature leaped out of the undergrowth at the deer.It missed and the desolate animal bounded off in terror.With a angered growl he leaped out of his hiding spot pinning the other creature.It squirmed underneath him as it tried to free itself.Suddenly its blue eyes lit up with recognition as it stopped struggling. "Blake?" she mewed in English.He suddenly recognized the creature as a were-panther. "You ruined my hunt Sicilia!" he growled. "Ha because now suddenly were-wolves can hunt like us were-panthers,"she teased as he let her stand.

He growled in reply.She let out a purr of amusement as she stared at him. "Blake!" called a voice in the distance. "Uh-oh!You better get out of here Sicilia.You know the rules,we shouldn't be talking to each other." Blake said in a low urgent tone.The young were-panther nodded her good bye as she faded out of sight.Blake turned to head up to his father. "Dad," he greeted.

"I thought I told you to stay away from her," his father growled. " did you know?" Blake asked in shock.His father growled as he circled him. "Her wretched scent surrounds you.You must have forgotten to rub off her scent didn't you?" he said in a sharp scolding tone.Blake flinched as his father snapped his jaws in anger." You should be loyal to your family and your tribe.Not to a girl of another species," his father continued.Blake growled looking into his father's blazing red eyes. "I would rather be dead than follow under your leadership!" Blake retorted boldly.

His father's gazed hardened with shock and betrayal. "You are no son of mine!You are banned from this tribe!" he howled.Blake looked past his father at hostile glowing eyes.He backed up in fear as the tribe descended upon him.He felt the jaws of many sink into him as he let out a desperate howl.The tribe tore his fur and his skin leaving him alive to suffer the pain. "That is enough!" a demanding howl broke the air as the pack backed away and melted back into the forest.Blake's father approached him for the last time. "Never mix us," he growled before leaning close to Blake's neck.Blake's breathing was quick and choppy as he rasped his last words,"You are wrong to stop me from seeing her.One day you will be killed by one of your own kind for this.You cannot stop the power of love." Without another word he closed his eyes peace fully.His breathing began to slow.His father growled before clinging to his neck snapping down hard.Blake yelped as he drew in his last breath before going limp. "No trader of this tribe deserves to die peacefully." he heaved standing straight again.

Blake's prophecy came true a year later.Blake's younger brother Dakota ended up falling in love with a were-tiger.His father tried to do the same with him.Yet Dakota overpowered him and in the end killed him.Once the battle was over Dakota added a new law to the Tribe's code.'You may indeed fall in love with others outside of the tribe as long as they take the tribal vow.'

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